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What Made You Believe?

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posted on Dec, 30 2007 @ 10:28 AM
Creep show

Since my birth my parents moved house twice.
A growing family (5 children) prompted a third relocation to a home - circa
late 1920's.
The move was swift and without any problems.
The first footing was done by my sister (aged 9) & brother (aged 7).
Both raced up the winding staircase in eager anticipation of choosing a bedroom.
Within seconds both came downstairs and reported that a little man gave them one gold soveriegn.
They showed it to my parents and me (aged 15) and I quickly went upstairs. No sight of anyone and all rooms empty.
This was the start of something that shaped the familys belief in the occult.

Once settled in and all ready to carry on with family life and rhythms we decorated the house methodically over a few weeks.
My mother (a fervent sceptic concerning paranormal phenomena) began to question certain happenstances in the house. Cold spots on the top landing, a fleeting glimpse of a young woman ( who I later named 'Cinderella' and footsteps alighting the stairs.

My sister was attacked ( I saw this happen!) when a mail order catalogue was thrown at her.
My brother raced down the stairs and ran out the front door in a panic. Later reporting that something weird, cold and fluid had partially passed through him. The place was crawling with activity.
We had a small gathering of friends for a birthday bash at home and two photographs taken at the time distinctly showed a freaky entity.
I contacted a friend of a friend who was a pro photgrapher and asked his opinions on the photo's and after deliberation he concluded that they showed some 'being' (his very words).
My father - alone in the house at the time, reported he'd seen a Lady and a gentleman dressed in Edwardian attire pass the lounge window in our smallish back garden.
Much later, neighbours told us that this is a common sighting and were locally known as Albert & Ethel.
I questioned this with neighbours only to be told they were daytime ghosts... !

Three years later we moved again and not far from the previous property.
This was to prove even more spooky than he last place.

Strong smells of pipe tobacco filled the house and swirls of smoke became common phenomena even though no one smoked in the house.
Knocking on the side entrance door was common even though the allyway had locked doors at both exits.
My father was at his wits end with rapid moving footsteps during daylight hours with no known source to cause this.
I recall a knocking on the side entrance door with locked alley exits at both ends and opened the door to see a familiar figure that shook me to the core............CINDERELLA was back!
That was it! I was gone, packed and never to return.
This is what made me believe.

****************** Creepshow ********************

posted on Dec, 30 2007 @ 11:12 PM
reply to post by Snoggins

When I was 2 my family moved into a house that we all believe was haunted. We saw and heard many things in that house. That is what made me believe in ghosts and such. There is another experience that cements my belief in God, but that isn't something I feel comfortable discussing yet.

posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 04:55 PM
When I was nineteen, I was lounging on the sofa. I felt very content. It was late Sunday evening. The lights were out and I was watching the embers in the fire hearth when I became aware of a very intense feeling. It was like something invisible was in the room with me, but it was filling the room and me with such a radiant feeling. On the wall was a clock that had not worked for years, it remained there for its ornamental value. Well, me being me, I acknowledged the presence and asked for a physical sign, (for sanities sake) and the clock began to tick. I slid onto the floor, propped myself against the sofa and just watched the hands slowly move. All the time this incredible feeling was there. The clock ticked for twenty minutes and the second it stopped, the feeling was gone. It was a wonderful experience.

posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 05:30 PM
When i was 6 i was in my room and i was just lying on my bed watching out into the doorway and i saw a person with a pearlescent white aura, he looked like an angel and moved like one to, we staired at each other and i think he spoke to me in a silent language maybe the language of angels.

he appeared to mean me no harm so i commenced to get out of bed and it started getting frightened and it walk into the room to its lefts, i quickly followed but to my surprise he was gone and there were no doors or places to hide except the way that i came from, i got scared and started to cry, i have bad memory and anything not very importent past a month or so il most likely forget, i have seen things which were never here nor there, demons, angels, ghosts, aliens you name it ive seen them in a sense, i dont really know why i have seen these things but i was thrown into a world of ghosts since i was a child i grew to know them and learn about them like a mathmatician learns his maths, i beleive that they mean us no harm.

i can speak to them through my mind and i can even speak to demons, they mean me no harm, i am like tarzan and they are like the gorilaz who took me in.

peace out

posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 05:47 PM
I strongly believe in the "supernatural/spiritual" world.

I grew up in a very religious/Christian home. And have just experienced many different spiritual things. I was also brought up believing in the supernatural/spirit world and nothing has ever caused me to doubt it. Even when I tested my own faith.

Maybe someday soon, I will have some time (all at once) to sit and write it out. Some of its hard to put into words though

I have a very hard time believing in little green/gray aliens. But I do believe in other spiritual entities like angles and fallen angles. I always pray (to the God of the Bible) and continually ask for angels to protect me and intercede for me on many things.

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posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 10:27 PM

Originally posted by Snoggins
Was it a situation where you know you were not being fooled? That was tested to make sure there was no trickery?

Fooled... by whom?
Trickery... by whom?

I am not being argumentative, just asking.

You see, all the occurrences I had - as well as the other people who I know had such experiences - preclude any "tricks" by anyone. In most cases, there was nobody else around; or the circumstances - and the people involved - were such as to preclude any "trickery".

Like somebody else said here, there was never a time when I did not believe in them. But I wouldn't say I was born "believing". It's just that nobody ever tried to actively inculcate DIS-belief in me - well, not until it was too late...

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