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Falling airplanes and Massive Explosions

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posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 03:01 PM
In short, I do believe in prophetic dreams. I believe that accurate predictions on world events can be made by those gifted with dream sight.

The problem, more or less, is the interpretation. For as we all know to well, how many prophecies of doom and gloom have been uttered by someone who had a terrible dream, only to pass without incident.

I am not here as a herald of bad tidings or a prophet of doom. But I will tell you I have reoccurring dreams that, after coming to a final conclusion, are prophetic for my life and nothing more. And I come to ATS to see if others have similar experiences.

One dream is the falling airplane dream; different scenarios, different reasons, but I watch, helpless and in horror, as airplanes fall out of the sky. These have been reoccurring since I was maybe 12, but only accelerated in the past decade. Could 9/11 have some impact? Possibly.

Another reoccurring dream is the tornado dream. I watch from some vista or some building as a series of destructive tornados wreck the world around me as I flee for shelter.

The final set of reoccurring dreams is the nuclear war/massive explosion/war dream. Again, the scenarios are never the same, but the themes run constant; I am fleeing, trying to find cover, for an impending attack. At times, I see the explosions, other times, I awake or the dream ends at the height of the chaos.

Now, I do not believe I am being given visions of future world calamaty (although some of my dreams can be very detailed with cinematic backstories). But I do believe they are a form of prophecy for me.

It seems, unfortunately, whenever I have one of these dreams, something terrible happens in my life. And I can nearly clock the time between the dream and when the event happens in my life at no more than 48 hours.

The airplane falling and tornado dreams all seem to predict that I will get embroiled in a massive fight with my spouse -- the kind of fight that has us reconsidering our situation. Luckily we have survived seven years of this so far, but those kind of bloody-drag-everything-out-of-the-closet type of fights do take their toll. Needless to say, when I have one of those dreams, not more than 48 hours later, I'm in a cold war in my home.

The third dream -- war/nuclear war/explosion dream -- is the worst for me, and one that I dread. It unfortunately seems to herald bad health news for my son. I won't go into details, but we are still in this uncertain world of whether my son has a terrible chronic illness or not. These dreams seem to correspond to some bad test result or some relapse.

Now, are they prophetic, meaning psychically divined, or gifted by God?

Or are they simply manifestations of my primal fears? I've even considered that I subconsciously pick a fight after I have a tornado dream. But what about the war dreams and my son's health? That seems more prophetic.

Again, I come to ATS to ask for personal experiences and insights. Thanks

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