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Is Hollywood disclosure un-intentional?

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posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 01:32 PM
Can we approach the concept of aliens, like represented in the movies, as something that has originated externally, and is not just the product of imagination? If the idea of the 'Grey' alien is a product of mass reportings (contactees from the 1940s and on), than what involvement does Hollywood have with that?

People often declare that Aliens are a product of Hollywood and man's overactive imagination, yet if the concept of the Grey Alien was introduced by external accounts, what did Hollywood or 'imagination' have to do with any of it?
Wouldn't that be like people declaring there is no such thing as bi-pedal, knuckle-walking hairy primates in the Congo? Well people actually did declare, that there was no such thing as the Mountain Gorilla. We didn't 'believe' in such things for hundreds of years. We considered the actual reports of Mountain Gorillas to be 'fiction' or 'legend'. Interestingly enough, we still consider the thousands of annual reported sightings of Bigfoot to be 'made-up'.

- Our nightmare idea of an unknown American primate

- another primate that was once unknown and considered the stuff of legends and tall-tales

It's very easy for people to construe that pop-knowledge of something equates to it being made up, part of hollywood, a product of our imagination etc. Because the concept of Aliens and Bigfoot BECAME so popular, we went from believing the phenomena was a big fat lie told by a certain individual, to one massive hallucination on the parts of thousands of individuals. This is why we hear the argument that certain things are the product of Hollywood, when in fact, they are the product of human experience.

That is to say, man-kind did not imagine Greys, and we did not always have them in our movies. We made cheesy, out of control foam-suit monsters and considered that just as 'alien' as anything else, and we did this well into the early 70's when the concept of the Grey was becoming too prominent in popular culture to ignore. At which point, we adopted the modern Grey as the archetypal alien in our pop-knowledge.

- What we once considered the typical monster/alien - used to scare the pants off us

- Was it our over-active imaginations or Hollywood that created this new archetypal alien? Or something else?

It was only after 30 years of constant 'contactee' whistle-blowing from the general populace that we began to see Greys as the common alien. This trend still continues, with many things. They are exposed to us first on a seemingly 'crazy' account from a single individual, then hundreds or thousands of separate accounts come forward, until suddenly, we are either dealing with an out-of-control product of the imagination, or we are going to have to accept that the phenomena is real.

If such phenomena is real, it stands to reason that eventually it will become public knowledge, and part of our pop-culture, yes, even movies. People still believe the idea of Hollywood disclosure is ridiculous : but with the logic explained earlier, Hollywood does not have to intentionally disclose anything. They simply feed on the popular idea of something - and where does that popular idea come from? Where did the popular concept of the Grey come from? Or Bigfoot? Or anything else 'paranormal' and seemingly imagination-land-borne? These concepts come from personal experience and thousands of separate, corroborating accounts. In other words, Hollywood gets it's ideas from US : not the other way around. There can be no argument that Hollywood is not disclosing popular information back into society : that is it's job. Regardless, the term 'disclosure' seems conspiratorial to people and they stand firm in their belief that Hollywood is in the business of making up our ideas and not regurgitating them back at us.

Who is to say what is or is not disclosure? Because people really have 'disclosed' the existence of Greys, and aliens, even high-ranking government officials have disclosed this information.

What I find interesting, is that because Greys are in movies, people think they are make-believe and that man-kind is just 'super creative and imaginative'. But, in the big picture, what did movies have to do at all with the idea of these types of aliens?

The idea of aliens in general was not a movie invention either. It was the result of historical recordings that advanced species and civilizations did interfere with us before.

- Just one example of historic evidence

- Closeup

So again, I ask: what do movies really have to do with anything? They are not the origination of these ideas, they are just the largest messenger to the general populace. In that sense, yes, it is disclosure. And I do believe some of it is intentional.

I won't share my opinion on how deep and psycho-traumatic this indoctrination of the public is though. Let's just say that the art of desensitization is perfected and used in tandem with well known forms of mind-control.

It's not a far out idea once you understand that disclosure can be anything from intentional to accidental. In either case, it is the populace, it is the people, who are responsible for the origination of certain 'far-out' ideas. We are the creators, and Hollywood is the factory that absorbs, manipulated, and regurgitates our experiences back out. We have to look with a very critical eye at how they are representing concepts that belong to us, because these ideas DO come from us, and we should never have allowed Hollywood to become 'responsible' for the ideas of aliens etc. That responsibility is ours.

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posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 01:42 PM
I think you bring up a GREAT topic...

I touch on it, with a different angle, in this recent thread:

No- I do not think it is unintentional... I think a good amount of
what we see and hear- coming from Hollywood- is influenced
or downright controlled by the powers that be.

Movies and TV... and now the Web... touch more lives than
ANY speech by the most powerful politician...

So yes- I think they are very interested in controlling what is broadcasted.

Which is why INDEPENDENT FILMMAKING is so important-
both artistically... and politically!


posted on Mar, 9 2008 @ 12:35 PM

Originally posted by HighDefinitionFilms
I think you bring up a GREAT topic...

I touch on it, with a different angle, in this recent thread:

This topic is indeed being covered by different angles in other threads... I believe the consensus is that Hollywood is just 'making things up'. In certain cases, that might be true, but the investigation provides countless treasures of occult information.

posted on Mar, 9 2008 @ 12:37 PM
reply to post by NewWorldOver

There's some evidence in this vein that, IMO, is convincing, it concerns the alleged Project Tobacco.

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