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Modes of speech/thought

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posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 12:03 PM
I've come to the conclusion that I have several modes of speech as well as thought patterns.

Pattern 1) "Surfer Dude/hippy" Relaxed mode of speech and thought. A tendency to use "Dude" and "man" in a lot of sentences.

Pattern 2) "scientist/engineer" Usage of longer words. Minimal emotionalism, spelling ussually goes right out the window in favor of getting the concepts / ideas accross.

Pattern 3) "Obsessed" Virtually no speech, speaks in grunts or 1 or 2 word sentences. Total focussing on project at hand.

I realise that what I've just talked about is a blinding flash of the obvious to many members here. But I have a question:

How many "modes" does your mind possess in speech and thought? Is it almost like they are discrete personalities? How long does it take to switch? any Problems in switching from one mode (pattern) to another?

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 10:31 PM
My dad was a political figure for many years and also had his own business. I was his shadow from the time I could walk until I left home for college.

I noticed he changed how he conversed with people a lot. He said you gotta speak their language for them to understand you.

So, I have my professional mode
My southern belle mode
My hippy / cool mode
My instructor mode and last,
my get outta my way or I'm gonna hurt ya mode

I find it quick and easy to change modes. Imagine yourself at a political function with a few hundred people attending. Changing modes can get exhausting with so many people to speak with.

It's a fun game to me.

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