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Global Elite: "The Closer," and how we will use Ron Paul to make the world disbelieve in us once a

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posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 08:10 AM
As I begin branch away from those in my field, I feel that I must release a bit of information from time to time about the inner workings of society. I'm not sure if I do this because I feel guilty, compassionate, embarassed, or anything else. When a man in my position is nearing ... a crossroads, he has to look back at what he has done in his life. My crossroads are that I'm being called back for one last operation the middle of next year. I except that I myself will be tagged out from the game after I am finished with it.

I ask myself if I should share some of what I know, and I often consider how much I should share. Now, I'm not a fool, and I know that most of it will simply not be believed. This is fine, and to be expected. On a side note, it is also entertaining to me to hear the accusations and demands for proof, and I always get a kick out of it. If I may make an example, it is similar to a situation where you are accused of a crime that you never did, yet the police continually interrogate you and demand a confession. Or, perhaps, having someone believe - without a doubt - that you ate the last slive of pizza in the fridge when you hadn't.

Standard procedure requires a much larger outlet than a textbox on an internet message board, so the effects displayed by many is entirely in accord with the methods we use to induce belief in the falsehoods that are put into any societal mind. The bigger the outlet, the bigger the belief. This is a universal rule - the more minds that you introduce the information into, the more will accept it, and the more will share it. This effect becomes self-propagating, and most believers will always try to convert the non-believers. This event is the most critical part of the operation, for without it, the operation will fail. It is what we normally refer to as, "running the bases".

Okay, so the below can not be proven, but it really won't matter if you understand what I am telling you. Proof does not exist, ever. This is my speculation, as someone who has worked with psychological operations and propagandas for 26 years. I don't look to get into an argument with anyone, but I will attempt to answer questions.

Let me get to the point of the thread:

At a time when people are waking up to the possibility of an NWO, shadow governments, and ruling of a "global elite", the situation is now completely in the favor of the elite, if it is true that they exist.

This is why: Humans are gullible.

This "Truth" movement has been in the spotlight for quite a while now. I'm not just talking about 9/11, but everything else. None of it has proven anything substantial. At least, nothing substantial enough to have something done. If it had proven anything, those in power would be ousted, the system would be fixed, the war would end, everyone would be cheering as the evil corruptors of humanity were sentenced to life, ect..

No, it has done none of that - it has only change the worldview/belief system of many. A large portion of people now believe that this could be happening right now, and we have to realize that with that belief comes the need for verication through observation and search.

Now, if you hold a belief, and things that you observe have the possibility of aligning with that belief, many times you will accept it as true - or at least consider it a possibility; it is how our minds work. You see a face on mars, so to speak.

This is obvious to anyone, and it is obvious to the elite - if they exist. There is so much apparent wickedness happening economically and politically right now, and it all suggests that the war is for economic gain, that the federal reserve is a conspiratal organization, that real voting doesn't exist, that "good ol' USA" might turn into a fascism! *gasp*. There is much more, but I don't have to mention it. This type of thing usually occurs when blatently obvious measures have to be taken to arrive at a certain goal. A select few individuals can see behind the propaganda stream and there is no way to stop this from putting out information about it.

Everyone should be aware, and at least somewhat knowledgeable with the "big" counter-propaganda techniques that are used against them: wacko, terrorist, fascist, conspiracy nut, etc.. these are merely words to align them with a societal idea of what a word means, and it works very well. A poster on this board mentioned that he noticed that when his college professor used the term "socialism", the poster envisioned "red banners, stomping boots," and perhaps someone making a speech. This is what is termed a "big idea" in our field. Most of the "big ideas" from any country come from public schooling. Each government has different types of agendas, and so each - I shall not even utter the term that is used for government schooling - political body teaches different big ideas in their compulsary education. Israel, being in the situation that it is, teaches the big idea of holocaust starting with pre-school and kindergarten students. China introduces the government system of communism pretty early, and in the current times, America concentrates on the big idea of authority. These are just a few examples. If you would like to look further, it may be very eye opening experience.

Anyway, so this form of name calling is perfect for the propagandist because it feeds on our human tendency for labeling.

Well, the big game can only go on for so long until all the bases are full. There is nowhere else to go, and the big idea "pitcher" has to be replaced. Don't ask me why baseball terms are used - they were used long before I entered into the occupation!

Ron Paul: He is squeaky clean. You could eat off of his reputation. He is the constitution and the symbol of patriotism manifested as a walking, talking human being. It isn't hard to imagine that a wizard cast a spell on the constitution to bring it to life - and it turned into Ron Paul!

Many people see him as a savior! He is going to turn this ship around and save the country - save the world!

This guy is THE IDEAL. When do the people ever get the ideal?


He is not there ideal for people. No, on the contrary, he is THE IDEAL for the global elite - if they exist - to fade into the shadows for the next 50 or so years.

How so, you ask?

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 08:11 AM
Simple. They can not be exposed just yet. Exposure would destroy them, and destroy their plan, however dastardly or altruistic it may be. They are in the lead now; however, it is a very precarious lead.

So what gets implimented is what we, in the "propaganda business", call a "closer". Not a closer like someone who closes a door, but a closer as in baseball - a relief pitcher who is called in near the end to protect a lead.

This closer, is of course Dr. Ron Paul.

By this man being "elected," it will have put an end to many questions.

Perhaps most importantly, it will put an end to the voting scandal and renew the idea to every American that they *do* live in a free country, the *people* *do* rule, and that democrazy has not been, and probably can't be corrupted! It will reveal that the elite *do not* control the elections, and in effect may not be able to. Many belief systems will die off because of this.

It doesn't require an actual election, but reveals the above "truth" to the societal mind. Many will take it as evidence or proof and form a belief system from that.

He *will not* be assasinated before becoming president because it would ruin the creation of the above truths for the societal mind. It goes against every rule in the book. Such techniques are used to create a tension among the target and reinforces disbelief at such claims later on. if he is tagged, then that will not happen until he has served at least/close to 1 year in office. Little harm can be done to their plans in that time, and the assassination can be blamed on virtually anything - bullet, car wreck, poison, heart-attack (most likely, do to his age). The result will be conpsiracy theories that may solve something, but don't actually change anything.

You may be thinking that I am suggesting that Ron Paul is bought out by the elites. This is simply not the case. He has been guided into running for the presidency based on the effect that he will have, yet, he is (most likely) unaware. The path of least resistance has been opened up for him. He is receiving a majority of his funding *from* the elites, by way of "average citizen". It is a cover up that fits right along with his squecky clean persona - Mr. Constitution getting all of his campaign money from "the people". I've always thought it was a very silly propaganda technique because it exploits the human tendency to reach for ideals, and people always fall for it.

As for the FED and the IRS, a change *will* occur, yet be be found not to be practical over it's short run. It will all be a lie, of course. This "real-world illusion" will make the conspiracy theories look even more wild. This new "truth" has been introduced, complete with "proof" and "evidence" that people can analyze and share.

Well, I think I've posted enough for now. I'll keep on eye of this thread to see if I get any responses/questions.

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 08:35 AM
Very interesting theory... I just want to make sure I am understanding the preliminary thesis of your hypothesis. Dr. Paul is likely to win the nomination for GOP Presidential candidate, with the help of the "Elites" but he will not be aware of the silent hand that is guiding his victory; is that correct? Further, the "Elites" will do this as a cover for their forthcoming activities - as instilling faith in the "System" for the masses will redirect attention away from them; also correct?

Now a few additional questions just to drill into some details... Do these "Elites" have control over the electoral outcome and, if so, how do they do it? Now that their existence has been exposed, so to speak, how do they intend to deal with those hardcore skeptics (like those of us who frequent ATS) who are likely to continue to attempt to shine a spotlight on every little thing that they do?

I mean, the Djini is out of the bottle, so to speak, how do the elites plan on putting it back in? All of this smacks as the last gasp of a dying man.

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 10:08 AM
reply to post by kozmo

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, they have major influence over the electoral college. They recently attempted to gain control over the popular vote was by using voting machines in the last elections. There was some type of screw up there and the data didn't correlate. They still have the electoral college, it was the very reason for its creation, or so I'm told.

The hardcore skeptics can't be dealt with. Never could, never will. The untrusting, skeptical individuals are not the ones we have to worry about. Conspiracy theory and big idea take care of them. The goal is to get all the players off the field, so that they no longer run the bases. We get them off the field by putting in the "closer" and he's the one that sends them all home - to where they need to be, where they accept the societal truth. This is the function of Ron Paul, it is what he is intended to do.

This in essence, "resets" the game. The field is blank as the new truth is accepted by the majority as they see the "truth"

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 10:32 AM
reply to post by benign.psychosis

Interesting. I do find the control factor a bit tough. Once RP is elected, and the "game" has been reset, there is the problem of keeping the pro- Constitutionalests from implementing changes that bar the elitists from re-gaining power very quickly. Just as power is not easily surrendered by thos on top, who are few in number, so too, those on the bottom, the masses, will be loathe to allow a return to the silent majority days.

The ying and yang pendulum motion is/could be a very long arc.

posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 05:58 PM
Thank you for your insightful post. You have echoed a few of the conclusions I myself have come to recently.

I am a diehard Ron Paul supporter myself, and I hope that other supporters will not take your posts the wrong way. Ron Paul, at this point in time, is still a very big part of the solution to our problems and your post should not be viewed as contrary to that. What your post should do is warn people like myself and others that even if Ron Paul is elected, that won't mean that the jig is up for the NWO/elite/etc. We should not let down our guard or suddenly start thinking that all of what we now believe is not true about them. If Ron Paul wins, they will of course use it to their advantage (as explained in the first post) and we can't allow that to happen.

posted on Dec, 30 2007 @ 08:35 PM

Originally posted by benign.psychosis
He is receiving a majority of his funding *from* the elites, by way of "average citizen".

I'm curious as to just how you think this is being accomplished. Tens of thousands of operatives making small contributions and constantly blogging and such on line? Quite an effort, and quite a larger number of people to be in on the conspiracy. And what about the hit pieces on him linking him to Nazi’s and such, and the way he's constantly marginalized by the press and at the debates? He's not nearly popular enough for them to be playing both sides like that IMO.

Personally, I think RP is the real deal and that his support is genuine. That's not to say the PTB won't try to twist his popularity to their own ends though.

posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 08:18 AM
i dont know

good questions tho, speculation tho.

it reminds me tho, of how all the recent news info about fights "agianst democracy" happening everywhere

the way its all played off that democracys will work, and that they are all "pro-democracy"

so i just see that even if RP got elected it would only strengthen their ability to hide in the shadows?

but i dont know what their plans for him are tho.

remember that disclosure project guy Greer? he seemed legit at first but quickly went wacky lol (imo) . the pics with the moths.

anyway that could happen to paul couldnt it?

Edit to add more rambling ::
idk this whole discussion makes me inherantly afraid to vote for anyone lol. like, no matter who i pick, no matter how good it looks . im voting for whatever i voted for last time.

all i know is that i dont know the truth of anything in politics. its just words. and ppl change . so, as long as we dont kill each other off, things should be decent at least. and thats acceptable.

so i applaud the rulers for actually letting us have a election . even if it is rigged, they put up a show for us. they actually want us to believe. thats a benevolent act.

the regimes of the not so distant past, didnt even bother with public opinion. kings queens and emporers of the past were brutal at times.

in the general context of the last 2000years, we humans have definatly progressed in our treatment of each other.

i mean, waterboarding is the subject of debate these days. i see ppl arguing over how cruel pouring water on a dudes face screaming at him. thats mean ya, but they didnt cut his legs off. or give him the electric wire treatment. or 1000s of other more horrific forms of torture.

just 400years ago it was common to execute ppl in Townsquare, in various brutal ways. lol

so even if edwards obama or even mccain wins... i think ill be lucky enough to exist in 2012 for the next election.

i hope so

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posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 12:07 PM
an old chinese saying is
"the one true god, is the one no one knows about"

i see what your saying(not sure if i agree). RP will remove all public known elements of the NWO, so that "they" can function freely from the shadows.

so that means the NWOers want the FED and the IRS(and like institutions) to fall because it creates to much heat.

thats an interesting look at it.

posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 12:12 PM
Interesting topic, but not much backing so it's hard to follow legitimately. If RP were a tool of the elite I don't know if he would be doing so knowingly or in the dark, but your idea that he could pacify the American people into believing the system works again is not too far-fetched. I personally don't support RP, I still am unsure as who's worthy of my vote, but I can say for sure that the people who are in control of international relations and our monetary system have agendas that are hidden to the public due to their private nature(which in and of itself is essentially anti-"everything American") and because of said private nature it leaves room for LOTS of speculation. This "speculation headroom," if you will, inherently creates doubt in people who are looking past the media veil, and the possibilities are so limitless that finding the actual "truth" is damn near impossible. There have been countless theories trying to name those in power, but when it comes down to it there are no concrete facts of who's controlling what and the decisions that these people are making.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, there are most definitely people behind the scenes that control what you perceive, and these people have their own interests at play that take no public opinion into consideration. These people are part of the game, know of its consequences, and are too spineless to stand up and do what's right and good for our country(or they just don't care and want whatever crumbs will be handed to them for their mindless service).

Voting doesn't work anymore for two reasons: 1) the masses are amazingly misinformed and at times downright idiotic, and 2) thanks to the incorporation of electronically controlled voting, the results are DIRECTLY in the hands of those handling the counts.

But, as benign's original post, I have no legitimate backing or source for this and there's simply LOTS of room for speculation, which is how I believe the powers that be want it. An overflow of information where almost any theory can be proven or debunked at will, since you can find an argument somewhere in the media or on the internet that will support what you're saying no matter what side you're coming from.

posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 12:20 PM
I am not sure the NWO or ELITE is going to help Ron Paul win-
if they were,
we would see better Ron Paul poll numbers,
and we would also see Ron Paul on CNN with Larry King
as well as Ron Paul Top 10 Countdown Day on MTV's TRL,
'cause all the kids love hip Dr. Paul.

No... I side with those who say RON PAUL is the NWO's worst nightmare-
a REPUBLICAN who cannot be controlled and whose ideas are
outside the GOP party platform.

His wide cross-party appeal is the very definition of grass roots
populism, and I just hope he gets more exposure, media-wise.

I wonder how the Paul campaign is spending all that money?

I never see a TV commercial- then again- I do not live in Iowa.


posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 12:55 PM
to HDF: I think the idea is to promote that this type of grassroots campaign could still work, proving that democracy isn't failing at all. If there were elitists trying to stay hidden, this would be the way to go about it, not another election that has corruption written all over it.

posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 01:07 PM
i think a land slide victory for RP would rise a few red flags.
EDIT: oops Sacreligion beats me to it

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posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 05:39 PM
While you seem to hint that you have an inside perspective and I admit, I am skeptical of that, I do believe that there is something to what you say. It really is a chess match and each side is trying to fight for the upper hand and I have given consideration to Ron Paul being a rouse that further benefits the elite (knowingly, or unknowingly). This suspicion I have is minimal, but is in the back of my mind. I watch all of this support for him, for this one man, and see monumental efforts being to narrowly focused to bring about anything really positive.

I just had my first podcast posted and while it doesn't directly question if Paul is being turned into a tool for the elite, it does address the biggest error that we are making as it relates to his campaign. The only way to dispell any question to who Dr. Paul will end up serving is to take this massive degree of support for the simple ideas he talks about and branching them out into every level of our government. This would give all of us who support him a bit of a safety net should he not be elected, or eventually become a pawn in the NWO's game. We need our passion spread out and not vested into just this one man if we can expect anything resembling a positive change, and to avoid such a situation as the original poster hinted at.

posted on Jan, 3 2008 @ 08:12 PM
well I'm gonna have to weigh in on the topic.

I think this analogy is a ruse to take away the momentum
of the Revolution. To put fear into the RP supporters as to
what will really happen if RP is elected. It's a ploy to distract
conquer and divide public opinion on RP. Nothing more !!

My only questions to the original poster are:

How you came upon this information and why post it here, now ??
And lastly, who would you vote for President ?? And why ??

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