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Bliv's home videos

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posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 11:15 PM
i couldnt find a hobbies section so i thought "general entertainment" was probably the next best thing.

Heres some of my racing videos incase anyone is interested.

I love these nitro powered radio controlled cars + trucks, and most RC related things in general.

or monster trucks? we usually do RC demonstrations when the full size 1800hp trucks come to town

heres a few of my favourite videos.

Monster Truck Power! - footage of my race truck

RC demonstration at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, during a monster truck show

our 07' South Oz state titles track layout

mud bogging.. woohoo!

and heres the links to all my vid's

my own website

my poo-tube profile for those who prefer to live stream vids.

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