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Radio show Guest Predicts January Thru May 2008 Brotherhood of Light Contacts World Govenment

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posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 10:44 PM
reply to post by Donoso
Greetings Donoso,

I do not have induced visions through Drug use which you would like to beieve.

Its ok to discuss and disagree with the message but please do not say something in the end that is now a truth.

ATS wants its members to respect each other which I am doing now.

So you do not believe the Brotherhood of Light exist thats your right .

No contact 2008 you say no well of you have another year or not that contact will happen create a thread and I am open to reading it.

No one is forcing you to believe this message or not.

Again you can disagree but be at least respectful as i would of you.

Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,

posted on Dec, 29 2007 @ 11:59 PM
its ok commander....these beings will soon realize the true things that are to happen in the future time frame
.....just keep us updated

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posted on Dec, 30 2007 @ 09:08 PM
reply to post by Cmdraleon
....hi there Commander Aleon

do you have a link to the show you are talking about ?...i was looking around but all i found was this from 6-3-07...opens in quicktime format
ac.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object)

i listened to the show and thought it was ok. you sound like a normal kinda person on the radio...... can you tell me what made you join the Ashtar Command ?

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posted on Dec, 30 2007 @ 10:17 PM

Originally posted by MrdDstrbr
Hey, guys, what's wrong with "Brotherhood of Light"?

Surely that's preferable to, say, "the Brotherhood of Death, Destruction and Carnage"?

All that depends on your perception of what "light" is, doesn't it? Rarely does someone evil consider themselves to be evil, and instead believe their actions are for the greater good.

posted on Dec, 30 2007 @ 10:19 PM
reply to post by Cmdraleon

Wow. Just wow.

I tell you what. I am no fan of Hillary Clinton. But if any of this turns out to be true, I will donate $500 to her campaign.

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posted on Dec, 30 2007 @ 10:41 PM
I want something more than Calgon to take me away.

posted on Dec, 30 2007 @ 10:53 PM

Originally posted by Equinox99
Well you tell your light brotherhood that I said they are hypocrites for leaving us ruled by evil for this long.

Maybe they have "left" us ruled by evil for so long because we, as the people of Earth, have chosen these "rulers" with our own free will...
Maybe the good ETs operate a bit differently from the "good" humans, and won't send an invasion force to "liberate" Earth with their "democracy" simply because they don't like the way the show is run.

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posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 12:24 AM
reply to post by Cmdraleon

why would they want to contact the world goverment ?........are they gonna beam down to the United Nations building to talk to the robots that work there ...or are they wanting to contact the people of earth ? if they only wanted to talk to the goverment i would be highly suspicious of their agenda.

posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 07:52 AM
Greetings Commander!

Originally posted by Cmdraleon
Where to start with all you have stated in the last few days.

All i did was, describe my own personal experience with AC and asked you a few questions.

And i really thought you'd answer them, because the group i knew, was always more than happy to answer any and all questions that were asked of them.

That's why i respected them in the first place, cos they really stood by their beliefs. Never once did they get offended and it seemed as if they had an answer to everything.

Eventually, even i started defending them from people who made fun of their beliefs.

That is, untill it all turned out to be nothing more than wishfull thinking.
I already mentioned, what happened then.

Originally posted by Cmdraleon
Does not seem like the Ashtar Galactic Command I know and understanding.

That's odd, because their beliefs and their way of speaking were identical to yours, the only difference being the date of the "transformation" and that they were more convincing.

Originally posted by Cmdraleon
Some people do bring direct information over the years some of it not accurate and some very .

In this case, how is this different from any other predictions or belief systems?

And how are we supposed to decide which prediction to believe, if there is no way to tell?

It is my firm belief, that everyone should ask themselves these and other questions, before deciding to believe something. That's the only reason i'm even asking!

Originally posted by Cmdraleon
You seem to have an interest in some area of Ufology or you would not be here now.

These threads are about much more then UFO-logy. Besides, for me, Ashtar Command always seemed to have more to do with spiriuality than UFO-logy.

Still, i am willing to take a look at all possibilities, just in case something happens to be true.

But i do believe, there has to be a way, to decide what is and what isn't true.

Originally posted by Cmdraleon
The Brotherhood of Light does exist as you exist even if you cannot yet see them nor understand how this can be so.

I understand that you believe that. I'm just asking, why should anyone else?

I've once seen my girlfriends mother believe, that her daughter is going to turn into a dishwasher and a radiator. Should i believe her? She was 100% sure of it.

Originally posted by Cmdraleon
If what my guest said does not happen I do not plan on jumping out the window.

That's good to hear, my friend... And i really hope that depression is also not a possibility.

And not just next year, but even more so in the year 2012, just in case the earth should happen to continue existing.

Originally posted by Cmdraleon
Nor should anyone if your truly enlightened and aware of other dimensions Universe/s etc.

See, this is exactly what i'm worried about.

Especialy since i know, that people with emotional problems and a traumatic past, are actually MORE likely, to believe all this, just as they are more likely, to think of themselves as highly spiritual and enlightened.

You don't really seem like a crazy person. I've seen crazy people, so i should know. The thing is, shouldn't you at least consider the potential consequences of all this on such people, just in case nothing should happen in 2012?

I told you what happened here, back in 1995. What makes you think it can't happen again?

Originally posted by Cmdraleon
People that say show it to me now reminds me of a Child crying and not getting what it wants when it wants.

Who are you talking about? Me?

All i did was, relate my experience and ask a few philosophycal questions about beliefs. I never once asked you to proove anything.

I do believe, however, that trully spiritual person should never be afraid of questions. Actually, i believe a trully spiritual person should ask these (and many more) questions, themselves!

Originally posted by Cmdraleon
Will see what happens between January 2008 thru May 2008.

Again, it's good to hear you're open minded to all possibilities. This way, at least there is no expiration date on your belief.

Because that's exactly what these end of the world beliefs do! They put an expiration date on themselves!

Should true spirituality really have an expiration date?

I think not. But that's what happened here, back in 1994.
For some, the belief expired, others changed the date on it to 1995.

I already mentioned what happened, when this one expired as well...

Anyway, Commander....

I wish you all the happyness a person could desire in this life, a clear mind and some compassion towards others!

Happy new year!

(I'm not gonna wish you a happy end of the world, however.)

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posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 09:02 AM

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