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When Will Ufologists Believe Ets Exist?

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posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 10:39 PM
Greetings to all,

Why do we seperate Aliens and UFOs over the years .
Their are varied groups of people some chasing Ufo Sightings ,others interested in Govenment Coverups ,then even more who are Skeptics and the debunkers within Ufology.

I find this interesting that after all these years we seperate these topics in the quest for truth.

When will science come to realize the Spiritual is connected to this very subject.

Are UFOs manned by People from another World ,are they unmanned objects ?

Could they be Secret Space Craft designed by Nasa ?

So many questions that Man has in this subject.

In the early days of Ufology there was a Contactee movement of Men and Women who had real contact with Human beings from other Worlds .

These Humans came in Peace some might remember those days before the Negative Ets and there faces took over the books the Internet etc.

Why is it that we only show Ets that are looking like Zeta but none that look like you and me.

I find that interesting viewing the Internet ,Ufo Magazines all fall into showing the same faces of what people have been in contact with later in years after the Contactee Movement fell apart and a new Ufology appeared one that was Negative in nature showing abductions and other negative area's.

The history of positive Et and Ufo contact was blowing in the wind of the past .

Why is it tabo to speak of the Good Ets that exist and not of the bad ones that also exist ?

I cannot see seperating the Spiritual Insights to Ets from Ufology if anything its very connected to the answers that Ufologist seek in there quest for answers and truth.

When a Ufologist expands there openess to the Spiritual aspects of Ufology which does exist then the puzzle will be solved.

Aslong as Ufology seperates Spirituality from Ufology just having a Sighting will not give you the answers your looking for .

Who do you think operates those what you call Ufos,Flying Saucers,and for some Space Craft?

When you go past the idea in your mind do Ufos exist and ask who and where do these craft come from then the door to the Universe will be open to you and the answers you seek will be found.

Et exists both good and bad the key is are you willing to look beyond just nuts and bolts Ufology for the answers?

Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,

[edit on 26-12-2007 by Cmdraleon]

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