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US- Darfur Conspiracy will come

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posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 06:02 PM
Darfur....a province located in the western portion of Sudan. Some ATS Members are appalled as the World should be, but it seems the World is pointing the finger at America for not doing anything. Why isn't the rest of the World doing any thing. A lot of members here bring it up when finger pointing, yet they know little about it. I am going to fix the knowledge portion of that.

When America gets a new President and does get involved it is going to be another conspiracy/CIA event for ATS.

First let me explain what is happening in Darfur
Second let me explain in my opinion why America is not more committed
Third I will predict The Conspiracy that will follow when/if America is involved

Sudan is in Africa of course and its capital is Khartoum an African Country that is administered by Arabs but yet this has nothing to do with religion as the African Indigenous tribes are Muslim also. The Arabs have been in the Country for ages but arrived there nomadic herders, bringing Islam with them. Religion is common there, what is not is ethnicity, which is what this is all about, Ethnic cleansing. As the Arabs push for more and more land and the natural resources the thing that stands in the way are the African Indegenous people. So the Arabs take what they want, kill who is in the way and burn the rest.

The African Tribes indigenous to Darfur are called the Fur, Mosaleet and Sugawa. Their Opponents the Jinjaweed (Arabs) were armed by the Government in Khartoum (Also Arabs). Abdulrahman-Al-Zuma Sudanese Government Spokesman has the fortitude to say that it is a war against the African (SLA) Sudanese Liberation Army, a rebel group that was formed to combat the atrocities being visited Upon the Indigenous peoples of Sudan. The problem with Zumas comments is the SLA was pretty much crushed after an attempted attack of Al Fashwa Air Base in 2003. The 2004 figures were 100,000 murdered, 200,000 fled to Chad, 1,000,000 in IDP's Camps (Internal Displaced Peoples). The Figure now at the end of 2007 are over 2,000,000. Basically these IDP Camps are Concentration camps where only the women can go out and gather wood and grass for fires, the men will be killed if they go out and the women that do go out often get gang raped...sometimes till death occurs.

The African Union has observers called the AMIS (African Union Mission in Sudan) which are there in an attempt to provide services to the IDPs (Like Rape Counseling) The African Union has also sent troops but these troops are there only to protect the AMIS observers and are not allowed to interfere with attacks on the African Indegenous People, even if they are in IDP camps. Camps with names like Kalma, Dalee and Abu Shouk are still shot at and burned even with AMIS there and the atrocities are only noted.

Why wont America help? Is it because they don’t care about Africans? Hardly. America Bashing is at an all time high and the US is under the spotlight and new accusations would be thrown into this mix and picked up by US bashers.

1.Sudan is a premier source of oil in the region, can you see if America went into Darfur at a time like would be all about the oil (For those of you that say it is all about the oil and that is why America is not going in Darfur. Sudanese oil is not supplied to the US but China)

2. It is an all Muslim Country and America is already seen as an occupier. Just look at the people here on ATS talking about Americas crusade on Islam "it is 1096 AD revisited" can you just imagine how the Muslim world will twist things after American Troops are there for a little while.

3. The UN itself says it is still trying to figure out if it is a war or something else. So what is the US going to say..Then what are they going to say? Can America afford to be targeted by the UN for stepping on its toes?

4. Would it be another Somalia? That is when America some what secures the area will war lords or factions of the SLA and Gem start trying to intercept shipments and move to control areas of land-You know they will-so what does America do about that...Leave and allow it to spiral into something else maybe a coup against the Government...Then it will be the US's fault. (It was the CIA all along planning an overthrow. Yeah that’s it..... the CIA paid Khartoum to attack the Indigenous people so American troops would come in and cause a revolution to overthrow the Government so the US could stop oil sales to China (Or something like that. I bet you will see that one again!)

5. What will China say about us Interfering with one of their Primary Oil Sources, the UN is not going to say anything because they still don’t know what is happening (yeah right) and there is still the US-China tension over Taiwan and China vs. US on Iran’s nuclear program. So maybe we should add some more.

6. What are Khartoum’s connections to the war on terrorism? That is all I am going to say about that one.

So I have kind of combined two and three of my points here to shorten the intro. Some of you are going to say "Who cares about all this, we should be helping those people!" I agree, but it should not just be the US it should be the World with UN backing.

None of the points are my excuses, but to everyone this is the type of foresight that goes into planning (or should) Realization of how deep things go is why I am here on this sight.

I guess this could be seen as a political forum, but because I am pointing out the probability of the conspiracy to come I feel it fits this forum as I am examining the future hypothesis of this event, which will come with the next democratic president (just a prediction, not politics)

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 05:10 PM
I find it interesting that I posted this thread yesterday, but all those who care about Darfur SOOOOO Much have not used this as a forum to discuss how the US could overcome the stated problems...or what the World should be doing.

I guess in reality the only time people really care about the the people of Darfur is when it helps their agenda or allows them to bash the US.

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