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Who is more right ??

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posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 04:32 PM
Hello ,

Ive found myself lately contemplating my own sanity based on what i thought i knew before my eyes opened. I question myself only because not many people think like i do , except here on ATS
which is a good thing for humanity and for me . Im just wondering ... who more right about the truth about whats going on with our world and our country the United States of America . Is there really that much evil going on out there with a select few? or are all these articles and stories and first had accounts just for nothing , just to confuse and waste our precious time ? maybe im confused. People are right ... You've got to be careful what read hear and see, but when u research and read and read and debate and discuss and it with people , u start to see the naivety and ignorance in this world . It starts to make sense that something is not right and hasnt been right for awhile , u start to look at these conpiracies alot differently . My question is though... who out there is more right on whats going on in our world ? I personally think they all have alittle bit of the truth , u just gotta piece and tie it together. Your responses r welcome , and i apologize if it wasnt a good post.

posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 07:27 PM
good points---

i love ats----but since i found it, my attitude has changed, i have a much bleaker outlook on life,, much more anger at the insanity, and stupidity of things that happen.

also i can understand why some people live the britney, american idol existence----it's easier to live in your own little happy reality, blocking out the madness

yet at the same time we need to know this stuff that's happening and "wake up"-------otherwise if wse do nothing and stay ignorant, when we do decide somethings wrong--it'll be way to late----it might be already

i know since ats my blood pressure has rose..

i don't believe everything said here,,,but i take and use some and leave the rest---but at least it's here to deide for yourself

i totally understand where your coming from---

i frequent a drag racing forum----and it's much more relaxing and enjoyable, an escape of reality of sorts

i hate to how people think paul is crazy---with fascism and such-----but he's warning us---we have to keep an eye out----it might not be here, but we need to keep an eye out for signs---- i doubt germany thought hitler was that bad either or thought they'd eventually be burning jews alive----but it happened

i talk to my mother a lot to enlighten her about what i'm learning and sometimes she thinks i'm just nuts-----yet she doesn't realize there is knowledge and truth out there and this "stuff" is happening---and she a normal american----she works hard all week aand watches desperate house wives and likes her little reality. her life is busy and full, she doesn't have time to do the homework on this type of stuff, and i can't blame her.

although i have convinced her of the PAul conspiracy, blackout and smearing.

one day a few weeks ago--i mentioned to her about that article that elitists are considering killing paul----and it does sound crazy. she's like, yeah right
then i tell her about the "paul is dead, Paul is dead, thing on glenn beck and she was shocked
then i showed her how russert---did the "be safe" thing--she was more shocked-----i think she's a believer now
she told me"wow, that's crazy, i can't believe that"

so at least my mom is a little wiser

i guess we make more believers one person at a time, at how dirty and nasty our world seems to be becoming

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posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 04:26 AM

Originally posted by vrkmaverick
I personally think they all have alittle bit of the truth , u just gotta piece and tie it together. Your responses r welcome , and i apologize if it wasnt a good post.

Exactly, you do the math, double check your numbers, and decide if the outcome is reasonable based on the information you have about the problem.

If this stuff gives you angst, leave it alone for a bit and observe a better world.
When your world is lacking in treachery, corruption, schizophrenic delusions and ignorance, come to ATS.

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