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Ufology: The Mutilated Cash Cow?

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posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 12:35 PM
Are money chasers harming the study ufology and the potential disclosure of the truth (should it exist) by 'cashing in' on the subject?

One example:

Just what is it about people like Jim Sparks that lead others believe he is credible?

Is it the $18 paperbacks?

Or maybe the $28 homemade DVDs?

Or maybe it is because he is available for lectures, speaking engagements, conventions, radio and television interviews.

The guy has nothing but his good storytelling skills for which, he has admitted, there is no evidence.

We are told his abductors are desperately trying to help us help ourselves.

Why can't he get the word out via a free-to-see website rather than taking our money to see or read about it?

Am I alone in thinking that these Chosen Ones are abusing the mutilated cash cow that is Ufology?

If it's not 'author abductees', it's another book by ex-military putting their credibilty 'on the line' in order that 'the truth' be told.

Or it's another low quality, high cost, footage-repeating DVD that promises to reveal 'never before seen footage'!

But it doesn't stop there. We now have the choice of spending thousands of pounds/dollars on becoming an Ambassador to the Universe!

Please do not get the wrong end of the stick here. I believe that something has been going on that is being held back from us by our governments. I am not sure what, but I feel there is something. I also think that the presence of extra-terrestrials is more likely than their absence.

I just want the money chasers out and the free, pure and unadulterated truth in.

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posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 12:46 PM
reply to post by skibtz

You have an excellent point. To it's detriment, the field is driven more by ego and personality, and less by "the truth." This is one of the many reasons the study is not taken seriously by the public-at-large.

posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 01:35 PM
People today usually make up their stories what not basing truth. That makes people who tell truth of their own story, that makes these people go down like ball rolling down from the hill away from people eyes and people will laugh these because there is too much fakers who want just cheat people to get people buy their dvd or something. Really, this extraterrestrials thing should be taken seriously and not only funny, bloober thing. But money makers of ufology makes this extraterrestrial thing look money making point and that's how it becomes laughable and bloober and fake thing even if someone tells truth.

If you want tell to people from extraterrestrials, it should be free information. Because free information have more than just one face, it can be told through document if you can't tell it words or if you can tell it with words, you can then write from it to people. And yes, there is some people too and they speak truth but they want show people what they have experienced or what information they have what you can read or watch through book or document what people have to buy before they see it. So how many people who don't believe E.T will buy this book or document. Maybe only 2-8 % will buy this book or document. Mostly in that % who believe E.T life will buy that book or document. So money makers of ufology books and documents are only for those mostly who are interested about this thing mostly. They not sharing information freely to those who do not believe even E.T life so its more ufology side buyers than those who don't believe E.T life.

I don't buy ufo books because those information mostly are same what people tells in internet. Like in above there is someone's who talking from same thing and have same information like in that book. There is just more than one forum where people talks same things what have been told in books. So ufobooks are mostly repeating information what is free in internet to read. Mostly they use forums writings to their book. I don't like write book and try sell it to people from these E.T things, because i like more likely tell people from these things or thing freely, because if i make it cost what i have writed, then only not much people read it because when it cost, it could make my writings more low valuable information because when making money with these things, these extraterrestrial information valuable goes lower and lower and makes look like extraterrestrial information is just fake and E.T life don't exist.

And what effects it have to population information, if i tell from these things to people and make it cost one book price. It have that kind effect to population information, if someone talks from same thing what was in book, and this one has not readed book, but most of has, it could be maybe just pushed away like trash that person words even if he tells truth, like it is not valuable information because one book have maded from it fake kind thing and not believable thing because book was cost one book price before you could read from it and when someone says at "Hey that was in that one book what you said same information, that book was fake like others books so that information is fake too because someone who wants tell real information will not try make money out from it", "Sorry but i haven't readed that book", "Then you maybe just tricked from others who have readed that book", "This is just my own information", "Sorry i don't believe you".

So here coming war of truth and false.

Rise your swords and shields, make bow arrows fly like an wind, make spears go through air like an arrow, make your sword cut like claws, make your shield protect you like an rock. Today we show the truth, today we make things look real, even if it cost many lives to attacking enemy castle, we can only get truth spread like an virus there. Today we will become winners, we will put fall every false speakers and show them what is reality. It not cost gold but it can cost lives.

Dark ages.

posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 01:52 PM

Originally posted by skibtz
Are money chasers harming the study ufology and the potential disclosure of the truth (should it exist) by 'cashing in' on the subject?

I doubt that very many people are in the field for the money. The UFO market is ridiculously small, with most people preferring to get their information free from the Internet. Anybody taking the time to write a UFO book for money would be smarter to write a diet book or some Tom Clancy-type military potboiler. You don't see any UFO books on the NYT best seller list, and even those books have a hard time seeing a profit.

Not much money in UFO stuff.

Anybody who spends a lot of money on a book or a DVD set expecting to get that elusive "absolute proof" is a fool. When (IF) the truth is uncovered/discovered, it'll clog up the legitimate news channels for months. It won't be found in some Border's remainder pile.

posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 02:52 PM
reply to post by Nohup

Communion (Whitley Streiber) spent some time at the top of the NYT Bestseller list.

I believe that you are right to an extent: there is not much money in Ufology. Although there must be some money there because, worldwide, we are blessed with a multitude of books on the subject. We have movie spin-offs. We have people setting up weekend retreats to go to the desert to communicate with E.T.'s.

This is not the point though. The Chosen Ones claim to have information that could benefit mankind. Information that they would rather sell than give.

While there is plenty of information online not everybody has access to the internet, but you are correct in that these people will find out soon enough on the news

Depending on what the truth turns out to be, should it ever transpire, it may well be duplicated in a book in some Border's remainder pile.

Although Unfortunately, because of all of the Ufology-destroying, cash-grabbing material being released, we missed it.

Missed because we were put off further purchases having been initially duped by charlatan media.

posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 03:18 PM

Originally posted by SaviorComplex
To it's detriment, the field is driven more by ego and personality, and less by "the truth." This is one of the many reasons the study is not taken seriously by the public-at-large.

It is a crying shame as Ufology is, in my opinion, a fascinating subject that is soured by the people that are clearly in it for money

posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 03:32 PM

Originally posted by Silenteye
I don't buy ufo books because those information mostly are same what people tells in internet. Like in above there is someone's who talking from same thing and have same information like in that book. There is just more than one forum where people talks same things what have been told in books. So ufobooks are mostly repeating information what is free in internet to read.

Too true. I would however, seperate the works of people like Timothy Good etc. who actually provide, in some cases, very solid evidence after extensive research. I do not mind rewarding these people's efforts with my money.

When it comes to the all story, no evidence material such as the example I provided in my original post, that is where the probelm lies.

We can't been people from writing books etc. so what the solution is I do not know.

posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 06:39 PM
reply to post by skibtz

So you looking ansrews how we could stop this, could we say, madness.

Media is one what makes this E.T life thing crazy and madness. BUY THIS UFOBOOK NOW PRICE LOWERED 20$ YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS. NEW UFO DOCUMENT HALF PRICE, ORDER IT NOW FROM OUR NETSHOP, THIS IS REAL. And then comes show, there is some people who tells from ufos and extraterrestrials, but what, what at the end. MORE ABOUT HIS EXPERIENCES IN THIS BOOK, BUY THIS FROM THIS WEBSITE WWW..... So he/she first talk only little part of his experiences at show and then try get people buy book leaving story telling unfinished at they could get stressed because they want know what happening in part 2 and his experiences. They usually say end of the show.......More about him and his experiences in this book named......and you can order it from here.....blah blah.... This i call cheating people.

So we found out at here is cheaters on the earth, who cheat people their own way and same time ruins E.T life more down without thinking what effects their doings have.

So today what choice i have found solve this madness problem is disclosure. We not maybe can't get them come down here and show themselves to everyone because they are intelligent too and they take mostly like someone of us taking "safety first". So, we who are ready to contact them face to face, we could maybe ask E.T:s could they want make meetings with little group of us then when some persons are ready to take of ground and from persons we could get group allways and we could share with E.T:s how to help our planet get away from this madness, suffering and other things. We maybe could be in too this project so long as its done. From different countries, random persons meetings. There is so many spaceships up there, so we could make mass meetings. But there is one problem, i don't know how to get face to face contact with them and i don't know where to find person who can make face to face contact with E.T almost everyday if he can, this person could send this message to E.T and through that this mass meeting with different age of people, different looking and from different country people.

But, first meetings could be made maybe with those persons who are looking up there, looking sky and waiting E.T to teleport them to their spaceship to have little or big talk with them. And what kind meetings we could make with E.T:s there. There could be 1-5 or more E.T:s listening and 1-5 or more persons talking from earth project, how could we save earth before its end to homo sapiens race. I must remind you all from this if we get this kind meetings their spaceships somewhere, i remind you all at E.T:s not going to do things imiteadely what plans you have shared, like this way "Hey let's try this imiteadely". They think before act, like someone of us think what effects it have if we try that plan and should we try it or not.

I have many plans share with them, because i have been doing own recearch about homo sapiens race actions and other things and yes, i have been doing recearch from planet earth, what kind it will change in these years if we just looking away what kind it is now. So now im searching person who could send message to E.T from about this mass meeting. That person who can send message to E.T, you do no need to ansrew forum if you don't want, just send message to them your own way please, contacting them face to face or range (telepathy) or some other way like asking souls to transmit this message to E.T:s or other way.

I want this mass meeting plan come real, because it could help maybe helping our planet and get this to positive galactic planet in the map maybe in 1 year, maybe under month or maybe in week if we doing work much with this helping earth thing. Today earth is not positive, and because of that is we not see other races yet friends even if they are friendly.

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posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 07:08 PM
That reminds me, I'm writing a book entitled, "End of Times 2020, Crop circles on Mars reveals map to moon bases housing abductees".

I figure that covers the broadest audience;-)

posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 07:17 PM
Writing a book takes time, time that isn't spent at a real job making money. So someone asking $15 for their book on UFOs, be it speculation, interviews, whatever, is reasonable. They still need to eat. I wouldn't say that a historian is untrsutowrthy because he charges for his biography of a president.

Someone who charges for lectures is in the same boat. He has to travel around the country not being at a real job making money. Still gotta eat.

DVD's aren't easy to make either.

However, the catch is that if these people had real ground-breaking info, it would be in the news. They wouldn't keep it secret for their paperback. So buy your UFO books, just realize that there isn't going to be anything new in it. You're paying for entertainment, something to read while on the can. You might, if you're lucky, read about a new encounter or something, but any such info would be distilled on ATs soon enough, sicne you can't copyright facts. Which si unfortunate for those very few UFOlogists that do real research and deserve money for their effort.

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posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 05:48 AM

Originally posted by senshido
That reminds me, I'm writing a book entitled, "End of Times 2020, Crop circles on Mars reveals map to moon bases housing abductees".

I figure that covers the broadest audience;-)

Thanks for the heads up - now I can start saving for the $300 book.

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 06:44 AM
reply to post by Esoterica

Hi Esoterica

Without doubt there are some fantastic, well-researched books out there that deserve the reward and credit they receive. That will never be in doubt. However, I am raising the issue of whether the likes of Jim Sparks are harming Ufology.

The sad fact is that, in my opinion, the majority of people that read the books, watch the DVDs and attend the lectures are people that have already embraced ufology. Preaching to the converted of you will. This makes his quest more about making money and less about informing the rest of the world of what is potentially one of the profound events in humanity.

Why has he not published to the book online free for everyone to see?

I don't believe that once abducted, an abductee would think: 'Right then, time to quit the day job and write a book'. Surely if all of this was happening to an abductee they would be keeping a journal of some kind. They would already have the content. They could post it online for free, spreading the word, ecstatic in the knowledge they are doing what is best for mankind. Except this does not happen. It's all about the money!

Generally, historians deal with well-documented, researched evidence. This is, by his own admission, severely lacking in the case of Mr Sparks. That said, if an historian charged $18 for a paperback and $28 for a DVD (which anyone can make at home these days with semi-professional results) which related to an event that no-one else had ever witnessed and there was no proof then yes, I would consider the man person to be highly dubious until his claims were evidenced. You may even see the historian community cast him aside. This does not seem to happen in the case of Ufology.

That is an excellent point you make though.
An abuductee with strong evidence would be financially better off going straight to a news channel than getting a book published.

I love reading Ufology books, especially on the can
, I just wish that $100 DVD's, Ambassador to the Universe courses and products sold at disproportionate prices, were less of a rip off and more of a valuable tool to be invested in. In my opinion they are not and they serve only to devalue the work of the hard working, respected authors/producers who do a fantastic job in the field of Ufology.

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 06:50 AM
all the respecatble ufologists have left the ufo scene leaving behind all the people who are interested in only making money. the ufo industry is huge - someone said earlier they would be better writing a cook book or something to make money. Problem is you need to haev genuine knowledge of the subject to do that.

UFOs you can just make up any old rubbish and flog it for $9.95, the whole thing is a total scam with phoney witnesses and doctored photos everyone looking to make a buck or be infamous.

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 04:13 PM

Originally posted by yeti101
all the respectable ufologists have left the ufo scene leaving behind

I have to agree on the whole.

However, the Sparks DVD includes the likes of Stanton Friedman, Linda Moulton Howe, Whitley Strieber, Budd Hopkins, Michael Lindemann and Dr. John Mack.

I thought these guys knew better! Or maybe the inflated mortgage is taking its toll and they need the cash

posted on Feb, 25 2008 @ 09:53 AM
What the hell is going on!

These guys didn't take long!

What a shockingly, embarrassing piece of crap:

A piece of artcard. Signed and numbered by a journalist and, in my opinion, a totally crap artist.

All this for $50

What a couple of money-suckling, self-important nobodys.

These people are bottom-of-the-barrell low life in my opinion, doing nothing but harming the cause of ufology.

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