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For the record.

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posted on Dec, 25 2007 @ 10:33 PM
For the record. (aka yet another sure to more or less ignored [or just plain attacked] attempt at dialogue from the \\/raothster )
I have battled (verbally) against a few of you of atheistic bent here on ATS. And I felt I should just set the record straight. I am not nor have I ever taking issue with your beliefs. I take issue with your methods. I acknowledge the fact that given how limited we are, we really don't have an ironclad position in existence. For argument there is a counter argument (through-out a spectrum of plausibility of course, but improbable is not the same as impossible). And while you may disagree with me, I wholeheartedly accept that your angle has the ring of truth to you, and would not demean you for it, as MANY of you demean me and others that accept that there is more to the world than just our five senses can detect or our minds understand.
That is my bone of contention with your stance. You attack while decrying others for attacking you. Screaming for tolerance, yet showing none yourselves. You preach that your not in fact preaching while you are in the VERY ACT of preaching your beliefs. You claim to be nothing like those you sooo seem to hate, yet I see a great many things alike and have been spit on by both sides (in annoyingly similar in essence if defiantly not at all similar in content way).

Don't get me wrong in that I have a distaste of organized religion as much if not more so than you and recognize it for the evil, twisted and lie filled thing that IT IS. But I do not seek to replace it with what is in essence the same thing just pointing in the opposite direction. Most of you seem to claim that it is somehow the beliefs that have the gained through actions of humans become so incrusted with BS that cause the crap that goes on in this world. Not the people that follow the religion, but the religion ITSELF is at fault. Why not blame the people rather than the ideology? Ideologies are not possessed of their own will. But I digress. Now for the question I mentioned when I started this post. And if you attempt to make a joke of my question, trivialize, or any such thing, you will just be ignored so don't bother.

Ok. Say you have it your way and the great and evil belief in "imaginary friends" (as at least one of you has so overly simplisticly put it) is abolished and no longer allowed, the edifices of religious belief banned. What would you do with those who continue to choose to believe in more than what just their five senses (or mathematics) can account for?
Do you passive aggressively shun them to the point they can no longer sustain themselves and submit (or die) or just kill them outright?
Both options are wrong on so many levels and leads to the same thing. Cause I will tell you. No matter how much you may think that everyone should "evolve" (kind of egomaniacal a thought to begin with amongst my other problems with that thought) to your level.
And say you got over that little problem. What about when you have people polarizing over conflicting theories? Because in the end that is what people are doing now, killing each other over their massed "theory" of the whys of the universe.

P.s.: I have actually heard such tripe as someone spew on C2C "If there IS a god. It's the god of science!" need I even go into that?


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