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93 was shot down.....

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posted on Dec, 25 2007 @ 08:57 PM
Flight 93 was shot down. That is the mistake that is bieng made here and it is pure disinfo to keep the story of the
no plane' It was show down. There are 5 people who know the truth.

Cheney, Mineta, Mystery Navy guy, pilot and Tower operator. That is it. Maybe a few more in the tower or maybe the pilot from the second F-16. Look into the standdown timeline.

The lets roll story was created to coverup the fact that it was shot down. We made heroes out of martyrs and the 9/11 truth movement was created to further remove the US from responsibility of shoooting them down and killing all aboard to save thousands of others. They were in fact heroes in a sense.

Please take a look at this thread

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