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Mass birthing - Old interesting case - Was it mass birth of alien hybrids? Or something else?

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posted on Dec, 25 2007 @ 06:01 PM
I saw this in news about 4-8 or more years ago, i don't remember correct day. But today, this news thing came in my mind so i wanted write it in here to others to see what happened. If someone remembers this news thing, put here to link from that video, it was so strange and weird kind of case. Many of people were lie on the ground and birthing. And i heard something at they birth same time everyone there. I don't remember did some other countries happening same thing too. But but, i don't remember what country it was where this news thing came. Some news reporter said something about aliens and cloning at they could have inserted some fetus or something in these people at same time. This were so strange news thing that day. I think there was only one news thing from that thing and they ended reporting it after they reported one time from this, i think that because much of other news was other kind news and i didn't hear about this case other days anymore, just one time i have seen it and heard it.

From this case coming one serie my memory. Taken, do anyone remember this serie? In that serie aliens put that woman and man doing sex and after that i remember something at woman do birth to new baby and baby was that little girl who doed illusions and i remember something at he doed some healing things too. But mostly he was contacted by aliens i remember. So were this mass birthing thing what happened, so was this somekind mass "Alien hybrids" birth?

I have been thinking were those children what got birth that day there, did they got somekind advanced level skills allready like telekinesis, levitation, connecting network (network is connected to everywhere) or anywhere with mind (Range controlling) (Range controlling is like in that serie "heroes" "Michael skill" that little boy), advanced level energy transforming, advanced level fully body transforming to some other, advanced level mindcontrolling or other skills. There is so many strange or mystery skills what maybe today is us unknown, but some other day these skills are us to normal day life skills.

I have heard much something about alien hybrids and i have heard alien hybrids have got sex with other alien hybrids and alien hybrid got have sex with alien. I don't know what they doing up there so i don't have proof do they do alien hybrids like in taken that woman and man sex part. I have heard something too at they insert some women clone fetus (Allready doed biology and gen and dna and other changings ready) and that makes them birth baby without sex. And from that what reporter said about cloning, this fetus inserting came my mind, because you can create perfect clone through woman birth, with doing to that fetus everything ready before insterting it to woman, and with cloning, you do no need to sex because you can do everything ready in tube to that fetus and with alien technology its easy to insert it to there where babies borning and growing before birth and birth is with ready fetus faster, because it no need to born from sperm because its fetus level allready.

That what i think when they doing alien hybrids today. Old times maybe they recearching of our sex putting us sex with others and with aliens too maybe. And after that they tried find faster and easier way and they started cloning fetus, and maybe after that when they found more perfect hybrid, they started cloning it full body size and maybe inserted some of their dna and gen in sperm when someone down here earth was doing sex and trying doing kid with partner. Aliens maybe doing 2 way doing bodies of hybrids today, others borning through sperm, other ones borning in tube from clone fetus. That day was maybe when they tested clone fetus in homo sapiens body and tried found out how fast it grows ready and what effect it does to homo sapiens body. I don't have proof from these, i have just theories, but its good to think different kind ways what kind way they doing today things.

It is now bye.

posted on Dec, 25 2007 @ 07:23 PM
+ This news case is not basing that golden eye kids thing.

I just tried google things out from this news with differents words, but i didn't find nothing. In youtube i tried find this video too but nothing. Googlevideo, nothing. Where is news from this thing, seriously have this news things silenced or what?

I have thinked at not much have seen this news video what showed that day. Maybe that's reason why i can't find it from youtube, googlevideo or google. I hope someone recorded that to videotape. There was no much dvd:s that day so i think it has been recorded to videotape if someone have recorded it to something. I don't even remember name of that word what news it was because its old. I just remember of it at there was strange mass birth. But i hope someone have recorded it. And i think at someone have recorded it because some people recording almost every news.



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