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Social Programming for "Conspiracy Nuts"

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posted on Dec, 24 2007 @ 09:06 PM
After further investigating an old topic long forgotten, i feel like i've been had, and that i've been socially programmed just as effectively as the average person watching nbc news.

Doing some in-depth reading on german anti-gravity technology gives a very detailed explanation as to why there are flying saucers everywhere.

According to the timeline, the vrill or thule society created the saucer technology via "channeling" with alien intelligence, and also reverse engineering. the original "vril" was perhaps one of the earliest prototypes of saucer design, combining bmw engines with anti-grav units. they further evolved the technology to move on the "haunebu" and "haunebu II".

Of course, when anyone mixes nazis and ufos in the same sentence, your BS radar is going to go off. so i avoided the topic for years. Once you actually dig into it, you realize that they were far more advanced than most people realize. There is plenty of documentation floating around on the net, and im not required to reference it all. do it on your own. i have my own questions to ask from all of this.

the roswell crash was likely our attempt at reverse engineering the german saucer technology. this technology, including many of the top german scientists that were working on it, were captured and sent to the US. Considering that the first "Vril" saucer test flights were in the 20's - 30's , they were far ahead of us. This would explain roswell as an alternate theory.
If anyone knows more information about this topic id like to hear it. Shedding light on this subject is of interest, mindless flame wars are not.

So, my question is this. Does the government want us to believe there are greys piloting these antigrav saucers, so that they can cause a huge false flag, similar to the disclosure project?

OR, are they actually hiding the technology because its a free energy (antigrav) concept and is currently in use by the governments that say it cannot exist.

Saucer technology seems to be developed by various governments, in various technological stages. The triangle craft are sighted mostly over Britain as ive noticed. They all seem to have reverse engineered the original german models.

I made one major connection a few years ago that nobody has yet mentioned on the internet... at least that ive seen. i will find the supporting images, but for now im going to drop it.

there was a ufo video floating around, originally on a bbc website, which flew overhead, and a nearby lightpost was near and used as a reference.

there was a clearly visible design on the bottom of the saucer. the creepy thing is, it is exactly similar to the nazi design originally penned back in the 30s. this bbc video was fairly recent, probably 5 years or so. doing research on the vrill and haunebu craft will yield dozens of schematics, nazi documents, and what appears to be original gov documents. there is no question that the design of the saucer was the same as the schematics on 1930's german technology.

the last interesting part of this yarn is the war in antarctica. admiral byrd, i believe it was, led US forces into antarctica, and we lost a significant number of personnel. can anybody dig any further on this story? according to byrd's own diaries, he entered a "dead zone" where the ice was gone, it was showing over 70 degrees on his plane's thermometer, and he was guided down to communicate with the "arayans" a supposed advanced race. It all sounds like nonsense, however the death toll and credentials are real.

can anybody shed more light on the antarctic legend, and the validity of nazi technology in anti grav propulsion?

posted on Dec, 24 2007 @ 10:04 PM
The scientific/research base in Antarctica is supposed to be located near hot springs that have plants growing around them. I always found that to be a bit odd considering the continent is supposed to be under a ton of ice. There were two separate missions to Antarctica which have been speculated to have involved conflict with a splinter cell of Nazi's. I believe they were called Operation: Highjump and later on Operation: Deepfreeze.
Something else you might want to look at were the new generation U-boats the Nazi's had built that were far in advance of any at their time being the first that could operate completely underwater. There were supposed to be around 23 completed although the Americans only seized around six. A couple other turned up off the coast of Argentina with a whole bunch of German women and children months after the war had ended.

posted on Dec, 24 2007 @ 10:09 PM
argentina seems to also be interconnected with this yarn. many reports and speculation surround an escape plan for hitler. a popular theory is that he was living to old age in argentina. however, it would probably be disinformation. i would assume he would have holed up in antarctica, since it was more to his liking (heavily fortified). thanks for the info on that, im going to further research it.

posted on Dec, 24 2007 @ 10:59 PM
Why didn't the Germans use this UFO technology against the allies to win the war?

posted on Dec, 24 2007 @ 11:14 PM
While the nazi's did have far advanced technologies in many fields (rocket propulsion, submarine warfare, the first jet aircraft) i think that their anti-grav tech was not nearly as far along. If they had anti-grav vehicles there would be more evidence to support that. If they were successful in engineering these type of craft why wouldn't they use them against the allies? The V1 and V2 rockets, the ME262 jet interceptor, those are examples of advanced technologies that they were successful with and they used them against the allies with a degree of efficiency.

IMO Roswell was an alien craft. The documents and the pictures released before the air force stepped in with the cover up would suggest that too. Also the eye witness accounts of ET bodies being seen at the sight would mean that this was not a reverse engineered craft from the germans, but instead a totally new type of technology that americans had never seen up until that point.

Robert Lazar also lends credibility to the fact that we've been reverse engineering anti-grav tech only since it was brought to our attention by ET, and not the nazis. If the nazis had a successful flying saucer project i think we would see a lot more saucers in dogfights with allied aircraft of WW2 instead of BF109's, and FW 190's. The research i've done on the subject only shows drawings and a few ugly pictures, no actual flying saucer craft.

posted on Dec, 25 2007 @ 11:57 AM
of course all information is debunkable , but here is what ive found since researching this. they devoloped the original vril craft, a hybrid first design, which was developed before the war. the haunebu and haunebu II which were solely anti-grav tech were developed right towards the end of the war.

many people attribute the foo fighter sightings to the vril and haunebu craft.

they were not used against the allies because on their timeline of development they were just doing test flights towards the end of the war. many older accounts of the technology mention that they had issues attaching normal ammunition and turret systems to an anti-grav vehicle.

my justification that the craft were in fact working antigrav vehicles is due to the fact that many of these craft were photographed within that time period, and many clear shots of the underside of the craft were visible, using the antigrav technology that was demonstrated in their blueprints.

the other reason why we should dig deeper is because of what i originally said. a recent bbc news video (3-5years ago) shows the underside of the craft, which is exactly the same design in original nazi blueprints. this draws a major red flag imo.

can anybody knowledgeable chime in on this? and anyone who wants to further research it can either jump on youtube, or google, and simply use keywords "nazi ufos". id really like to hear some more info on this subject, because if its true, it would likely account for a large amount of the sightings we've seen.

posted on Feb, 18 2008 @ 09:13 AM
i revisited this thread after a bit, and noticed nobody really was paying attention. i think this thread is far more relevant than studying possible ufo videos. if we found out that humanoids were flying these saucers, and that aliens had nothing to do with it, it would change our viewpoint of sightings. it would also disrupt the popular theory of "greys" flying saucers around our planet. if this idea is popular enough to show up on fox tv shows, discovery channel, and otherwise, i would surely doubt there is no secret there. it is most likely misinformation.

assuming that we have been piloting these anti-grav craft for quite some time, it would explain the alternative three video (landing on mars in the 60s).
we have most likely been in cooperation with britain/russia on this technology, after we all grabbed pieces of it from a destroyed germany.

and to say that germany didnt have actual anti-grav craft is ridiculous. there are too many, schematics, gov docs, videos, and pictures corroborating the evidence. if this was taken to court, it would be far more than circumstantial.
people need to address this issue, and perhaps the disclosure project did just that. if they have been orchestrating the greys, it would make sense to make everyone believe theyd fly around in saucers and create a "war of the worlds" false flag. either way, we've had the craft, we've been flying them, and thats why we see them all the time.

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