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Mt. Hood Summit for Cerebral Palsy

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posted on Dec, 24 2007 @ 04:12 PM
Hey everyone, decided to come here since I know there is some great artists on here when it comes to computer graphics.

Currently I am setting up a fundraiser for cerebral palsy. What I need is a graphic for my fliers.

The fundraiser is going to consist of a group of people summiting Mt. Hood here in Oregon for cerebral palsy and in the mean time raising money for cerbral palsy. So a graphic with Mt. Hood would be great and this event is going to take place in June of 2008. "SUMMIT FOR CEREBRAL PALSY 2008"

I was going to just do the climb just to say I did it but there is a deeper meaning behind it. While I was in the Navy my roomates daughter has cerebral palsy and I got to see first hand how this neurodevelopmental disorder is. It is expensive with not only the feeding tubes, syringes and special formula to feed but also a constant worry of what is going to happen next. It is both exhausting but also rewarding raising a child with Cerebral palsy.

So what I need basically is a graphic for my fliers from all you great artist's on here:

Mount Hood

Thanks to whoever does this, it is truly for a great cause.


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