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Symbolic views from the air

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posted on Dec, 24 2007 @ 12:09 AM
I was watching a couple of videos by Alex Jones and David Icke the other day.

They both presented some suggesti9ons regarding the symbols that the illuminati or masonic orders are supposed to have built into the designs of our cities.

Whilst seeing the same sort of info from both of these people, my mind began to wander, as is often the case.

I came to wonder why that these designs are built on such a scale that we do not notice them as we lead our daily lives amongst them.

I will post some of the city scape designs that have been suggested as being symbols of a masonic order or the like, then I will paste some other symbols to try to make a comparison.

Not a comparison of design, but the comparison of the scale....

Ok, so here we have several straight lines, some formed into a pentagram, others formed into the pagan symbol of the zodiac, and one set of lines resembling an owl.

So here is where we draw the comparisons to other similar symbols of similar scales.

Interesting, don't you think?
Why would a civilisation hundreds or thousands of years old draw huge pictures and lines on the ground that are only fully viewable from the air?
And why do we, in our age, feel the need to do similar with our streets and buildings, when the designs were not really made public to us and are only fully appreciated from the air?

There are other structures around the world that are best observed from above, like the pyramids of egypt seem to represent the stars that make up Orions belt, otherwise known as the three kings.

Then there is the temple of Angkor Wat which is a stunning example of the study of the stars and the seasons and possibly much more than we are aware of.

For some reason, our ancestors and now ourselves, have made symbols viewable only from above, or we have reflected the heavens in buildings, structures and other ground designs.


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