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Secret Camps = Rigged Election Backlash

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posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 09:02 PM
Another Leap in Logic, by Logic Leapers, Critical Thinking Consultancy.

The media's blatant propaganda campaign will not work. No-one in the working classes stands to gain if another Bilderburg choice for president is forced upon the American Public.

The Government's stealthy attempts of subterfuge can only dazzle for so long before the inalienable rights of our constitution trump the "bs". (Bush Syndrome) lol

Those in power know that their time is running thin, they are hoping the public face of the clintons will stop or slow the eventual rejection of the system as we know it. They are counting on our ignorance, apathy, and fear of persecution to keep us fettered.

They have it mapped out years in advance, we will accept the clintons, their heir apperent.

As GW destroys the country (bildeburg's plan) The Clinton's will magically save it, hence the masquerade and wave-like motion of presidents linked with business. Why do you think they, the current infrastructure in power, ignore our pleas to stop? The New Deal anyone?

Bush will be the fall guy, but the jokes on us. That's how it was planned all along. Bush and his daddy will fade, and live richly until one of the presidential daughters, or someone else, becomes the next heir. (possible, but likely?)

If we reject who is assigned president again, those who dissent will disappear, and those who cry, Where'd my xxxxx go, will be "disappeared too".

It's sick I know, both the fact I thought this out in 5 minutes, and the fact of how plausible it feels in my gut.

-ADHD, Matthew B. Graybeal, Head Consultant, Logic Leapers, CTC

posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 09:16 PM
The paradoxical moment arrives when the criminals who intended on using these camps for enslavement get found out and are sent there as punishment.

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