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Media Conditioning Via HOLLYWOOD

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posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 02:19 PM
Here is what I Think is going on
1- The NWO has people working for them in conditioning sciences. They come up with themes, and ideals that they want to subliminally send us via movies, television.
2- The method they use is giving their movie directors a certain 'theme', then creating different 'movies' like simpsons, and i am the legend. That all portray a scenario. Like During Independence Day, there should be other movies about aliens attacking the world. And recently in Simpsons and I am the Legend, we see movies about epidemics coming to society that wipes out the race and turns them into zombies. And their looking for a cure. Springfield turns into a biodome for some reason.
3- Conspiracy Theory - movie starring Mel Gibson - A conspiracy theorists is a whacko, the movie came out in 1997. Mel Gibson is a star, they wanted us to believe Conspiracy theorists are whackos. Before 911 happened. Conditioning us to believe and truely believe that conspiracy theorists are nut jobs. Mel Gibson was really nuts in that movie if you haven't seen the movie. He's like a loony.

And finally I think you should learn from this posts, that it is important to watch a variety of things that come from the media. So that you can be illuminated to what they want you to believe, so that you know for what and why you are being conditioned to believe a certain 'theme'.

I for one, will be watching every movie Hollywood throws at us and finding similarities. Because it is through the Media that NWO speaks to you, so keep your eyes, ears, and thinking caps, on and open.
Unrelated thought I came up with.
When this nuclear attack happens like Cheney and every other politician is hinting about. The United Nations will come to save the day. And they WILL THANK THEM, for restoring order to their lives at the expense of liberty.

And so the ENDGAME is to bring America from Hell... to Heaven, and the false messiah will be the NWO. It isn't one person. Since the collective will of human beings controls the destiny of the world, we could call GOD the collective of human beings. We can also give a Messiah/God attribute to the group of human beings who try to save the others. And so in the Bible they hint that Jesus will save us. But the first will be the False Messiah. So Ron Paul is the False Messiah, and then the real Jesus the United Nations will come. And thats kinda wierd but I think its real.

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