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UK:Data sharing review consultation-please add your comment!

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posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 09:58 AM
The UK ministry of justice is inviting submissions from the public concerning the way data is shared between companies and government agencies.
The review closes on January 15th,so please can any UK members of ATS let them know how you feel about the way data is handled in the UK.

If enough people mention the fact that they are not happy with the recent record of government when it comes to data handling,maybe-just maybe,they will at least attempt to put their house in order.
So PLEASE UK members,give them your opinions...It may make a positive difference to us all.

Here is the link to the Ministry of Justice page,where you can fill out a response form.

Come on folks-lets tell them what we think!!!
Keep it polite though,otherwise they will probably get rid of the response.

Nice one everyone.


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