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Best UFO cases?

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posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 04:51 PM
First off I want to say that I have encountered to hundreds of cases, dozens of videos and an unknown number of photographs while seeking cases that hold water the best. I can't seem to find very much of those, as I have certain criteria that haven't been met. Those criteria really aren't too harsh, they follow a very simple logic to avoid most common pitfalls

1. Must be more than two different witnesses that have seen the case from different places. Two different angles of view (to skies above) will do, as long as they don't talk with each other right afterwards.
2. If a picture, must include all factors recorded by a digital camera within the picture.
3. Analog or digital - either way object must have sharp edges without blur of any kind unless time of day is dark.
4. If dark environment and lights reported bright, must have *any* object in picture in where reflection of light is visible (this doesn't mean a mirror-like feature. If you point a dark tree with a red flashlight, you can see red in the tree, thus it reflects the light).
5. When object is lit, amount of effect by bright light to photograph must go hand in hand with all other light sources. For example: given a bright light of an airplane, a picture taken from below would be such that no stars are visible because light on airplane is too bright. Still objects can maybe treated differently..

These are not all, but some here on list are pretty darn important. All this is not too much to ask, is it? There's also some algorithms available online that check for patterns made by photoshop filters.. Those help recognizing fakes, too.

Please try not to list the most well known ufo cases. If you do, tell me why because I have seen enough of those damned "top-10" pages for this particular lifetime. most of those sites contain too much specualtion to be of any use.

I know that this subject has been here many times, but to be fair, it is not exactly a simple matter to find a trustworthy site from a group of several million.

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 05:11 PM
About Photoshop filters, quite often it's possible just to run a sharpening filter either once or twice. That will bring out the noise pattern in the image. If somebody airbrushed, smoothed, smudged or pasted something from a different photo with a different amount or size of noise pattern, then it usually shows up pretty well.

As for UFO sightings that involve more than one witness and maybe some of the other things you wanted, Mexico is where the most videos have come from. Different people from different places record UFO's that look the same and fly the same. Plus sometimes there's hundreds or thousands of witnesses observing them since they tend to fly slowly, in broad daylight, and over crowded cities. Way back in the 90's one place collected over 4000 UFO videos from people there. I'm sure the number is higher now.

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