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Time Dilatation

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posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 02:33 PM
I keep having these strange unnerving memories that we have all experience this corridor in our daily history before, not only is it a pictorial memory of the days sequences where unlike da javu it is more of an akashic memory that can be used in a guide.

I keep finding that we are in some temporal loop in time, where even this post I have done before. I am wary about bringing up such topics but I feel it is necessary. See the day would start I would wake up as in this times previous time and start the day.

Through out the day, I would come across unnerving reality where the memory is so strong of that time happening before that it is most profound. Often I try to change what I have done in that previous time to something new, for example yesterday instead of having Indian as my memory served me I had a satay burger for dinner.

Not only am I experiencing this but so is my wife and several of my friends as well have had similar akashic experiences. But it goes more than this, sometimes I am reminded of several occurrences’ of this historical time duct like layer of history consistently repeating.

I have a limited understanding of quantum anomalies’ but it would be sufficient to say that some form of time dilations is occurring at the moment, but unlike the previous occurrences’ of history it is stable enough that all of reality doesn’t end and I find myself in another corridor of time.

Is anyone else experience strange profound da javu, this if it is a physical pictorial memory is called an akashic memory, and quiet likely is some form of weapon that has been used on us humies at some point of time.

I would like to know as it is to unnerving some of the experiences I am remembering in other days!! From time to time this is our time!! But never the less, if we are in some time dilatation I would like to know how we cope or report ahead of time occurrences’ sometimes I know the next sequences of days and they do occur in the same way I have remember them, from people coming to my door to what the dog does.

It appears that in time our biological existence and what we do is not a random occurrence, in fact very far from random, all defined like a precursor in chemistry. It would be good if we could use our biological existence in hind sight to attempt to even randomise in a small group of us..

I started some websites that reflect only recently random member signup, all the previous members, I have seen sign up in and before in the previous historical time duct which we take steps in and around..

posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 11:18 AM
Dont mean to dig this thread up from the dead but.............

I have also been experiencing this 'time loop' for a good 6 months or so, its a very strange phenomenon but i believe it is about to 'end', but before i get onto that i would like to show the OP and any other 'future' readers some of my 'theories':

Firstly if we are in a time loop it is infinite, to demonstrate this both me and the OP have realized the time loop exists, however that means in the previous 'cycle' we also realized it existed and so on and so on , if you follow this theory through it means we have repeated the same 'cycle' infinitely!

Next up is my measurement of the time loop ie 'how long it takes to complete a full cycle' , because of my observations i have concluded that the loop is not strictly 'linear' meaning different events repeat themselves at different rates or have larger or smaller 'cycles' ..

Finally i will mention why i think the time loop ends and most importantly when it ends....
Okay so if we are in a time loop that means at one point we 'forgot' we were in said time loop only to repeat the same behavior as before and eventually re-remember we were stuck in the loop, its as if once you complete a full cycle you forget everything and return back to the beginning of the cycle only to repeat the same behavior, i believe the occurrence of this phenomenon can be thought of as the 'end of the loop' and it is truly the only opportunity to 'escape'.. So when will we complete the loop ? Very very soon, i am not one of the Elenin or Niribu believers but from my experience the loop 'ends' sometime in October (which is also the closest approach of Elenin / Niribu ) but October is also the time when the Mayan calendar reaches the end of its cycle, which is very interesting, whatever causes the end of the loop it is important to know that in my opinion this ending of the cycle is the only chance to escape it, i dont know how to escape it but my best guess would be to try and remember everything, dont get caught of guard, the loop can only repeat itself if you dont remember you are stuck in said loop, this of course is all speculation..

**EDIT** Did not know this thread was made in '07, seriously thought it was not that old, so sorry guys !
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