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Bird Flu - Mad Cow Desease - Genetically Modified?

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posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 03:19 AM
The world has fairly recently been plagued with new deseases like Bird Flu, Mad Cow and there are at least a couple others. I bring this up as I feel deseases like everything else have cause and do not just happen out of the blue. The first Genetically Modified (GM) patent (1971)required a Supreme court intervention (1980) and I understand it was never used. But this became the genetic equivalent of the gold rush on patenting natural seeds and modifying many others, a Sutter’s Creek. Also mega-millions of acres of GM crops were planted here in the US and abroad within but a few years. Monsanto, and the like, already had control of a great deal of farm acreage and are not bashful about using courts.

On May 18, 1994 the very first GM food was introduced, the “Flavr Savr” tomato. By 1998 it was pulled from the shelves. They claim they knew the science but not the marketing end of the business. The company, Calgene, voluntarily submitted the tomato for testing. They were also asked to submit additional data as it seems testing had some big questions. These GM crops, as best I can find, do not need testing as they get approval basically as being similar to the real thing. Funny thing is that they get their patent because they are different. Imagine that! Some of this makes me wonder how many employees of the GM companies were once high government employees making decisions on these matters.

Anyway! GM crops and food do all kinds of things because they are genetically altered. I've read words like herbicides, DNA, anti-fungal, pesticides, ... To me these plants should never have been released from the labs without a great degree of testing. Are they the plant version of the Africanized bees that got turned loose and now we can do nothing about?
If proper testing had been done or will be done it may one day be a good thing but as of the moment, I feel they represent a great danger to mankind.

That said! Look at the 1980's and 90's when GM crops were first planted and then look at what deseases have come about since. Many GM foods I see touted as higher in proteins; is not mad cow desease a protein problem? Why did animal deseases only recently cross the fence and start infecting people? I don't believe in coincidence and firmly believe GM crops and foods could be linked to these new deseases.


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