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Illuminati on dollar bill?

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posted on Feb, 12 2004 @ 10:08 PM

Originally posted by NetStorm
I also found this one....but alas the link to it is dead

Like I told you this means "I love" or "One Love" in deaf sign language. It is a combination of I and L.


posted on Feb, 13 2004 @ 05:05 AM
so the difference in the two pics is the thumb? Bush's thumb touches the other two fingers and that means satanic worship, whereas bill clinto's thumb stretch out straight means love??

posted on Feb, 13 2004 @ 09:57 AM

Originally posted by sugeshotcha
so the difference in the two pics is the thumb? Bush's thumb touches the other two fingers and that means satanic worship, whereas bill clinto's thumb stretch out straight means love??

For all I know, the guy is a Texan, it might be a bull fighting thing. For when "I think me a little about" as we would have said in Norwegian, the Goat of Mendes sign is when you hold the thumb against the underside of the third and fourth finger to symbolise the dark trinity, and the second and fifth finger sybloblise the horns of the goat of Mendes. Sorry, my bad.


[Edited on 13-2-2004 by Hamilton]

posted on Feb, 22 2004 @ 06:32 PM

Is that the Illuminati sign on the back of a dollar bill?

If you mean anything other than the eye in the pyramid, no. If you mean the eye in the pyramid, no, BUT there's a story involved to explain why. I'll tell it further down.

Most the time it is spoken of as more of a Masonic thing than Illuminati thing. Of course the division between those two groups isn't always clear either which makes them innerchangable on some occasions anyway.

It is generally attributed to Masons by the ignorant, yes. The Masons and the Illuminati are not interchangeable. They were not historically the same, and they are not now the same.

That image is cute, by the way. I wonder how many hours it took the guy who made it to think of that. The guy who made that image. Not the guy who made the Great Seal.

A new order of the ages might have something to do with rearranging history to cover up something. Funny how it's printed on a bill of money.

It might also have something to do with "the beginning of the new American Era, which commences from that date (1776, the numeral on the bottom of the pyramid)", to quote Charles Thomson, the designer of the image, and Secretary of the United States in Congress assembled on June 20, 1782, when the design was ratified. The symbolism of various elements of the Great Seal are a matter of public record, if you'd bother to search for Thomson's explanations. But don't let me stop you from making wild and ridiculous guesses. Please, continue.

Which is not to imply that the official symbolism is complete, although it is accurate.

The year 2000 will be a turning point for the New World Order.

You know, despite the fact that everyone claims Bush said this in a speech to the UN in 1990, he didn't. I have the full transcript of that speech. Do you want me to paste it here? I'll just paste the relevant paragraphs. You can read the whole thing at

The United Nations can help bring about a new day, a day when these kinds of terrible weapons and the terrible despots who would use them are both a thing of the past. It is in our hands to leave these dark machines behind, in the Dark Ages where they belong, and to press forward to cap a historic movement towards a new world order and a long era of peace.

And he DID also mention a "turning point" in that same speech:

And as we look to the future, the calendar offers up a convenient milestone, a signpost, by which to measure our progress as a community of nations. The year 2000 marks a turning point, beginning not only the turn of the decade, not only the turn of the century, but also the turn of the millennium. And 10 years from now, as the 55th session of the General Assembly begins, you will again find many of us in this hall, hair a bit more gray perhaps, maybe a little less spring in our walk; but you will not find us with any less hope or idealism or any less confidence in the ultimate triumph of mankind.

So your quote is actually a confabulation of two totally different parts of the same speech. Yeah.

the illuminati are said to consist of a strict bloodline, and all hold positions of power

That's ridiculous. Anyone can be in the Illuminati.

Or to further the mystery, lets lay this symbol from Ordo Templi Orientis (Templars) on top and match the circimference of it [...etc..etc]

The OTO and the Templars are two completely seperate entities. They always have been. Both groups still exist. They don't associate. They never have.

The Knights Templar (formally known as "The Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon") were founded by Hugues de Payens in 1118. The "last" Grand Master of the Knights Templar was Jacques de Molay, executed in 1314 by Philip IV of France. Philip quite frankly needed the money. The Templars were filthy stinking rich. Philip was also taking the opportunity to weaken the Papacy by killing an order dedicated to it. If Philip hadn't executed de Molay when he did, all the religious fighting orders in existence at the time would have been concatenated into one order called the Knights of Jerusalem. This would have represented a major threat to Philip's ambitions because the supreme rank of that proposed Order was specifically denied by the Pope to Philip. But this is turning into a history of Philip IV. The Templars prefer to keep a low profile today, and membership may or may not have devolved into a status symbol among wealthy French businessmen. I should now give a brief introduction to the OTO.

The Ordo Templi Orientis, or OTO, was founded in Austria by a man named Carl Kellner in either 1895, or 1902, depending on what you mean by "founded". The OTO is not so much an offshoot of the Freemasons as it is a way to unite at the highest level the three Masonic factions (Craft Masons, Royal Arch Masons, and Scottish Rite Masons). Membership in the OTO was never granted to a Mason below the 33rd degree. Then, when John Yarker died, everything fell apart. The OTO ceased to exist for a time, until none other than Aleister Crowley refounded it. Under Crowley, it was more or less a completely different order. Being a Mason was no longer a requirement to join, and Crowley preferred to refer to the order as the "Mysteria Mystica Maxima". Crowley continued to award members Masonic degrees, despite the fact that the Masons refused to recognize his authority. After Crowley died, the order once again fell in decline, and ended up being maintained only in German speaking countries. It died out in France, Spain and Italy. Today, though the OTO and the Freemasons have common members, one's rank in one does not carry over into the other. Frater Superior Hymenaeus Beta is the current head of the OTO.

I agree. ..a person sees what they want to see. I admit, it's strange and "freaky" how it matches up..but who knows..maybe George Washington, Ben and the boys just had a strange sense of humor.

Neither Washington nor Franklin was involved in the design of the dollar bill. It was designed by Charles Thomson, and no other.

On the other side of the Dollar Bill, at the top right hand corner, on the top left corner of the "crest" surrounding the number one, if you look with a magnifying glass (or you look at this graphic), you will see a teeny tiny owl. No one seems to know what this is about!

That would be because it's not an owl. Whoever claims it is has a very active imagination.

it's the illuminati sign. Does this confirm that they are indeed members??

Ridiculous. It's no such thing. That's so ill-conceived I'm not even going to explain the origin of the sign.

First off, Novus Ordo Seclorum is verbatum from Virgil the Poet

No it's not. Virgil used the word "seclorum" ONCE in Eclogue IV. He never used the phrase "novus ordo seclorum". And the word you're looking for is "verbatim". It translates as "to the word".

The symbolism on the Dollar was made by a team that was not Masonic, and all the latin they chose is directly verbatum from Virgil the Poet.

Once again, wrong. Nothing on the dollar bill is taken "verbatim" from Virgil. Nothing. It was all adapted FROM Virgil BY Charles Thomson. And it's a known fact that many of the founding fathers were Masons. Many of them also grew hemp. In fact, hemp was a major crop in the US all the way up to World War 2. But I digress. I don't know if Thomson was a Mason, but it's irrelevant since the dollar bill does not contain any deliberate overt Masonic symbolism.

The Dollar's symbols are on the Great Seal and they had nothing to do with Masonry or any illuminati.

The symbolism of the great seal (particularly the eye in the pyramid) and the Illuminati do have a correspondence. I'm getting to that. As I said at the beginning of this post, I'm going to explain that.

Hamilton, that gesture predates the existence of the "Goat of Mendes" (Baphomet), and it doesn't "mean" that unless the President intended it to mean that. Which he obviously didn't. Bush is a Methodist.

RIGHT. Now then, to explain the symbolism of the eye in the pyramid.

Aside from the US Treasury explanation, which is entirely correct, the eye in the pyramid has other symbolisms that are no less relevant to the fact that it's on paper money and not coinage, and that the symbol is commonly used in conjunction with the Illuminati.

The apex of the pyramid corresponds to the apex of the body, which is the head, and therefore the eye is located in the mind. The eye in the pyramid represents perception and belief. What you see and what you know. The symbol is applied to anything that exists only because people believe in it. For instance, the concept of paper money. Nevermind that the money is actually closer to denim than paper in physical composition. The materials that go into making a dollar bill are relatively worthless. It has no intrinsic value like coinage does. That's why the eye in the pyramid no longer appears on coins. It did, at one point. It was judged inappropriate. This is the same reason the symbol is associated with the Illuminati. An entity which exists solely because of belief, and not in any tangible capacity.

No evidence has been found as to who is a member because no such evidence exists. It's meaningless to say someone is "in" the Illuminati. Anyone can claim to be a member, and work on their behalf, and that claim is valid. That is how the Illuminati survives. It survives because people like you folks in these forums keep talking about it. That's really the only reason. It's not a fake organization. That's not what I'm trying to say. It's real. It's just that there are no idle members. You're only "in" the Illuminati when you act in its name. Before that and after that you're not a member. At a later time you may be a member again.

So you see, the Illuminati is not a secret because its members are good at keeping secrets. It's a secret because those members that everyone presumes exist, in fact, don't.

The ultimate leadership of the Illuminati is another matter. It always comes back to one person. Not a committee. Not a tribunal. Not a cabinet. One person. This person, by word or action or both, dictates the immediate future of the Illuminati. It is not nececcary for this person to know their rank for them to perform it effectively. They don't even need to know they're in the Illuminati. They don't even need to know what the Illuminati is. And this leader is not necessarily the same person from day to day. But it is always just one person.

Generally, the person most capable of shaping the world for the rest of humanity is the leader of the Illuminati. Not by right or privilege, but because this person will be in a position to influence many factors, which is a prerequisite to Illuminati leadership. As to the title of the leader of the Illuminati, it's whatever the incumbent leader chooses it to be.

Determining who this "Illumined person" is at any given time is an exercise in futility. Studying the chaos of different human interaction systems COULD indicate who they are, if you were capable of accruing enough information to make such an extrapolation. But in the process of accruing that information, if you actually made any progress, you would in effect become the person you're looking for. Which would necessarily void the previous results and bring you back to square one, but ironically, you'd BE the person you're searching for, without even realizing it. Then you'd go do a bunch of stuff, and your official tenure as the leader of the Illuminati would end and it would pass to someone else.

The ancient apparatus of government were developed specifically so that the Illumined person was never the same individual for too long. If one person in the world accumulates too much power, and thus remains Illumined for overlong, it disrupts the stability of human civilization. Ideally a person is supposed to fall when they've exceeded the power quota, and generally they do. But sometimes they don't. This constitutes a major problem, and a great deal of the problems with the modern world can be traced to it. The modern apparatus of government is an attempt to circumvent the previous trend and grant permanent status of Illumination to a single individual. This is the point of American imperialism.

However, despite what you may now be thinking, the man being positioned as the permanent Illumined one is not the President of the United States. The President has little real power. He's a chief diplomat. Great. Yawn. So that means he can make all sorts of fluffy speeches he didn't even write. Does he have the power to make war? No, not really. Only Congress can declare war. The War Powers Act is unconstitutional, and it will be repealed before long if Presidents keep using it. Bush Jr's currenty foray into the Middle East is being supported by a delegation of war-making authority from Congress to the President for the duration of the conflict. This is technically unconstitutional, too, but the nuance is lost on most people.

Anyhow, the President is in no position to directly dictate world affairs. He can't do anything without the consent of the people in his administration, and those people are all of a single party affiliation. Aha! Now you see where this is going. Bush may be President, but he was a Republican first. The current chairman of the Republican National Committee is a man you've probably never heard of unless you live in Montana. Marc Racicot. He has more real power than Bush precisely by virtue of nobody knowing who he is. He doesn't have to answer to the press, largely. He isn't under a microscope 24/7 like Bush is. Did YOU know who he was 5 seconds ago? Anyhow, American expansion, backed by the Republicans, has at its ultimate goal the ascendancy of Marc Racicot. Why is he qualified, aside from his obscurity and the fact that he occupies the chair of the RNC? He's not, really. He's just an ordinary guy. Meaning he'll do an ordinary job. Not great, but not terrible either. Which is adequate to the purpose of the Illuminati.

I should point out that nobody in the US government is knowingly orchestrating this plan. It's what's known as an "emergent phenomenon". A consequence of the complexity of the systems in question, and their interconnectedness. Despite the fact that there have been and will be many Illumined ones, the Illuminati is ultimately directed with more continuity to ensure that stability is maintained. It is a matter of dispute as to whether this directing entity is self-aware or not. The entity is, in fact, Jung's collective unconscious. In a sense, it is the combination of desires and personalities of everyone in the world, meaning that whatever it does is inherently in the best interests of humanity. On the other hand, it's more or less meaningless to say it "does" anything, if you can't assign sentience upon it.

So that is the parallel between the eye in the pyramid and the Illuminati. And the literal interpretation as "the eye of Providence" also applies, as you can see. And you can also now see what "annuit coeptis" refers to. It means "it favors our undertakings". It, in reference to the eye in the pyramid. The collective unconscious favors American imperialism because it will give a single person enough power to remain Illumined indefinately. America just happens to be in the position to do it. Luck, more than anything. Britain was in such a position before the US. The torch was passed when the colonies became independent. Before Britain, in the 1200s, it was Temujin the Genghis Khan. Before that, it was Rome. Britain began as the Roman colony of Londonium just as the US began as a British holding. Julius Caesar and his successors all tried for the Illumination, but the Praetorian Guard and the Senate both conspired to prevent the Caesars from achieving it. Probably just as well. Most of the Caesars were really twisted. And before Rome it was Macedonia. That's why Alexander died so young. He was the last major candidate for indefinate Illumination. He died of a mysterious fever 10 days after the onset, and no cause for it has ever been named. His last words, when asked who his empire was to be left to, were "To the best". In other words, to the one next most likely to become Illumined.

posted on Feb, 22 2004 @ 06:50 PM
Look at the pic near the top of this page: I didn't read the text on that web page so don't go saying how misinformed they are because I already agree that that site perpetuates nonsense(although not to the degree that most Masons would).

Regarding the pic; is that just coincidence? I highly doubt it. You can also connect those letter to make a pentagram.


posted on Feb, 22 2004 @ 07:00 PM

Originally posted by Hamilton

Originally posted by iamlucas
Yes Indred, it certainly is. Somewhere on the bill is also the words 'Novus Orto Seclorum', which is Latin for New World Order.

Isn't it natural to think that "New World" infact just is a name for the Americas? That New is an adjective discribing World and not Order? Just a thought.


good luck trying to convince some of the people here to believe that

posted on Oct, 18 2004 @ 01:05 PM
Okay, I don't know if anyone has actually studied up on why the conspiracy around the dollar bill great seal was ever linked to the Masons or the Illuminati in the first place. The Great that picture on the back of the dollar bill with the pyramid in it...was created by Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John the time the Declaration of Independence was written. But...that design was submitted and never made it to see the light. A new committee was created with James Lovell, John Morin Scott, and William Churchill Houston. In the spring of 1782, a third committee, composed of Arthur Middleton, John Rutledge, and Elias Boudinot with the assistance of William Barton, A.M., reported a third design for a seal to congress which was also found not satisfactory. On June 13, 1782, Congress referred all of the committee reports to Charles Thomason, Secretary of Congress. Thomason prepared a design from these reports and submitted it to Barton who suggested a few changes on June 19, 1782. Thomason immediately wrote his report to Congress and submitted it on June 20, 1782; the report was accepted the same day and thus the design of the great seal was fixed.

This is bear with me:

On the obverse is an eagle whose dexter wing has thirty- two feathers, the number of ordinary degrees in Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The sinister wing has thirty-three feathers, the additional feather corresponding to the Thirty-Third Degree of the same Rite conferred for outstanding Masonic service. The tail feathers number nine, the number of degrees in the Chapter, Council, and Commandery of the York Rite of Freemasonry. Scottish Rite Masonry had its origin in France; the York Rite is sometimes called the American Rite; the eagle thus clothed represents the union of French and American Masons in the struggle for Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. The total number of feathers in the two wings is sixty-five which, by gematria, is the value of the Hebrew phrase YAM YAWCHOD (together in unity). This phrase appears in Psalm 133 as follows: "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity," and is used in the ritual of the first degree of Freemasonry. The glory above the eagle's head is divided into twenty-four equal parts and reminds the observer of the Mason's gauge which is also divided into twenty-four equal parts and is emblematic of the service he is obligated to perform. The five pointed stars remind him of the Masonic Blazing Star and the five points of fellowship. The arrangement of the stars in the constellation to form overlapping equilateral triangles and the Star of David calls to the Mason's mind King David's dream of building a Temple, to his God, the Companions who rebuilt a desecrated Temple, and the finding of the Word that was lost. The gold, silver, and azure colors represent the sun, moon, and Worshipful Master, the first that rules the day, the second, the night, and the third, the lodge. While silver, connected with the letter Gimel or G and being surrounded on an azure ground by a golden glory, reminds the Mason of the letter G, a most conspicuous furnishing of a proper lodge room. The shield on the eagle's breast affirms by its colors, valor (red), purity (white), and justice (blue), and reminds the Mason of the cardinal virtues. The value of these colors, by gematria, is 103, the value of the phrase EHBEN HA-ADAM (the stone of Adam) and suggests the perfect ashlar, or squared stone, of Freemasonry. One hundred and three is also the value of the noun BONAIM, a Rabbinical word signifying "builders, Masons." Thus the national colors spell out, by gematria, the name of the fraternity. The scroll in the eagle's beak, bearing the words E PLURIBUS UNUM (of many one) reminds him also of the unity which has made brothers of many.

That is one side of the Great Seal...the other is much more intriguing.

On the reverse, is the All Seeing Eye within a triangle surrounded by a golden glory. Besides the obvious Masonic significance of this design, it has a cabalistic value of seventy plus three plus two hundred, equaling two hundred and seventy-three which is the value of the phrase EHBEN MOSU HABONIM (the stone which the builders refused) familiar to all Royal Arch Masons. It is also the value of the Hebrew proper noun HIRAM ABIFF, the architect of Solomon's Temple and the principal character of the legend used in the Master Mason degree. The triangle is isosceles, formed by two right triangles having sides of five, twelve, and thirteen units in length, illustrating the 47th Problem of Euclid. The triangle also represents the capstone of the unfinished pyramid and reminds the Mason of the immortality of the soul and that in eternity he will complete the capstone of his earthly labors according to the designs on the trestle-board of the Supreme Architect of the Universe. The unfinished pyramid cannot fail to remind him of the unfinished condition of the Temple when tragedy struck down its Master architect.

The blaze of glory found on either side of the Great Seal cannot fail to remind the Mason of the Great Light in Masonry which is the rule and guide to faith and practice and without which no Masonic lodge can exist. It reminds him that only more light can dispel the pall of ignorance in which he stumbles until he enters the Celestial Lodge where all light is given.

Sorry if this was really long...but I wanted it known exacty where the correllation came from, and there it is. Hope that helped some of yall.

posted on Oct, 18 2004 @ 01:48 PM

Originally posted by sylverwyng
Okay, I don't know if anyone has actually studied up on why the conspiracy around the dollar bill great seal was ever linked to the Masons or the Illuminati in the first place...

Insert Copy and paste

Sorry if this was really long...but I wanted it known exacty where the correllation came from, and there it is. Hope that helped some of yall.

Can be read in full here among other places on the web.

The same text can also be accessed with the usual anti-Masonic drivel added at your favorite Masonic hate sites.

posted on Oct, 18 2004 @ 06:26 PM

Originally posted by Tamahu
Look at the pic near the top of this page: I didn't read the text on that web page so don't go saying how misinformed ...

For Freemasonary watch to be a totaly invalid site they sure do give some indepth well researched hodge podge on thier site. I almost thought they might actually be Masons for a minute there.
The article mentions the six pointed star throughout the history of the bible with scripture verses to back it up, hey that'll preach man . I had no idea the Bible was so full of those hints. Thanks Tamahu for a wonderful link. Thats the most interesting reading I've seen all day.

posted on Oct, 19 2004 @ 05:23 PM

Originally posted by NetStorm
Looks like in sign language it stands for "h" or a close proximity of....I'll keep looking

Actually American sign language for what Bush is doing is "Bullsh#t" and Clinton's sign is "I love You" Guess this don't help.

posted on Oct, 20 2004 @ 01:39 AM
Here is a FreeMason Site

explains the secret society and the dollar bill, among other thiungs

posted on Oct, 23 2004 @ 04:01 AM
Has anyone looked closely at the "olive branch" that the eagle is holding? I mean, really closely?

On a related note, it's been mentioned that many of the founding fathers grew hemp...

Just sayin'...

posted on Oct, 24 2004 @ 12:46 AM
If you want intelligent TRUTH about masons, and good debunking of the tripe posted by FW and other anti-intellectual hate sites, try:

The Truth

Don't just read the lies posted by the hatemongers, read the truth, unless you are afraid to see the truth...

posted on Oct, 26 2004 @ 08:46 PM

Originally posted by iamlucas
Yes Indred, it certainly is. Somewhere on the bill is also the words 'Novus Orto Seclorum', which is Latin for New World Order.

No actually, that would be novus ordo mundi

What is on the US dollar bill is novus ordo seclorum which is NEW ORDER OF THE AGES, an old motto of the Freemasons, and also present on the Great Seal of The United States Of America.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a 32nd degree Mason, was the one who put the Great Seal on the one-dollar bill.

posted on Oct, 26 2004 @ 10:03 PM

Originally posted by faiz
Here is a FreeMason Site

explains the secret society and the dollar bill, among other thiungs

This is most certainly not a Freemason site . It is an anti Masonic site.You will also note that this site content is a carbon copy of Freemasonry Watch.

The main aim of which seems to be to denegrate Ed King owner of If you check Ed's site you will find he supports his comments with evidence.

You may also wish to note that this site leads you to ADULT and GAMBLING web sites. I wonder why they want to do that, maybe it makes you a better person than a Mason ? or maybe they just make money from you ?

What do you think.

[edit on 26-10-2004 by billmcelligott]

posted on Oct, 27 2004 @ 12:25 AM

I see not pornography and gambling upon either page...

Besides, porn and gambling are only "bad" because that's what we've been taught. But that's a discussion for another topic.

But, yeah, that anti-mason site? don't like it. bunch of gullible fools. or people pretending to be gullible fools, anyway...

and I quote: "Apollo 13, the moon landing HOAX in 1969"

[edit on 27-10-2004 by Solasis]

posted on Oct, 28 2004 @ 04:54 AM
Hi guys,

Found this on the web:

Novus ordo seclorum
cannot be translated into
"new world order."

Seclorum refers to ages, centuries, generations. Sometimes at the end of prayers in Latin Bibles is the phrase: secula seculorum "forever and ever" (literally, "ages of ages").

Seclorum (a form of saeclum) is a genitive plural form of seculorum, saeculorum, saeclorum that could not properly be translated as "of the worlds."

In Classical Latin, "world" in the sense that it is used in the phrase "new world order" would be orbis terrarum/terrae (or sometimes terra alone), or mundus, or maybe tellus.

Don't know? Any opinons?

posted on Oct, 28 2004 @ 05:24 AM

Originally posted by Solasis

I see not pornography and gambling upon either page...

bottom of page , "business opportunties", then bottom of that page.

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