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ECS mind manipulation

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posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 11:17 PM
I have been tortured since 2004, and I need help.

Please try to spread this information to some other humans that can help me and others out.

Concerning Zeta Reticulian 1&2s (Greys), I have gotten some information on their invasion agenda.

ECS (Electronic Controls)
-Promina Centauri developed this 25 million years ago, so said this tormentor (black lion demon) Pahcah; named Igotah who is a demon who works for the Orion Empire.

Psionic (telepathic) to bioelectric mind control at the
aural, visual, cerebrum, cortexs to control their victims or puppets.

-They use sapphire crystals in the scalp, at the back of the head.
-They use 1 eyed Black triangles

Possible ways to remove these implants is to take the square like saphire crystals and shift them from 3rd physical density to 4th or 5th physical density so they can pass out the scalp. I think to get an object to 4th physical density you need to generate a EMWAVE at 520Mhz. This allows objects to pass thru objects at 3rd physical density.

The Shadow Government of the US government personal can goto 4th physical density I believe; and I see their jets fly by.

Anyhow, pass this information around and lets get our government back in control and not in the control of aliens. So the general population can get control of their minds, and not be in some trance.

I need help, I live on the West Coast of Canada; yep this country is even affected.

Thanks, Amen. (Also thanks to the Spirit of God for geting me thru this)

posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 11:35 PM
reply to post by alextron

How did you receive this info? Why were you tortured? Is there anything else of importance you can pass to us?

Can you give more info. about yourself and what you've been involved in?

Thanks for coming to ATS, we're sure you've got alot of info. to tell us and warn us about, if your serious that is......

posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 11:35 PM
can the implants be anywhere else besides the back of the head? and what type of torture have you been through?

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 12:12 AM
Tortured since 2004, basically they monitor the aural cortex, you know when you read a book, you have an internal mind voice, well they can read your mind and talk to it.

Basically, they torture the top of my cranium I guess by controlling my nervous systems.

It has been hell for the past few years, I'll tell you. I wanted to thwart their invasion plan.. 2016.. using the Raelian movement.... Rael is a zeta-human hybrid; if he got Xray at the scalp these crystals would probably show up.

These Zeta Reticulian have talked to me via telepathy; I'am telepathic. Well some of you might not believe this, but it is true I tell you.

And I see their spacecrafts and shadow government (US Military) planes fly over my house on a daily basis. They go at 4th or 5th physical density; and I see them. I have good spiritual vision; some of you might get activated when the coming great awakening happens.

hehehe, its like that movie "They Live".

Some of these Greys, have no choice but to do their duties. When I talked with Zira (a former White Zeta Commander of this district) that I'am in, she sort of told me what it is like to be part of their hivemind or collective telepathic matrix.. it seems they lack individuality (IAM), more the WE. I taught to accept both the WE and IAM.

In the Orion Empire; its like this....
"Obey or goto the abyss dungeons"

They are after souls, they take the souls and clone.

Soon they will probably leave, since they are exposed. But please keep in mind if you find some be easy on them, since alot of them could have been your recently passed away greatgrandparents in a cloned body.
Who knows? Its quite a mess, and from what I'm told this Orion Empire has been around for 5 Billion years and is fallen apart. There is war or major upheavels in the Orion Constellation now; so if you have a spacecraft I wouldn't advise going there.

I believe I was an old orion soul incarnate (6 billion years ago). I was in a little trouble with Elohim (I fought against them in an ancient war), and got my named cleared of Warcrimes. That orion empress she got me in trouble with them around 4billion years ago...stating "I was in the abyss universe capturing humans and drinking their blood".. Utterly false, I was never there according to soulmemory analysis. I went thru incredible torment cause of this by both spiritual light and dark for 2 years.

Right now, I'm just a 34 year old white male and live in Canada.

Just remember not every Orion or pass life orion is not spiritual dark; I believe quite strongly I'm a spiritual light being.

Thanks...amen... later

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 12:17 AM
So your being MK ULTRA'ed of sorts? Like some gov. or aliens are messing with your body via frequencies and stalking you Psychically?

Interesting story and info....

So you've just recently "awoken" to this?

In order to experiance all this as regular humans and to "see" the 4th and 5th density you call it, we have to learn to become spritually susceptible to whats around us? Can you lead us in the right direction? So the Raelian movement is not some crazy cult after all? I've never looked into them until now, interesting......

All in all, do you agree to say that Extraterrestrials are real, and some are here to help use humans and some want to hurt us? What else have these Reticulians told you? Is it something that can aid us?

Thanks for letting us know more.

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 12:27 AM
Don't trust them, they don't like humans; most of them are quite hostile to humans.

These beings, have underground bases and most cases under hospitals and they work along with Psychiatrist and they do mind manipulation experiments. Some of the shadow government know about them.

Reticulian 1s are younger - 2.8 billion years old
- No eyelids...usually 3 1/2 feet
Reticulian 2s are older - 5.2 billion years old
-Eyelids...same height
-They were created by the Old Orions (Blue Orions)

The Ancient Blue Orions (apparently I was one 6 billion years ago)
-usually when matured are 7'
-yellow eyes and not slanted.. like humans in many ways
-have red blood
-These ones are not too hostile to good humans, very shy, and secretive; however they don't trust humans that much.

I'm infavour of them to take back their Orion Constellation from the Orion Empire (lead by their leader(10' White Zeta Waspoid Empress who died around Jan 8th,2007).

This Empress lead a revolt against the Ancient Blue Orions and they took control; the Ancient Blue Orions left or retreated while in great shock that their creation revolted (happens alot in the Universe I guess).

These reticulians are somewhat civil, and I think alot of them are going thru a deep spiritual crisis; and were part of a totalatarian regime called the Orion Empire. One way to fight them, without weapons is to teach them to revolt against the Orion Empire and to accept Individuality more; that in the Universe both the WE/IAM, not just the WE.
Very oppressive society; "Obey or goto the abyss dungeons".
Its a long sad story for 5 billion years; and the Ancient Orions are trying to help the situation.

I personally, hope the human race that has been hurt by them don't try to go after the Ancient Orions. In this case I would kill the humans trying to do this; and they would be in error. Cause I do sypathize and love some of the Ancient Blue Orions.

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 12:32 AM
Interesting, thanks for posting. Are you an abductee still or has this stopped happening?

You mentioned the Orion group, which some other contactees have mentioned. What do you know of the other races that are "regressive"?

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 12:44 AM

and... is there anyway to prove this?

maybe some x-rays of your head?

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 12:45 AM
No, they never abducteed me. In fact these crazy aliens reject my DNA... I'm a hybrid... serbian-scottish... not pure. They seem to love Germans

Orion Group? I guess I'm part of the Orion soul group or an incarnate...

If some of you can help and investigate or talk to friends of your in high position of power; perhaps we can get something down to get this shadow government out of power and we get alot of the masses healed from these sick crystalline implants.

I basically, live in a house and in the back forrest I believe strongly they have a secret small underground base/bunker. The big question is how many do they have all over the planet earth, probably tons of them.

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 12:52 AM

Originally posted by alextron
No, they never abducteed me. In fact these crazy aliens reject my DNA... I'm a hybrid... serbian-scottish... not pure. They seem to love Germans

Orion Group? I guess I'm part of the Orion soul group or an incarnate...

You might find this person's information useful, since it's very similar to what you've experienced and what you're talking about.

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 12:52 AM
1. post pictures of where you think the bunker behind your house is

2. get xrays of your head to see if there are any implants and post the pictures here

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 01:23 PM
I just don't even know what to say to this type of thing anymore. I'm sorry this is happening to you. Whatever it is, I can imagine it sucks. Why are they directing all of this effort towards you? Were you someone important in the last lifetime or something?

I believe there is mind control happening at a mass scale, very bizarre exotic methods being employed, but I have yet to make that elaborate connection yet.

Rael is a Zeta/human hybrid mind control puppet, huh? Interesting twist.

I'd be interested to hear your whole story. Do you have a blog somewhere about what's happened so far since 2004? and how did all of this begin?

posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 12:32 AM
Well I moved close to a college and just my luck there is a underground base in the forrest at the back of my house.

Around 2004, they started to do alot of activity and I was one of the unlucky victims.

Apparently, yes something to do with past life and they are attracted to my soul.

Thanks to Galactic Law rules, I'am some what safe, but they are still tormenting and trying to drive me insane telepathically.

I hope some of you who read this try to get something done; perhaps some of us worldwide can find a way to remove these implants.

I'm also argue the case, that if Drunvalo Melchizedek who wrote the FlowerofLife book can goto 1st world or 4th density; then other humans can reach this level. I deserve to goto higher world and they still haven't let me.

There is 2 ways to reach higher world (or physical density)

-By the Spirit of God using the merkavah field, but he/she plans to do this in the far future for most humans on planet earth.

-Or by EMWAVE (bioresonance), this is what the Zeta Reticulians use this method. I was told that you need to go 520Mhz EMWAVE; carrier frequency, and they put a bioreason crystal near the visual cortex, some how they manipulate the Light Body(Aura) field in order to shift the flesh to a higher physical density.

We are Tri-party beings (Physical body - spirit body (light body) - soulbody)

Still no help as of yet.... I can only hope and pray... thanks for listening

posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 12:51 AM

Read up on that guy, he sounds similar to you.

Interesting, what you said about light and crystals , i finally put 2 and 2 together! LOL. So essentially, we humans are very susceptible to energy , either sound or spritual plama of sorts.

You have brought alot of evidence to this table; i hope many more on ATS can help you. I shall bump this thread tomorrow.

posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 05:48 AM
I have dealings with a lot of entities, some of them are Zeta. I'd like to know more about the way you communicate telepathically.

My experience is that I have better communication (technically, not the contents or quality of the conversation) at home alone than when I go out. As soon I'm with a lot of people (or just 1 who is very close to me) they almost disappear. Those are the times they "lose" me altough I always come back.

A very important thing I have learned is that you control the conversation or they fill it in for you using imagery and vocabulary that is within yourself. Either you choose a topic or they do it for you since you are in contact with them, if you don't then it becomes a nightmare.

A few things I've discovered in telepathic communication, you have to formulate every word and sentences have to refer to eachother in a linear format. So if I would say a simple thing like "that" it has to have the same content as that which I am referring to (as if "that" contains an entire sentence that was previously stated). So if you do not have a good way of using your memory a conversation might end after a couple of sentences.

As for exotic communication, I know there are groups active who speak as a collective, with the strongest telepath being used as the antennae, see it as a dish (antennae) in the middle the strongest telepath who is basically passed out mentally (because of all the communications going through his/her mind at the same time, frequencies) and people around that person that individually record and remember the conversation. Then there are operators that decipher the entire conversation after it has ended by accessing the memory of the individuals involved. Sometimes people being used for such communication might not even be aware of it but do their daily activities like doing the laundry (especially the outer telepaths, the weakest). Most of the times they are dileberately excluded from the conversation by rearranging their astral hearing/vision, chakra's). Sometimes beginning telepath's (there are many ways to "wake up") use such a dish or antennae without being aware they are using human's minds. They might meet entities when they wake up and those entities might paint a scenario for such a person that fits their own agenda. The person waking up is "seduced" to such a working scenario that is usually better than their own (the power play) not realizing they are being told an illusion. One popular scenario is the astral projecting, most people just believe it is their consciousness that leaves their body via a lightbody that experiences a new dimension, often exciting. How I see it is that they are often used to enter another's mind or being and while the experiencer is having a spiritual experience, the entities guiding the person through another being's mind can gain information about such a subject whom they might have trouble controlling (such person's often have a wonderful inner world). Sometimes at first persons who astral project are led by sexual scenario's (this is usually the easiest way to gain entrance to another's mind except monks or (spiritually aware) people that understand and can control their sexuality-very few).

It is very important to know as an individual that communicates that you make up your own rules (instead of a group's rules) so if you are convinced there is some treaty or intergalactic law and you use that against the entities you don't want to have around that want to communicate with you it will work. If entities choose a subject you don't want to talk about you can simply say "I do not allow that" and for some "I will never allow to discuss that". I happen to be very fortunate to have met entities that have taught me a way of dealing with unwanted entities by seeing it as a game; if entities (particularly demons/angels) start a conversation I don't like I only have to say "Withdrawn" and they forget what they wanted to talk about.

posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 06:17 AM
How an antennae is prepared is that someone who wants to learn more about spirituality meets the wrong kind of people that also are usually not aware of what they are doing (but believe they are). This is not a wrong thing except if such persons try and sell their belief (as a teacher/guru/preacher/swami etc.) and someone bought it, such a person might simply accept something as simple as telepathy in some time in their life from a person who had the wrong view on it (doesn't even have to have money involved). Sometimes there are more deliberate schemes such as a coven, sect or cult (or even simply "an organization" even business, "the wage-slave") created to (ab)use people's mind and energy for puposes that might conflict with their (universal/cosmic/soul) purpose. Those sometimes have spotters who take notice of people walking about in society that might be used and then the group a spotter is working for will start to use their routine from a distance (spells, curses, rituals, working on the chakra system). Spotters might take physical pictures or send telepathic images or plant an astral homing beacon (once I've encountered someone using a sniper rifle and considering the succeeding of planting the beacon in me as a moment of satori, then moving on to the next subject). What they do is force an intention in a particular area of your mind or energy field so it works against you. Then they start an infiltrate scenario. Sometimes it goes wrong and a potential candidate actually has a spiritual breakthrough. This might go on to alien contact such as your case but appearently you believe you as an individual are communicating rather than passing out (lapsed time) and even resisting such as trying to find a way to get them out of your mind by labeling the device (intention) and entry point as a crystal you can manipulate (very good :-) ). I would experiment with it, such as buy an amethyst crystal different in size and shape and experience what happens. It is very important that you try not to control the actual amethyst but accept the amethyst energy/frequency, best not to give it any content as they might use it against you. It might also be interesting if you would use different colored gems.

Centers of such antennae's might end up as schizophrenics once they start to hear all the voices of entities/people communicating through them. Sometimes they are discarded and being kept busy with lower demon's who learn how to enter a human's mind (the former center of the antennae becomes a demon training facility). Speaking from my own experience I see it as horror movies, the best way for me to deal with it. The worst movie I've seen is when there are demons that train mindcontrolling (or simply driving someone insane), when you have a thought (for example, you are aware you are thirsty, the desire to drink arises, then the memory is accessed where the drink is placed (and sometimes how you got it from the kitchen) they know it in a microsecond and say something like "(person's name) take that glass and drink" or worse, claiming they overtook you completely and tell you they were doing an activity (like groceries, a demon might jump in and say how it remembers getting those groceries). It might sound stupid at first but when they repeat it many many times it becomes very annoying and frustrating.

When I hear or see something (might be a vision or a hallucination, both rare because I don't allow them), I imagine it's just Hollywood sound and visuals, special effects added to my daily mundane life that used to be dull and uninteresting. The downside is trying to do something for myself undisturbed, as I haven't found the audio off switch yet.

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posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 08:57 AM
reply to post by alextron

I can not help but think you and I have more in common that our geographical location. Your plight and mine are similar. I am also a Canadian target, but my harassers are human. But it is my belief that much of the human technology has come from alien beings. The technology I am speaking about are directed energy weapons (DEWs) that are classified and unclassified. People in the targeted community have complained about voice to skull (V2K) for decades. In addition to V2K, targets have complained about our mind being read and the feeling that our perpetrators can see everything we see, like there is a camera in our head. I personally do not experience this, but a man in my city does. I am an activist in Canada, I am a moderator on an online forum for people who are harassed, stalked and experience much of what you are talking about, however, they do not think it is aliens who are targeting them, but humans.
Here is a link from a doctor who wrote a letter on the behalf of targeted Individuals in the world.
Here is another link about the weapons that are unclassified and that are used on us. However, we know that more than these weapons are used on us. We are target practice to see what the effects are on our body and what works to control the masses.
If want to contact me feel free to reach me at
I just want to add that I totally believe you.
debbie Newhook
Nanaimo, BC Canada

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posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 10:36 AM
About directed energy weapons. Are they used to control mass populations, such as Chicago and its suburbs, currently?

If so, do any of these devices use ultra high/ultra low frequency directed sound waves to induce states of discomfort or change moods?

I am currently experiencing some phenomena which I believe is a product of directed sound/energy weapons. I hear tones in my ears, and they sound very computerized/mechanical in nature, and they cause me to get really bad pains in my head, and then it's like someone switches an off button, and it turns off. This happens daily.

One of you mentioned Zetas using EM devices implanted in their brains to move to higher densities.

I have this theory that Zetas are almost always around in populated areas/ They stay in the higher "density" whenever they are around humans, but sometime young children, dogs, and even intuitive adults see their energy signature, and most of the time they can manipulate the human mind to see something else, such as their dog who's actually out in the yard, or the ghost of a dead relative, or an imaginary friend.

I also have this theory that the "closet monsters" some of us ex[perience when we are young are greys, either in their original form, or if that is not shocking enough to a child, they will use a hologram to make themselves look mor4e "demonic" or "monsterous".

But I've noticed that, for some reason, they do use closets a lot.

(Some of you may remember that guy who posted a couple of cell phone photos of a "grey's" head popping out of his closet)

And they like to stand and stare at you, sometimes getting uncomfortably close, and just staring. I've always had fears of things staring in at me through windows. Well lately, I know why. Because there ARE things staring in through the windows. These things, Zeta or not, are like parasites, leaching off our energies.

I'm of the opinion that these guys don't necessarily need their "bases" to be of a physical nature, unless they are in a collaborative effort with human, or "3rd density", beings.

So, in all reality, they could have little camps set up all around major cities and bigger suburban towns that we could never find unless we had the technology to locate them in the higher vibrational frequencies.

Does any of this ring true to people?

Oh, as a further note, my house was built in the late 60s, nobody has ever died here. Yet, my brother and sister used to swear there was the ghost of a little girl in the basement. I've never seen any ghosts, just mostly the sillhouettes of things that look "alien" to me.

Also, my brother an sistr used to tell weird stories to me and my mom about sometimes their toy robot would come to life and attack them at night, and they would think it was a dream, but they'd wake up and the toy robot would be at the foot of their bed when it was originally up in the closet... and a few other weird stories involving this creepy miss piggy bank statue that my mom made in the 70s.

Once I woke up (mind you, at this time nobody was living with us, just me and my mom) with the miss piggy beside my bed starinmg at me with a knife propped up to look like she was holding it, and it was the scariest moment I've ever had. I'm not sure if that was a screen memory or not, because I can't remember moving the piggy away or anything.

Ranting. Sorry.

posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 10:51 AM
Some strange things have been discussed by people who are targeted. In the TI (targeted individuals) community it is believed that the perpetrators (perps) of this crime can cause you to believe in your 'closet monsters', by using voice to skull or place other thoughts in your head. It is also believed that the perpetrators can make objects move like your toy robot, just to convince you that your thoughts of aliens do exist. The ultimate goal of the perps is to make you appear delusional should ever decide to talk about what is going on for you. However, I have an open mind and also do believe that we are not alone in this vast universe and your experiences could be just what you believe them to be.
Here is a link that might be of interest to you

Debbie Newhook

posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 11:09 AM
reply to post by indierockalien

"I am currently experiencing some phenomena which I believe is a product of directed sound/energy weapons. I hear tones in my ears, and they sound very computerized/mechanical in nature, and they cause me to get really bad pains in my head, and then it's like someone switches an off button, and it turns off. This happens daily."

You sound like you are a target individual like me. I personally do not experience this, but I do know of many TIs (target individuals) that do experience the Tinnitus. It is something that is used to drive us mad and yes very painful at times. We all have a unique electrical imprint, just like our DNA, and this is how they can target you. I have no clue how they can read our electrical imprint, all I know is that they can and they do mess with us. TI's in my network do not believe they are attacked by aliens, but do know that the government is behind what is going on with us.
Might I suggest that you try to play 2 or more radio/stereos/TV all at the same time all on different stations...I have a friend who uses two different meditation CDs and plays them simultaneously and she has reported that this helps.
I am sorry this is happening to you.

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