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Is Possession Real? - DID and Depersonalization

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posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 07:10 PM
I was diagnosed with Depersonalization roughly 3 years ago. It's where at times you feel like you are not yourself. Like you are watching yourself through a movie screen. You don't act yourself and you can't really gain control, or it feels like a dream. What's interesting is that I've read Psych. reports about how DID and Depersonalization are closely related. DID stands for Dissociative Identity Disorder (split personality). But mainly how they corelate with the experience shamans have when evoking spirits. I have taken note of some key elements.

When my depersonalization is triggered.
-It is night
-Seems to be related to where the moon is positioned. When there is no moon is when it seems to be strongest.

-Feels like I'm in a haze
-Pain sensors don't react
-Feelings of not in control

I was in contact with some hardcore Christians a year or so ago that said I needed to be exorcised. Is it possible that cases like these could be mistaken as DID and Depersonalization when they are demonic possession?

posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 08:27 PM
Perhaps. Alot has changed in the way the Catholic Church does things when it comes to demonic possessions and eorcisms.

Used to be, if you weren't acting right (by the council's measure), you must have been possessed, or tainted, in which case the elders would call in the priest to perform the exorcism. This, I don't think would have been a bad thing... alot can happen when someone believes in something strong enough; much like a faith healer, the victim could, in essence, want to be healed so badly, but believes that they are inflicted, and all it would take is to see someone care for them so much, and go through so much to cure them, that they cure themselves.

On that same token, the Catholic Church has weeded out its Rite of Exorcism from its book of spells (I know, wrong terminology, but hey, at least I call it as I see it) in, I think, the 1960's; the Church had come to embrace psycholgy and learned what it could do for the people that the Church couldn't.


The Church still recognizes three factors to determine a true possession, in which at that time they will act on behalf of the victim:

1. Speaking in an other (or a dead) language in which the victi would have had no experience / contact with.

2. Marked pain threshold when confronted with holy items / blessed or sacred items / Words of Power

3. Levitation

So, yeah, DID and Depersonalization could have been seen as possession. Hell, doctors drilled holes in the skull when people had headaches to get rid of the demons causing the pain!

But in recent history? I don't think so... especially when you need all three factors to determine a possession.

posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 10:45 PM
Possession is real, but not as common as most people believe. To possess a human is a long, involved process that involves oppression first. As a Christian, Paranormal Investigator and Demonologist, I wrote an article on this that might interest you. Excerpts of it are below:

Diabolic activity generally falls into three categories. Infestation, Oppression and Possession. The first, infestation, refers to those people who are harassed by a diabolic entity inside their homes. Oppression is worse. It's when an external attack occurs on a certain person. The entity will cause fatigue, depression, weariness and it can put on "shows" to frighten the person, such as shaking a person's bed at night while sleeping, verbally assaulting them or appearing to them in a frightening manner. The rarest and most serious of the three categories is possession. There is partial and full possession. Partial possession means a certain part of the body. Full possession means the entity takes full control of the person's body.

To combat demonic activity, there are three types of exorcisms that can be performed. The first is liturgical. The second is a private or simple exorcism in which any one of faith can order the entity to "be gone." The third is a "public" or formal exorcism. This type may only be carried out with authorization of a bishop and it may have to be repeated more than once.

In a recent case in which a homeowner had been plagued by demonic activity for the better part of 20 years, he asked, "Why do demons pick a particular person or place and stay for so long?"

The answer is not easy to explain. If you consider that there are millions and millions of people on this planet that never experience this type of phenomena, it tells you that there is a selection process that takes place. That being said, what makes a good "target"? Four things are to be considered.

1. The person or persons themselves.
2. The dwelling that they seek to possess as their own
3. The risk of being expelled or ousted.
4. Physical objects being brought into the home.

If you break the above four down, it goes like this:

1) Is there someone in the home that's opening the door? Did they use a Ouija board, and in effect, stick their hand blindly into the spirit realm? When that is done incorrectly, the hand can be latched onto by the wrong side. They could be practicing witchcraft or sorcery or worshipping gods other than the Creator? Are they committing acts that would be considered vile or criminal? Or, it could be a simple attraction by a demon that is attracted to a female living in a residence. Or, perhaps it's a female legionnaire that is attracted to a male living in a residence. They can also be brought back with someone from somewhere else. The person might have gone somewhere and were consequently followed back. Or, they could have been sent one by an agent of Satan. It might be from the top rung of the ladder, or all the way down to the bottom rung of the ladder and an all out hooded devil worshiper.

Maybe they are offended, or seeking to cause the person problems so they can move up in a job; or any number of reasons in which they might use Black Magic against them. Demons can also simply take a dislike to certain people. The person might have said something one heard and did not like. They (the demons) are like people. If they take a dislike to someone, it gets personal with them. They will remain where that person is and stay until they are either ousted or the person passes over.

2) Demons, many of them, want to be back on Earth as humans. At least those from the Biblical pre-flood days. They might try and fool you into thinking they are ghosts. Or, they might just harass you. Like Cosby said in an episode, "The kids want the house!" The demons might want your dwelling. It's rare, but it happens. Sometimes they also stay where a person has died. It might have been a murder, or suicide, or just a normal passing.

posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 10:46 PM

But they seek to fool people into believing they are that person. And some demons are lunatics - just like some people are. They will try to drive people insane because those demons hate humans. They blame them for the Judgment hanging over their heads. They seek revenge.

3) If the risk is low of being expelled, exorcised - ousted or whatever else might happen that would cause them to have to leave, then that dwelling is a safe bet to inhabit. There is sometimes no rhyme or reason for them picking certain individuals. But to correctly assess why they might have come there in the first place, all factors must be taken into account. If all else fails, it was a draw of the deck. The person's card got picked by pure chance.

4) Lastly, there is the chance of physical objects having demons attached to them. They consider that object their own. If you buy it, or someone gives it to you, the demon or demons go with it. If you destroy it, you are in BIG trouble with those demons. And concerning these types of demons, Satan considered them the most unruly of his lot. They want to do what they want to do, not what they are told. So, many times Satan lets them go their way. They still add fuel to his myths of demons being powerful. But, Satan has the power to pull them to him. Satan actually is less in power than he likes people to believe, but he's more powerful than his confederates.

The most important thing to know when faced with having to combat demons is that it's fear that is the most powerful weapon Satan and his demons possess. Coupled with the belief that demons can do harm to you and you are in for trouble.

In so many cases in which you read about demonic activity, those being harassed become afraid of the dark because they fear the evil they believe lurks there. In reality, that evil is present even in the daylight. But the very belief that they feel they are vulnerable is what gives the demons the opening they need to harass someone. To combat them, that fear should be shut out. But, there is healthy fear also. It is fear generated from the natural instinct to survive. For example, you hear a window shattered in the middle of the night. That fear that you feel is for your safety. That is the difference. It is a different kind of fear. The other fear is generated by the mind, and it is a fear of the unknown of the spiritual world. That is the fear that Satan and his demons are permitted to work off of. It is not a healthy fear. It's detrimental.

Something else about this type of fear is that the demons can literally smell it. It is their cue that a person's mind's door is open to attack. Under the Creator's Rules, it gives them the right to enter your presence of mind. During that period, they can and will test you. It can be lengthy, which is why it's so important to shut out that type of fear. Don't provide the very thing the demons can and will use against you. The fact that Satan is powerful, but limited as to how he can use those powers, gives reason enough to keep the door closed to him. With the door closed, he is powerless; otherwise, he is very powerful.

It is best for a person under attack to do their own prayer for help. Whether intervention will help to end the demonic attack is determined by many factors. If the person committed a grave sin such as murder, and they are not really repentant, then no aid will be given. In addition, the severity of the test is determined by the Creator. Only He knows all of the reasons for permitting a long drawn out test. However, even a prayer of intervention is better than no prayer at all.

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 03:33 PM
I've been "possessed" for a split second before i actually felt the spirit enter my chest like a burning sensation and i forced it out through my back in the fetal position because i did not fear what happened, but afterwards i felt dirty like a residue left behind residual energy. I have healed 5 cases of skitzophrenia with sitting down with the god believing person having them address the possessee and rebuking it in the name of God and ask to be cleansed in the blood of christ.

posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 10:57 AM
I don't accept DID as if there are multiple personalities inhabiting a single body. It is rather several entities/spirits/ghosts/demons that are drawn to a single individual and have a stronger personality that the individual is overwhelmed by, such an indidivual may act like one of the spirits surrounding him or her. It can be like small indidivual traits such as the way they laugh, use of words to worser cases such as emotional reactions. It is simply a person who is naturally very aware of the living and the spirit world, physical and non-physical beings.

In your case:
"When my depersonalization is triggered.
-It is night
-Seems to be related to where the moon is positioned. When there is no moon is when it seems to be strongest. "

It appears you have learned as a child like many people only in the dark things may happen that you can't control (because you can't see something coming). How that (feeling of loss of control) relates to the moon is maybe because at some point in your life you read about moonphases and how it affects us in relation to the spiritworld (maybe full moon/werewolve stories, might just be a story about magic or horrormovie).

Instead of an approach to demons such as being expelled, exorcised - ousted, I choose to teach them about themselves and how they got to become demons. If you get rid of them, someone else will encounter them (it is not a permanent solution, history will repeat itself). I treat demons as a part of the entities called ghosts, there are many different types for me.

As I see them they are either former sorcerers, witches, persons whom attained a high degree of spiritual understanding at some time in history and had done a lot of things in the world. I see demons as ghosts manipulated into a demon (hypnotizing and programming a ghost) by someone practicing black magic to do their bidding (living master/slave relation) such as attack and protection, communication or simple things like sexual activities. Sometimes the magic doesn't end when the living master passes on and in really bad cases the relationships continues into the beyond and may be summoned today. Hell descriptions like eternal fire or being tortured in a painful manner, this is a mental kind of torture that can even interact with the living for a long time.

They can also be for the good of people; in that case an entity might be reborn into a living person who has trained for it and prepared to exist with an entity (a symposis), I believe certain yogi's and monks do that. Wether or not it is acceptable to allow a young child be drilled mentally for the sake of carrying such an entity around all their life is a different matter.

When there is an attack by objects it is usually either a demon that can convince someone they can claim it (and then they will) or it is simply a foreign demon that can identify with an object (I've had this with Asian books/souvenirs). It's not really attachment but an entry to your self, an influence in your home that can attract the good and the bad.

"And some demons are lunatics - just like some people are. They will try to drive people insane because those demons hate humans."

Some are just former mental institution patient who had presences around them (but didn't understand). They will drive you insane just by sharing their delusion that continues into beyond. If they were Christian they would have Christian influences manifesting in their delusion (such as visions of the western type of demons).

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posted on Dec, 25 2007 @ 06:56 PM
I don't know I was just wondering. I don't believe in this theory obviously. I was just diagnosed 3 years ago because I had done drugs and had an episode. And now everyonce and awhile I feel alittle hazy and strange like twice a month. I dunno they just said it was Depersonalization. I'm 20 now, this was when I was 17.

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