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Patriotism is not denying ignorance. a response to the 9/11 forum.

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posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 05:47 PM
Why is it so bad to be Anti American? err lemme put this into a better phrasing. Why is it so bad to be anti-patriotism?

Why to we have to lovingly support the country we were accidentally born in?

The reason the "official story" side of everything, especially 9/11, is winning is because people believe it's so important to support their place of residence and their established state of mind, and something like this 911 conspiracy shakes the very foundations of America because it means that our founding fathers didn't get it right, left loopholes there on purpose, They were smart guys. They knew what this would evolve into. They even warned us after the fact. "Look, uhhhh, this system isn't so perfect. Watch out, even though we know you won't because we counted on that. We're just saying this because we can. Because people will not pay attention."

Simple fact is, people, America as an idea is a wonderful fantasy that had collapsed as a reality long long ago, and the reason there are so many prestigious and qualified people making detailed studies that support the official version of this 9/11 business, and other businesses, is because consciously or subconsciously, they want it to be the truth, and therefore they can find all the evidence in the world showing their theories to be correct because of the preconcieved notion that this country would never do thgat to it's citizens.

Well, if we're so compassionate as a nation, then tell me why hundreds of thousands of people die at the hands of our war machine? People are people, and the same cold blooded killers arranging these wars in other countries are perfectly clever enough and capable enough of killing a few thousand of it's own citizens in an overpopulated garbage dump of a city... because to them, an Iraqui civilian, an American civilian, makes no damn difference. They will take your lives just as quickly and thoughtlessly as they take huge chunks of your hard earned wage, because they are criminals of the worst kind.

It doesn't take an expert to see what happened on that day. It takes untainted vision. It takes someone who is willing to consider the notion that MAYBE just MAYBE patriotism and American pride and all this horse crap that people hide behind is completely poisoning our minds. Maybe America is just another religion.

And maybe it's the worst of them all, because we have PROFESSIONALS and EXPERTS unable to use their own eyes, their own basic concepts of how natural laws work that we learn in elementary school, because they wanna support some official story that obviously has a massive cover up working in its favor! I mean, it's public record and undeniable fact all the lies about almost all other subjects pertaining to the lead up to and the aftermath of 9/11... so why all this denial about 9/11 itsself?

Because it's one thing for people to be suspicious of something being wrong. It's a whole 'nother ballpark to actually open up to the KNOWLEDGE of something being wrong.... and look man, all you gotta do is wake up every morning in this nightmare of a society to be able to spot out what is wrong here!

What happened on 9/11 was not right. I am no expert, but what is it gunna take to get people's minds wrapped around the concept that this is so OBVIOUS that it is scary... and the fear of how wrong it seemed has made many many many otherwise very credible and honest people lie to themselves in the most subliminal way, and therefore, every bit of research that these otherwise very credible experts put forth is biased... based on the unconscious NEED to believe that the foundations they have been nurtured in since they were born still hold.

This isn't an issue of physics and proof anymore, but rather it is an issue of just getting over all the psychological poisoning all of us have been victim to since the day of our birth... and until the day comes where you break that barrier... it's just not gunna sink in.

I've researched both sides of the story, and it has been a very emotional trip, to say the least...

and the simple truth is being buried under a jumbled mountain of facts and figures coming from every different angle you could think of...

and nobody is agreeing to disagree.

Nobody is just looking at what has happened as a result of this and going "Oh wow, yeah something went horribly wrong, and we got duped majorly by a bunch of liars."

There's the truth. It's a fight of what's morally right VS what's morally wrong, not whether buildings fell because of this or that.

This is all so god damned rediculous. Take your patriotism, burn it, and look at this miserable society that has become of it all.

"America the beautiful" and "We live in a messed up society"
contradict themselves. Which is it? Is it beautiful, or is it messed up? and if it IS messed up, than how can we continue to support a system and it's lies that keep making it worse? How can we continue to hide behind a namesake? How about humanity, the beautiful? No better yet, how about Earth, the beautiful?

No, we can't say that yet, because we're for the most part still stuck on America is so great, and I got a job and wife and kids so oh well mode, and look how much better we have it here than there mode.

Who gives a flying pig arse why the buildings fell?

We've got a global plague of religion and patriotism to deal with.

If you're offended by anti-religious statements or anti-patriotism statements, don't be. That's the first rediculous mistake we all make, is taking pride in things that aren't really representative of us as humans. Taking pride at being separate and stubborn and dictated by different sets of man made rules written by someone else and force fed to us from birth.

Skeptic Overlord.... please just close the 9/11 forum. It's doing more harm than good.

Nobody is going to ever get anything soled and agreed upon in this forum.

It's just a big stalemate that makes this entire site just that much more bitter towards each other.

In it's place, put like maybe a global awareness/consciousness forum.

This site, as it's slongan implies, should do ALL that it can to support the denial of ignorance.

The way it's going, I see this influx of people who are just being given free reign to rejoice in their embracing of ignorance. I mean, look, you have a weapons/military forum that whether meant to or not, indirectly supports murder, war and violence. That's just one example of how this site indirectly supports ignorance.

Honestly, I dunno what you can do about any of this.

Until humans as a whole decide to stop caring about ignorant, opressive, discriminating ideas, we're going to continue on a downward spiral.

I am so frustrated at the ignorance, and honestly being here on this site sometimes makes it worse. We have a whole community that's slogan is "Deny Ignorance" and yet mostly, the exact opposite is happening here.

I'm just frustrated as heck, man.

After a few months of being here, I am not satisfied with the mentality I see here as a whole.

People who have relevant opinions, lots of them which I've seen on here, get overlooked in favor of people who wanna argue about facts and figures all day.

To be fair, I have found that the paranormal boarduch different. There is so much more compassion, and outward thinkers, and tolerance and respect, that I wonder.... all of these people who live in a paranormal world, are we just crazy?

Is compassion and heightened awareness and thinking outside the box crazy?

Do we have to have degrees in order to gain compassion from the rest of this forum?

Why can't people listen to a little free advice, no matter who the messenger is?

I mean, feeling separated in world views feel like the conspiracy to me!

There's one world, yet there is only one species on this Earth that does not work in harmony.

Are we a freak of nature? Is this just nature's miserable mistake?
I dont buy it.

posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 05:53 PM
Sorry, this is more of an aimless rant. I just didn't know where to put this....and it was originally started as a response to a 9/11 post.... and then I realized just how idiotic even trying to post in any of the 9/11 threads has become.

posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 09:26 PM
Well, for starters. Most of what I believe comes from what I've experienced and I guess that 6th sense we all have concerning truth. I believe in the paranormal, but I'm not one of these yahoo's that takes a camera into the woods, randomly snaps a bunch of pictures and then tries to find "Woodland Spirits" or elves or orbs or whatever kinda crap in them. I look at evidence and try to figure things out from what I know in my heart and my head to be true. I'm a Christian, but I'm not a blind follower of men who say "They are giving me a word from God", the bible warns about these people, they're called "False Profits", they look like truth, but there fruits, there actions say otherwise, it's sad to see so much ignorance in the Christian community, I recently saw a thing on the news where these people were worshiping "I 35" yep, that's right, the interstate road I 35.

Sadly, this is the mostly easily deceived community, deceived by the rightwing conservatives.
On the flip side the rest of the world that is'nt deceived by the republican party is deceived by the democrats.

The truth is there is no democrats or republicans, it's just a mask put on by the real gov to keep us busy fighting with each others so we are so consumed with hatred towards each other and putting so much energy into that, that we are unable to see that we are rats in a maze and the ones who try to get out are unable to because we have a lesser number and if we had the greater number on our side, we would be able to change things, but alas, we are too consumed by the lies to see the truth.

Fear, Disinformation, Lies. This is what makes up our actual government, not this fake, fantasy, straw government that we've been told is truth.

Yes Patriotism is a religion, I serve Yeshua, YHWH, not Government, USA.


posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 10:21 PM
I hope I didn't offend you at all. I don't think Christians as a whole, nor any religion, nor any national body as a whole is made up of bad people for the most part. Like this board, like skeptics, like believers.... the majority are always mostly decent people... and see that's why I don't get why all these mostly decent people get so blinded as to support killing and war and discrimination. I don't get why I nought into it either. I was always a very smart kid growing up. Why did I fall for it all? Why did I think we were doing the right thing when we invaded Iraq back in 2003?

Ya know? It's astounding what televiosion can do to your mind, even just the smallest dose.

I am just as frustrated at myself for not seeing the horrible things that are being done in the name of the majority sooner.

So... I dunno where I was going with this whole thread. Just... I don't even think stupidity is such a good word. Naivety.

Naivety is now at an all time high, ever since 9/11. It seems almost like 9/11 caused like PTSD in the whole of America, and people just were so shattered by it that they automatically just bought every bold faced lie hook line and sinker, and as anyone with post-war syndrome or who's been a victim of sexual abuse... it's like.... we were raped and now we don't know why we behave the way we do, but we do it without question because we just don't know about the stress because we had to bury it so quickly and get back on with our lives almost immediately after all of this happened. So we never got a moment to grieve and to take in the whole thing and to just comprehend what had just happened to us. I remember they made a huge deal about it and turned the TV on and totally just devastated everyone at our high school for about an hour, and then we just went right back to normal like nothing had happened. We didn';t even really discuss it the rest of the day, or really much at all.

So... I think the country doesn't even know that's it's covering a deep scar with denial.

I think most people, no matter what profession, no matter the height of their intelligence, just feel better about complete denial. I dunno. I haven't decided how great truth feels myself. Sometimes, it feels liberating, and other times, it just makes me wanna crawl into a small hole and stay there for a long time.

posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 10:34 PM
Don't worry bro, ya didn't insult me. Yeshua is all about love, truth and selflessness. Hardly any of those times of people exist now. Feed the hungry, heal the sick, give to the poor and more are now replaced with convert or die, money is god and follow the sheep to the slaughter. The exact opposite of what Christ taught.

The all mighty GOVERNMENT says "f your a true Christian then you are a patriot" sad, sad, sad world we live in guys.

You can't serve 2 masters.

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