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New UK magazine : Alien Worlds

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posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 05:24 PM
Stuart Miller, a British ufologist, has announced that a new newsstand print magazine is coming in February 2008 - called "Alien Worlds".

According to Stuart, "Alien Worlds will take a much broader approach to the subject of extraterrestrial life and will encompass astrobiology and SETI as well as the phenomenon of UFOs/UAPs and the origins and development of life here on planet Earth".

The first issue will appear on UK retail sale on February 8th 2008 and apparently will also be available in a "number of other European countries", Ireland, Greece, Poland, Sweden, Israel, Norway and Austria.

The magazine has a website here.

That websites includes an article by Stan Friedman which gives details of his new book ("Flying Saucers and Science"), due out in June 2008. That article includes the following:

"My new book Flying Saucers and Science will cover in depth the answers to such questions as “Is there really any evidence that some UFOs are Alien Spacecraft?” and covers the large scale scientific studies that the debunkers seem consistently to avoid. It will deal at length with the question of whether interstellar travel within our local galactic neighborhood is feasible. I will, of course, draw on my own work as a nuclear physicist working on nuclear airplanes, fission nuclear rockets, fusion nuclear rockets, and nuclear power plants for space applications. I am making the case for definite major efforts on the part of the US government to cover up the facts and misdirect the press and scientific communities with lies and half truths. There really is a Cosmic Watergate."

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