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A Woman's Point of View

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posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 02:41 PM

….“However, it is much easier for most people to do and risk nothing rather than acknowledge that the existing non-constitutional form of government in the United States no longer represents the best form of self-governance ever devised by man. It is easier to live the life of a slave than to admit that Americans have created a living hell that is both tyrannical and evil. It is easier to live a comfortable lie than face and ugly and unpleasant truth….” Lee Parker

Compelling, to say the least. Yet, I know not where to start. For I am meek and lowly and most importantly.....broke.

If you find time, follow the link above and read the whole of what Lee Parker had to say.

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 12:32 AM
The man is just ranting. He makes broad statements with no explanation, reason, or proof. When he says America has become unconstitutional, he doesn't specify what he means.

And since when is America hell? If America is such a terrible place, why do so many people risk there lives and the lives of their family to get here where they'll live mediocre lives and work crappy jobs and have tons of people that hate them? Isn't that saying something, that many people consider a life here worth all that?

Yes, our government has been corrupted, and yes, immorality has become common, but the average person still believes in what is written in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

People do have the power to change the government, but what would this man have us do? He scoffs at protesting, writing letters, making phone calls, etc. So what then? Bombings? Assassinations?

You can't save a country by destroying it.

This is what I see so often, people who are outraged, but don't know what they are outraged about. People who want to change our country and demand that anyone who is a true patriot should do the same, but doesn't tell how we're supposed to change it if letters, protests, and phone calls don't work.

There was never a revolutionary who wasn't a leader. This man and so many like him aren't revolutionaries; they are ranters who do nothing but drown out the voices of people who have ideas deeper than 'America is bad' and who have ideas for change.

Knowledge is our saviour. Knowledge can overthrow any government, incite change, and spark revolutions. What does this man teach us? What knowledge do we get from him? Nothing. None.


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