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what happens when you have dirt on Clinton?

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posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 08:22 PM

I agree that the Klintons are murderers...maybe not directly, but it's not a coincidence that there are many bodies in the ground because of their lifestyle choices...and the money they take from left wing political special interests that will go to any extreme to push their agenda.

Yes, it is about politics, and which party is in charge in the Oval office and Congress. Any dirty tricks that the right is involved in was learned from the left. They RULE evil.

The President has protected my family, and yours, since 9/11. Not sure how much longer that will last, because those that HATE the current occupant of the white house are trying, in their last gasp, to bring down anything good that he can claim for his legacy.

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 11:33 PM
The snopes rebuttal is nothing but words.
a whole lot of justification. they have disabled
cut and paste (can't make it easy for their detractors)
I jumped half way down the page and randomly plucked this one

Kathy Ferguson committed suicide because her relationship with her boyfriend had fallen on hard times so instead of leaving she killed
herself. and they say it's not unusual for a woman to pack her bags
and leave but then change her mind and commit suicide instead.
what? on what planet is that not unusual.

they claim there is a lack of evidence to support many of the claims.

well duh, thats the point you kill the person and remove the evidence
they had, if you kill a black mailer or investigator you take the evidence
they had thats the whole point

reply to post by Majic

posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 01:14 AM
reply to post by Ancrom

I like that though. I mean, it's humorous to me. These skeptics point to "no signs of foul play" or "no conclusive evidence" as reasons for some of these deaths being purely coincidental. They act as if the people who are responsible for these murders would leave tell-tale signs that they were in fact murders, as if these evil men are new to the game. If they are what the conspiracy theorists say they are, then you're never going to find a smoking gun that implicitly indicates those responsible for the deaths.

posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 05:12 AM
reply to post by UnbiasedObservations

So what you're saying is Clinton is a mastermind serial killer?

I guess his defense would be "That all depends on what your interpretation of killing people is"

- Con

posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 07:28 AM
Your question...'What happens when you have dirt on Clinton'

i must be reading the question differently than these other responders,

i take your meaning as a -> What If, i have dirt and i want to be a whistleblower !?

I think one would take the info to the States' Attorney General
where the crime, infraction was committed.
It would be a personal decision if you wanted to remain anomyous
and just had an Attorney hand deliver the documents outlining the
alleged 'crime'/'dirt'. - or just send your taped deposition to the
proper authorities... and let it go.

Or, depending on how determined you are to see Justice,
you or someone that has 'dirt' can do just what Sybel Edmonds is doing now,
by becoming a very public 'whistleblower', she is in a very real way protecting herself from one of those "Accidents" that have befallen
all those others you listed in the OP

posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 03:38 PM
Actually, if you have dirt on politicians (major dirt) the last place you would want to take it is to the authorities. Not the FBI, Not the police... you would make the information available to everybody via some other means.

FBI and the Police are structured to handle sensitive material all the way to the top, at which point you can expect to end up like another person on the hitlist.

I think most of us know that though...

posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 04:21 PM
reply to post by manbearpig

here is another site that list clinton's body count.

posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 09:55 PM
reply to post by Buck Division

Back to the death of Vince Foster again...

I did a search of ATS and am surprised that members haven't explored this weird case in more detail. I don't see a lot of references in other ATS threads that give the death of Vince Foster the attention it deserves -- especially pertinent this election cycle.

Here is an interesting repository that discusses evidence of a cover-up in the strange death of Vince Foster, including many links to original evidentiary documentation.

In particular, I was interested in handwriting similarities between Vince Foster's alleged suicide note, found here, and a sample of Hillary Clinton's handwriting, found here. It looks very similar, leading me to the obvious speculation as to whether all or part of Vince Foster's suicide note was forged, possibly by Hillary Clinton herself.

Also disturbing is all of the alleged intimidation of witnesses during this investigation. Yeah -- again I know that Kenneth Starr ruled this as a suicide -- but there was so much obvious ineptitude by Kenneth Starr I would not be surprised if he made a mistake or two (or more) and I don't think many people will dispute me on that one point.

Please take a quick look at the above links, and make your own decision. There is a lot to this particular story.

posted on Dec, 24 2007 @ 01:54 AM
reply to post by NewWorldOver

TextThey managed to kill the last hopeful Kennedy in a 'plane crash' so as to avoid his unstoppable candidacy for president. Seems like there are a cabal of these people who were intent on killing all the Kennedys before they could take office

Hi New,
Ah... If you're talking about John. He quite clearly killed himself and others due to poor piloting. He couldn't read his plane's instruments. Not a good thing when you are flying IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) and in the clouds! A few more hours of training before he tried that water crossing in the clouds might have saved him. Poor judgement on John's part.

posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 03:01 PM

Originally posted by plumranch
Ah... If you're talking about John. He quite clearly killed himself and others due to poor piloting. He couldn't read his plane's instruments. Not a good thing when you are flying IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) and in the clouds! A few more hours of training before he tried that water crossing in the clouds might have saved him. Poor judgement on John's part.

Yeah, that and he turned his fuel off in-flight. Yeah, that was definitely due to inexperience.

Read up, don't just believe the official story.

From the great Jim Marrs, posted right here on ATS:

JFK Jr. had announced to close friends he was planning to enter politics and run for the Senate from New York but he had not made this public. This, of course, would have placed him head to head against Hillary Clinton, who just announced she was going to run for the New York Senate seat. Since, Hillary was the first American First Lady to attend the secretive Bilderberg meetings, she obvious was the choice of the New World Order gang. Against this backdrop we learn that JFK Jr, by all accounts an excellent pilot who had always flown with an instructor in previous flights, sudden flew alone that night, got lost and dove into the sea. However, an early Coast Guard press release stated the FAA had last heard from him when he was 13 miles out on approach to the airport. This means he was not lost and was descending for a landing. Moments later, his plane dropped off the radar screen and was not recovered for two days despite the fact that the type of aircraft he was flying had an emergency transponder. Something caused his plane to lose altitude very rapidly. And according to the National Transportation Safety Board’s investigation report, the fuel switch on his plane was in the “off” position. Was he assassinated? The evidence to me indicates… most assuredly. How remains a mystery.

ATS thread


[edit on 26-12-2007 by Dr Love]

posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 03:05 PM
what happens when you have dirt on Clinton?

Whatever you do, don't say anything to Linda Tripp.

posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 08:18 PM
Do you really think the Clintons have anything to hide?
Their whole lives have been lies and misrepresentations.

Chelsea, Who's your daddy?

posted on Dec, 30 2007 @ 07:03 AM

That comes as a surprise to me, considering The Kennedys were Russians as well. Why would they put two Russians neck to neck in Newyork, unless they really wanted Newyork for something? 911 maybe?

Hillary wanted to be the 9-11 goddess.

Hillary is no dam builderburger, you have to be German.
Or that new thing "European Union"

Which will be the first group to detonate a nuke against the United states.



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