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Series of dreams: Part One

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posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 01:44 PM
Yo, i wasnt quite sure where to post this so i will in here! Feel free to correct me.
I've had some very odd dreams recently, and i really want to discuss what they might mean. So please tell me what you think!
I also would like to remind that these are 100% genuine.. i dont make this stuff up!
I write most down very quickly, so please excuse any mistakes. Enjoy!

Eerie Rock Climbing, Piers/Fears and Haunted 'schools'
I was rock climbing in a desert like place, possibley Australia or a part of Asia,
with Aubrey. The object we wanted to climb was part of a huge collapsed statue,
it appeared to be he lots of spheres moulded together, sort of like an atom.
there were small spheres rising from the surface of object, giving a grip for climbing.
It was about the size of a tree, and came down low, making it hard to start climbing.
there was a long piece of rope, suspended from one end of the object and the other
end floating, with a brown sack suspended from the floating end.
We wished to climb up, scale the rope and get into the sack, it was a challenge.

I tried several times to scale the object but failed, faily back down.
I suggested we use foot support objects (made of metal, black) which we can stick into
the hard rock object (somehow, with ease). We did this and Aubrey tried, getting to the
top. I tried aswell, but fell once more, abit further. Aubrey reached the rope, and
clambered across it slowly, while i cheered him on. The floating rope seemed very stable.
He got into the sack and i got out a polaroid camera, to take a picture.
Aubrey widened his eyes as i took the photo, pulling a silly face.
When i looked at the developed photo, it was significantly darker, and strangely enough
Aubrey was not present inside the sack.

We departed for a certain place in England, possibly Gosport? On a small aeroplane.
The Aeroplane had red stripes along its wings and body, and could float on water.
We landed at a pier, and we got off.
It was terrible weather, grey skies and plenty of rain, typical english weather.
I found a small newsagent like shop, coming off a pier onto the sea with an extended
boardwalk going over the sea, it rocked uneasily as approached the shop.
I remember seeing the magazine called "Happy Animals" a childs magazine, it cost £1.
Strangely enough, i felt i needed to buy this, partly because of its reasonable price.
As i went to fetch the others (Aubrey, a pilot and several others i cant name) i returned
to find that the queue had grown ridiculously. It was now packed with dangerous looking
2ndary school teenagers, moslty in black puffer jackets and flat caps.

I reluctantly joined the queue, feeling nervous as to whether to pick up the magazine
or not. My friends stayed in the queue as i decided it wasnt worth the tremendous wait.
I went to explore the pier and came across several food shops.
I once again returned to the pier-shop and the queue had died down abit. The queue was
now made up of younger children, perhaps late primary school students.
I pushed my way to the front of the queue, hoping they wouldnt notice.
I purchased a packet of 'Refreshers(?)' and left the magazine, wanting to get out hastily.
I stumbled up the stairs to the exit out (stretching around the queue) and as i tripped
the school children laughed, however i took it lightly and smiled.
At this time i saw myself, wearing my brown hoodie and black trousers, with schoolbag.
As i walked further along the exit i heard the commonly-heard jeering of "pillhead"
and "grunger".

I returned to find my friends by the plane, eating, i quickly gathered some food too.
There were 2 food shops, directly opposite each other. The one next to our plane
sold squid/ocotpus on a wooden steak, in sweet/sour sauce with rice + veg.
The larger shop was opposite, selling a range of curries. I only ever bought from the
smaller shop, having a vice for squid.
At this point .... (cont)

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posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 01:46 PM
it was late at night, STILL raining, lights illuminated the pier giving
a more intimate feel.
We soon departed after shoveling down our hot food.


Tokyo? Somewhere in Japan, or possibly elsewhere.
I was now with a large tourist(?) group and all i can remember is cut into a tour
we were doing inside a large, dark, cave-like structure.
We came to a large photograph on the wall next to a red door, it pictured several
japanese school children sitting at a table and a school teacher. Our tour guide
explained that inside was an old school, but it was (abandoned? frozen in dust?)
and the children + items could be viewed in pristine, still condition when inside.
I was eager to go inside and see, me and the group stepped in and found a white-walled
laboratory like place. None of us expected a room like this.
There were no school children or anything, but some workers in lab-coats wandering around
with test-tubes and other pieces of equipment. The window frames were red, apart from
that mos things were white. Toilet cubicles were lined along the side next to the door
and a room with a window opposite (someone was inside working).
We walked cautiously down the long room, to find it let back into the cave structure.
The ceiling was raw rock, like the cave, the walls were still paved white with tiles.
There were several light switches to illuminate the rest of the complex('school')
But many were too afraid to turn them on.

As we hung around inside wondering what was going on, i had a flash vision of a
school boy going into one of the cubicles. It was in black and white.
The boy went inside, and took a piss, but looked under the cubicles to see another pair
of feet standing in another cubicle. "Whos there?" he shouted, scared.
After no reply, he stood on top of the toilet so that the other entity would not see
him. He ran out of the cubicle to the red exit door, and tried to escape, but he was
grabbed by something and pushed away (?).

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posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 01:49 PM
It had been explained to me by someone (most likely the tour guide) that the school had
recently been bought and built over by another company (Yahoo? Yakult?). I immediately
had a feeling that the place would be baring a curse or otherwise.
This made me wonder whether the vision i had was in the present or back in the times
when the school was active, seeing as in the vision the cubicles were the same as in the
new complex, i now feel it may have been from the present.


I went off to an internet cafe to do some research on the place i had just been to, the
cafe was located very near the place.
As i entered, i noticed the cafe was packed full of people. I sat down at a computer and
logged on. After a minute or two i noticed very loud music coming from behind me,
along with loud moans. I turned around to see a man in his late 50s watching
pornographic videos on his PC. This disturbed many other customers, turning around to
see what was going on. The woman next to him was particularly displeased, she had long
brown hair and glasses. As i glanced i saw that some people in the videos were
slightly deformed, one i noticed had ribs petruding from his back. The man just smiled
taking no notice of the fact that he was making us feel uneasy.

BEFORE THIS i was aware that people were planning to have a party at the same place,
i felt unsure about this but let them plan as i went to research. The main organiser was
a woman resembling the popstar 'Mutya Buena'.
As i returned, through the entrance i noticed a very very old woman, hobbling along into
the 'school' complex. I walked quickly over to the table where it was absolutely
abundant with food and drink. I took my designated seat, which i somehow knew.
i saw an asian man opposite me, fairly drunk, i shouted at him "IS THAT MY BEER?"
He said "YEAH it is, im sorry, have one of these sweet+sour prawns in return"
i ate it and recognised the sauce from the shop i ate at from the pier!
I looked over to see that the school complex now resembled something of a home, with
2 door/windows wide open looking onto a lit pier (very familiar).
The very old woman i saw was now sitting down at the table, next to a man and woman who
must have been in their late 30s or early 40s. The woman said to me "its my mother!"
However i knew this woman was an apparition, and as they tried to help her drink water
out of a glass, the water went straight through her body, wetting the chair he was on.

At this point, flesh-stripped 'zombie' appeared in the complex, and i knew things were
starting to go wry. He walked over and bit someone on the neck, pulling a long piece
of flesh/organ from their neck. My dog (max) leapt onto the monster and brought it to the
floor, as he ate it i commented "He needs the muscle anyway". I noted that Max started
to bear resemblance to the ReBoot dog character.

After this, my dream flashed to the 'landlord', owner of the place storming down to see
what was going on. I looked around to see the state of the place. It was littered with
food and other trash, but it wasnt half as bad as i expected. The landlord thought
differently, saying "i have never seen so much mess in my life, clean it and i will not
evict you(?)"

At this point, i believe i woke up and the most graphic dream of my life ended.


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