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Kissinger and Rockefeller Connections to CIA and the Origins of AIDS and Ebola

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posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 01:41 PM
A Speech Before the Citizens Against Legal Loopholes Rally
The Capitol Mall, Washington, D.C.
Labor Day Weekend, 1996
By Leonard G. Horowitz
President, Tetrahedron Incorporated, a nonprofit educational corporation
P. O. Box 402, Rockport, Massachusetts 01966
Copyright © 1996, Leonard G. Horowitz. All rights reserved.

Dear Friends and Patriots,

My name is Dr. Len Horowitz, and some time ago, probably Like many of you, I considered myself a lifelong liberal democrat. Fortunately, or unfortunately, that part of me died. When I realized the forces behind so-called liberal democracy were the flip side of the same corrupt coin as the republican political establishment, that is, I opened my eyes to witness a shadow government of military-medical-industrial dictators, the naive person I was had a stroke, keeled over, and praise the lord, died.


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posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 02:04 PM

You will learn that Dr. Robert Gallo, the famous NCI molecular biologist, pardoned by President Clinton last year for scientific fraud and misconduct, and credited with the discovery of the AIDS virus, set about to develop immune system ravaging, AIDS-like viruses, along with other Litton Bionetics researchers. You will learn that they took monkey viruses that were humanly benign, recombined them with DNA, RNA, and enzymes from other animal viruses that caused leukemias, lymphomas, and sarcomas, and then to get them to jump species, they cultured these new mutant viruses in human white blood cells in some studies, and human fetal tissue cells in other studies, to produce immune-system-destroying, cancer-causing viruses that could enter humans and produce virtuallyidentical effects to what the AIDS virus is currently doing in people around the world. Indeed, it was contaminated live viral vaccines that spread this disease and likely others, including chronic fatigue, certain leukemias, and possibly Gulf War Syndrome as well, to vast populations.

I believe that the information above about the origin of the AIDS virus is incorrect.

I believe that the AIDS virus was developed by the Department of the Navy in the middle 80’s. The doctor credited with the development of the AIDS virus R. M. Donner who is now retired from the Navy and lives in the southwest U.S.

Bob Lazar and I made several attempts in 1989 and 1990 to contact him at his house in the southwest U.S. I obtained his address from CIA contacts. He was never there, or at least, never answered the doorbell.

Aids is a virus that is protected by a protein coat on the RNA preventing the antibodies (T-4 cells) of the immune system from detecting and eliminating it.

The alleged cure for AIDS lies in the excrement of the white fungus that’s grown from the Chinese cucumber tricosanthes kirilowii. This excrement (which develops after about 2 or 3 weeks exposure to room temperature) is separated with hydrazine sulfate and an acidification process which dissolves the protein coat on the RNA and exposes the nucleus of the virus that’s detected by the antibodies of the immune system. Regardless of how weak the immune system is the virus will be destroyed.

No more than 20cc dose per 36 hour period should be administered. No antibiotics should be used during this period. The 20 cc’s are metabolized in 36 hours having dissolved the protein coat of the virus.

Over the past 20 years several I have been party to several attempts to get samples of the tricosanthes kirilowii out of China, the only place where it is currently grown but all have met with failure. The last samples having been mysteriously ‘cooked’ during departure procedures at the airport.

In closing: Dr. Robert Strecker was the first one to alert the public that the AIDS virus was intentionally created by our government. In his video "The Strecker Memorandum" he detailed how he became aware of the true facts surrounding the development of the AIDS virus. Naturally he was hounded and hammered by the government and I haven't heard from Bob for many years.

Dr. Strecker. if you are reading this please call me. You know where I am.


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