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Ok, this is really weird.. not sure what to classify it as...(Chinese visions)

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posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 03:47 AM
ok, i dont know where else to put this exactly.

when i was a lil kid, in the 80s, my dad has this cassette tape and on the cover it was a colored drawing of a group of these chinese people sitting around on the ground, and if im not mistaken there were those chinese looking trees in the background. looked more like colored stencil drawings and the rest of it was pretty much white from what i remember. i never looked at the name or title on it, i just remember seeing it when i walked by, and i never asked my dad about it. it freaked me out and i remember asking him to throw it out, well the cover, and he did and he doesnt even remember it now.

does anyone know of an album cover like that? would be from anything prior to 1988, i suppose. seemed pretty old to me.

im just curious about finding it again and trying to figure out what it freaked me out so bad.

now, also, while on that topic, does anyone else find some chinese art freaky? now, by NO MEANS at all do i have anything against chinese people or any race or religion at all. some of my best friends are chinese and a couple are japanese.

i dont get what my problem was with this. my dad and uncle used to be really into the whole chinese culture stuff. like the buddhas and artwork and just that kind of stuff. no idea what started it all, they just liked it. we had this big buddha statue in our kitchen.. for years, and i was about 8, 9 years old and it just really started to freak me out and my parents had to get rid of it. i didnt even want it in the house. so they threw it out. i had nightmares about it forever. yes, i know that was rather horrible of me, but.. it was just something very oddly deeply imbedded in me.

i have no previous past history of like some weird psychological regression issue regarding anything chinese. or anything of that sort at all. thats what makes no sense. this has gone on within me since i was a toddler. no one understood what the deal was.

now, as im older, it isnt so bad. i have NO problem whatsoever around chinese people, like i said.. some of my closest friends are oriental and i think, of any culture they are some of the nicest and coolest. and genuine.
just.. the artwork and some of their displays freak me the # out.

it all started to come back to me again after having some strange dreams again after not even thinking about it for years. and i was in an oriental shop not too long ago and they had all that stuff in there and i just started getting really creeped out and had to leave.

seeing a chinese person, in person, i think nothing. even as a toddler/child. i'd think absolutely nothing of it. dont have any subconscious feeling towards anyone oriental either. i seem to become friends with them faster than anyone else and vice versa. LOL. thats whats so funny. i seem to always hit it off with people of that background. i remember talking to a chinese friend in high school about this kind of thing, and she even said the stuff would creep her out too, and her being actually FROM china itself, her parents moved to the USA when she was 3. and her parents had that stuff all around their house and it made her feel weird as well. i never really talked to anyone else about it.

any ideas??

bout the album cover, it had the look of something from the 70's, i'd suppose. no older than 1982. plus, thats pretty much all he had, music-wise around the house at the time, on cassette.

and the chinese people on the cover, had those chinese kimino (?) things on. i remember about maybe 4 of them, one definitely being female. with her hair up in those things.

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