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Disinformation vs facts in 911

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posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 09:13 PM
The disinformation tactics of the "powers-that -be" are to-
1.) heavily fund the most ridiculous assertions and
2.) give them the most media attention thereby undermining the whole 911 investigation.
What do you think are the disinformation bits as opposed to the factoids? The best facts are when people investigate the actual 911 terrorists-where they came from-funding-going back even a dozen years if necessary, who they came in contact with, training, phone records, etc. This alone would reveal a lot. Especially funding. When the corporate media talks about the 911 conspiracy it constantly repeats the worst assertions -the disinformation-such as -It wasn't a plane but a missile that hit the Pentagon-this is a dead end ridiculous assertion-who cares, if you are killed by a missile or a plane it doesn't matter anyway either way your dead.It's a distraction. I wish the 911 conspiracy people would concentrate on following the money. Tell us where the 911 terrorists were for the 3 years prior to September 11,2001. Where did they get their money? -They didn't work for it-they were funded in deep black ops-follow the money and focus laser-like on that and you will definitely get answers. Another distraction is whether the buildings were imploded by detonations or whether the heat of the jet fuel softened the metal to cause buckling. Personally I know that no doubt the third building to collapse building 7 was imploded-still the expertise and evidence necessary to convince people of this scientific argument is too convoluted for the average person to spend a lot of time on.
Please 911 investigators -learn the extensive backgrounds of the actual terrorists and the people they came into contact with for a few years and you will really increase your credibility.

posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 01:36 AM
I think that could be a good thread. A thread that really reiterates the mainstream 9/11 views. I really hate when people think that most people here believe in "No planes" or Energy Beams, etc. I'm not going to say they aren't possible, but I'm going to have to go with occam's razor on those.

So a thread that really seperates facts from fiction is a great idea.

*Side note:

I'd really like to see a seperate forum/thread for just Griffin & Bsbray vs someone actually qualified to speak with them. So far, I've not seen them meet their match. Maybe we could get someone in for the official story if they didn't have to worry about misc. spam and stupid questions.

Could make for a great debate.

posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 07:02 PM
In the same vein a lot of Kennedy assasination investigators looked into Oswald's past. (I -by the way- do NOT believe that Kennedy was killed by Oswald rather he was the patsy set-up to take the blame-and be killed before testifying) When you look at Oswald and his contacts-you start to get somewhere. The person who hired Oswald to work at the book depository-how many people know that and that that guy (a Russian Czarist to be named later)was a good friend of Bush Sr?
If we look at where the 911 terrorists got their funding, every check they cashed, every credit card and bank statement for the past 5 years then people will have the answers, The reason I mention the Kennedy assasination is because some of the same people and the same 4th Reich lineage is involved. The origin of this lineage of evil and call it whatever you like I prefer -4th Reich -goes back to when the Russian Czarists knowing that there country was collapsing into a perverted communism around 1916 fled to Austria with the incredible wealth of Russi (billions) and looked for a way to regain their country. They were patient and along came Hitler-their man who they funded and groomed for the takeback of Russia. Why do you think Hitler was so obssessed over Russia-he could of easily won all Europe if he forgot about Russia as his Commanders warned. Prescott Bush helped fund Hitler. When the Russian Czarists realized near the mid 1940's that Hitler was to lose they relocated to Texas and mixed with and influenced the oil barons who were inserting their own bought and sold politicians into all levels of government. Here's where the Bush crime family gets its initial backing. JFK, RFK, assasinated as part of it. Ford appointed president as payoff for cover-up in the Warren Commission. Guiliani to get the nomination as payoff for squashing any investigation of 911 and destroying evidence. It's the 4th Reich who will be re-incarnated for 20 million centuries as dung beetles (if they knew anything about spirituality but they don't-they are far from enlightenment-that's for certain.

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 09:20 AM

Originally posted by Electricneo
Please 911 investigators -learn the extensive backgrounds of the actual terrorists and the people they came into contact with for a few years and you will really increase your credibility.

I agree with this approach to a large extent. Too many of us spend our time regurgitating old claims, even after some have already been debunked. Almost always, these relate to the events of the day itself.

I would like to see a concerted effort made to explore the history, whether it's the geopolitical background or that, as you've suggested, of the individuals concerned.

My only reservation about examining the backgrounds of the hijackers is that I'm not sure of the extent to which we can be 100% confident we know who they were.

posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 06:20 PM
Your right but almost everything is not 100 per cent.
And of course the disinformation specialists would infiltrate this avenue too.
Still I know this is the best way to investigate this and get to the bottom of where
the bottom feeders are.

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