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How MEAMSTREAM MEDIA gets its slimy name

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posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 07:42 AM

were indicating that Johnston was never in charge of any irreplaceable lunar image archives, but rather seems to have been a 27-year-old shipping clerk in the lunar laboratory whose task (an important and honorable one, to be sure) was to ship off moon samples (and photographs of them) to the REAL scientists.

That is the greatest thing I have read about this so far, lol. Nothing more to say about the subject. Let the FACTS speak and you will get the truth. Let the sensationalism and your desire to believe speak and you all will get what you want to here. It's that simple.

posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 12:13 AM

Originally posted by JimO
Robert has decided that NBC News was never interested in the Hoagland book. Oh?
NBC Nightly News wanted to interview Ken and me for their evening network news broadcast. Unfortunately, they wanted to conduct the interview on MONDAY night, BEFORE the Tuesday press briefing. ..

Now, what was that complaint that my inquiries about Johnston's credentials were somehow evil because NBC was never interested in Hoagland and his reliance on Johnston's stories?


Naturally, the answers to the questions I've been asking are severely damaging to Hoagland's book and thesis -- hence the demonization of the questioner by fanatics such as Robert.

No...the POINT I am trying to determine is IF NBC News officially authorized THAT specific email you sent to Ms. Ferrari. As to the inguiry being "evil" I think the Swedish UFO site as a 'source' was just for smearing purposes and had little to do with Ken Johnston's credentials.

Mr. Boyle, and presumably his boss, states you were NOT working for NBC News when writting THAT SPECIFIC memo.

As to the answers being damaging to Hoagland's book sales...they are not my concern. I ordered my copy from my Library. His "thesis" can either stand or fall on it's own. He knows I've never jumped down every "rabbit hole" he has come up with. He also knows how particluar irqued I, and many others are, with the "Stay tuned..." thing.
Sometimes many of just want to change the frackin channel to be honest.

The "demonization" you speak of about OUR interactions...if you will remember correctly...ONLY began...and in private emails...when you stated that "being pressured to resign is not the same as being fired" at the DM blog. At that time I was basically on the sidelines watching you and Mr. Bara back and forth about the credentials as I recall.

That is when I wrote to you in a private email that I thought you were wrong on that point since I had lived through PROOF and had a LEGAL ruling from the NYS Labor Board that stated the exact opposite of the above stated comment you made. It was you who told me this would be better discussed at the blog.

At this point I can see you, nor Mr. Boyle are going to ADMIT that NBS News had given you "official authorization" to send THAT specific email using THOSE sources to Ms. Ferrari.

Hence a dead end.

Breathe-in...breathe-out...move on...with one last question.

Why didn't you check his credentials when they had a previous press conference in 1996?


posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 05:13 PM
I'll leave you with the last word, Bob, and
always wondering ... and with your absolutely
unwarrented, but vicious, verbal assaults on
Dr. Gonzales uncorrected.

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