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ATS.MIX: 48 - 9/11 Hero William Rodriguez TWIN TOWERS LAST MAN OUT

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posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 05:57 PM

Although The Original Intent Was To Broadcast This In TWO PARTS, It Was Decided To Put It Up In It's Entirety. For Convenience, It Is Separated BELOW Into TWO PARTS For Download.

ATS.MIX: 9/11 Hero William Rodriguez TWIN TOWERS LAST MAN OUT - ATS MIX Show 48

The ATS MIX Team has an emotional roller coaster of an interview with the last man out of the Twin Towers on 9/11, William Rodriguez. They discuss with him his personal story of triumphs and tragedies that he experienced from the time the terrorists crashed into the Twin Towers until they eventually collapsed, almost claiming his life as well. This interview contains some emotional and heartfelt moments that may catch you off guard, as it did Dave and Johnny.

William Rodriguez Home Page

LISTEN To Stories From The AboveTopSecret.Com MEMBERSHIP

LISTEN To Stories From The AboveTopSecret.Com MEMBERSHIP

This Interview is 1:44:37 in length for the streaming show and is uncut. We have also posted this in TWO PARTS in the PODCAST SECTION. We have included the direct shortcuts BELOW to these for those that prefer a smaller download..

To DOWNLOAD This Program, WINDOWS ONLY, Put Your Mouse Cursor Over the BLUE SHOW FILE NAME, Then RIGHT CLICK. Slide The Cursor Down To SAVE TARGET AS And Then CLICK .... Now Just Decide WHERE You Want To Download The File To And CLICK SAVE. You Might Consider Creating A Folder Called ATS MIX since you can get them for FREE.

length: 1:44:37
file: atsmix_2711.mp3
size: 49041k
feed: atsmix

PART 1 Of The William Rodriguez Interview

PART 2 Of The William Rodriguez Interview

NEW SHOWS will be posted TWICE A WEEK.

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posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 08:25 PM
Kudos on the excellent interview with William. Best ATS Mix show yet! Great job guys.

posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 10:08 PM

This is the watershed William Rodriquez interview. His total story came through much more clear and fully in this interview than in any other I've heard or seen, by anyone. Period.

Great job guys.

posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 11:15 PM
What an amazing interview!

This was really insightful, and shocking in some instances, and incredibly moving,

Thank you for bringing this to us,

posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 11:15 PM

I don't know what to say.

This is WOW!

ATS Mix this is why you are here.

William R. thank you for coming forward on this thread.

Yes, I am blown away by this.

This is a must hear.

edit for: ATS members please listen to this!

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posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 05:31 AM
This really is fantastic.

Everyone should make a point of listening to this. I went from giggling to sitting in stunned silence.

Great work guys.


[edit on 21/12/07 by JAK]

posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 10:38 AM
Top interview guys!

Everyone should listen to this.

posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 10:47 AM
reply to post by JAK

JAK U2U'd me about the show and I replied to him personally. After thinking about it, decided to POST my feelings and reply to him here too.

Hey JAK.....

Thanks. Regardless of where the ATS MIX ever goes, this will be something that I personally will cherish for a lifetime. As Johnny and I listened and when he discussed being blacklisted, it was just too much. I hope everyone who listens experiences the same emotions that the majority have when they listen. It's not often that you meet or talk to a real hero, William Rodriguez is just that. Johnny was also not kidding about the intro, which we SAVED. We always do the intro right after we do an interview because everything is fresh in our minds..... Johnny broke down and started sobbing and then I started again. I guess the thing that really got us was the NO FLY CRAP. Remember all the flag waving and rah rah after it happened? So we treat a janitor who risked his life numerous times like a friggin' criminal? At that moment in the interview, I don't think I was ever more disappointed and angry with my country, INCLUDING Vietnam!


[edit on 12/21/2007 by Dave Rabbit]

posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 10:48 AM
5 stars guys, all around

This is the best interview yet.

We should all be honored that William Rodriguez was able to take his valuable time to tell his amazing story!

Thank You William Rodriguez, you have a lot of support here.

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 01:42 PM

We should all be honored that William Rodriguez was able to take his valuable time to tell his amazing story!

I agree 100%

I met Mr Rodriguez when he gave a talk in my home town earlier this year.
He is a true gentleman and an American HERO. He should be given the highest bravery award possible. He has a DVD obtainable from

Gor God's sake America wake up !! Arrest the criminals that are in charge of overseeing these despicable atrocities. Anyone who has been following the Wantagate scandal at will know what I mean.

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 03:15 PM
I finally got around to listening to the show last night (Xmas party's, hangovers, the list is tiresome and endless).

I gotta say guys, well done.

Having only been able to hear William's story in small pieces up to now, it was astonishing to hear it in full, and in such vivid detail.

But to move the conversation on a little, what would interest me, and I think other members, would be to hear his story - in full - of his struggle to get his story out, the various threats made against him, and the verticle walls put up against him by the government.

This might be covered off in his DVD, if so, then forget it, I respect his plan of getting the info out.

Overall, a first-class effort.

What a rollercoaster of an interview.

But man, by the end of it, I was so freakin' angry.

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 06:52 PM
I just listened to the show, and loved it!

Even though I had already heard and seen William Rodriguez tell his story, it was worth listening to every second of this interview.

I want to congratulate Dave, Johnny and Willie for such an interesting, powerful and emotional show!

Kudos Dave and Johnny! And Willie.. keep up the fight!

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 10:56 PM
First time listening to ATS mix, and it was great.
I'm glad the interface was easy to use, and free of crap.

Great interview too, I learnt new stuff. Good work : )

posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 09:49 AM
Great stuff here Dave!! I finally got the chance to get back here with you guys on ATS!! And this was the thread I was eagarly awaiting!!
5 Star job here..
After work here I will sit down and make a much better post here, IM a little short on time here, but really wanted to get this post started, as it is very important to me.. And this was a very heart felt interview! I was caught off guard a bit here.. But what a great way to start this off, with some Taco bell!! Good way to break this thin ice brothers.!
And really got me to a point where I was upset, and mad agin.. You are right about going threw the gambit of these feelings agin.. .. Ill be back agin when I collect my thoughts agin..
First class all the way here guys!

Great thanks for the website and contact information!!! And some great background about William that I did not know about.

And its good to learn that he found stuff on ATS and was interested in getting to more about us here!

110 stairway floors! Wow thats a job right there!! Yeah I have done cleaning in the past, and you sertinly have to be well trained and have a system down before you can work like that, and get the job done..
I can see why no one wanted his shift..
Crazy how he was going to take the day off...
And the leading up to that is almost sureal in many ways...

And to have a person that was there, and heard an explosion in the basement under him. Which is something that to many people just want to sweep under the rug..

People have tried to discredit him, and act like he might not know his way around.. But that is clearly Bull honkey.. This man knew his way around those buildings, and knew his routine..

Thats horrid, the sights he had to see... Oh my.. This is one of the main reasons why my heart goes out.. That man Fleapay, sorry If I spelled his name wrongly, but how would people in the lower levels get so maimed and skin torn off of them? It just doesnt make sense if a plane hit the top to casue such damage in the lower levels.. This is just insane!! Honestly.. Its insane!
William suffered great trama threw this..
He is a strong soul.. And Im glad he knows that we care
Thanks so much for getting that out there!

His story about how he got his key really stuck with me.. I remember hearing about that story a year back or so.. It was fate in a way that William was holding on to those keys.. He had to fight the system to get those keys.. And thank what ever God you belive in that he had those keys.. It not only saved him, but many others..

This man deserves a metal of honor! Yet he is given the brown end of the stick here.. Very sad.. Because those screams for help are right out of a nightmare! Im telling you, I got this taste in the back of my mouth when I heard this.. and a pit in my stomach.. I just dont even want to fathom the extream emotions a person goes threw when they are about to drown.
And then the emtions of what one goes threw when in that state of mind.

I find the end of the first part very powerful.. I can only listen to that story one time. That goes far past any words I can use, to explain how that makes me feel. Its something that bothers me deeply, and has changed my life just hearing about this first hand account.

Thank you for bringing up my question.. I took what he said, and will now do my part to fullfill my part in all this. A man like that should never have to be homeless or without alot of support. I understand William is not about the money. I never felt he was seeking fame or money. And it was great to hear what he had to say about that. And it was from the heart.
Its a true concern, that concerns us all!

So in ending I want to thank you both for a wonderful job! And taking the time to get to our questions without stepping on any toes.. Its a tricky subject. And normally I steer clear of 911 subjects. Great job on a touchy subject that has almost become Taboo in mainstream.


[edit on 23-12-2007 by zysin5]

posted on Dec, 25 2007 @ 06:47 AM
wow, what a great interview... i downloaded this the other day and just now finished listening to it... the last 10 minutes are the best... thank you Johnny A. and Dave Rabbit... and thank you William R.... this interview should be heard by all ATS members and by the world... is this interview copyrighted or anything? can this be sent to alternative media outlets? the people should hear this... W.R. is a true american hero...

posted on Jan, 19 2008 @ 07:57 PM
Great interview. I have just listened to the whole interview in one session. Amazing man, this William.

It threw me at the end and completely disgusted me where William stated that he was on the no fly list.

Can anything be done about this?

Why is William Rodriguez, an american hero, on the Homeland Security's "No Fly List"?

posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 02:44 PM
It is time for people to listen to this again...


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