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Lake Monster Pic I've Never seen before

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posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 11:42 AM
I was looking around youtube for lake monster stuff ane i ran across this video..which for the first 30 seconds is some stupid animation but at exactly 30 sec it shows a pic i have never seen before. I dont know how to isolate the image so check it out

posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 12:38 PM
Well, people often do put a picture of something in the middle of movies to make people look at them. The preview of the movie will shot the picture, and the rest will be something else..


posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 01:03 PM
This is the image from the video. Looks like a toy dinosaur underwater to me.

posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 05:27 AM
I havent seen the picture before, so...

Given the size of the debri, leafs, and a branch in the water, I would estimate that monster to be about 1 meter long.

posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 05:49 AM
I was going to 'guess' at around that size as well, based on the debris in the water. Without more information on the pic though, its hard to make a solid judgement solely on the debris.

The coloring of the 'supposed creature' is bang on though. It does give a somewhat realistic appearance to the toy/hoax.

Remember.. all hoaxes are considered innocent until proven guilty. ( or is that something else... )

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 02:04 AM
that is one realistic hoax im not sure if its real or some very convincing toy under the surface of a pond but either way its preety good . now all we need to do is find a toy plesisaur that matches the pic in cololeration and dimension.

posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 03:07 AM
I wouldnt be so quick to dismiss this one just yet. I just did a 20 minute search for anything model PLESIOSAUR or model lochness or anything to that degree. and nothing even close to that image came up.

Whatever it is it defiantly seems as though its a real object under real water. The question remains is it a model?

Someone would have to be driven enough to create their own model and stupid enough to paste a split second picture of it in some random youtube video. Also, if it were real why would the OP of the video make such a silly video.


posted on Dec, 22 2007 @ 02:50 PM
Yup, that's a toy allright, doesn't really take a genius to see that

posted on Dec, 23 2007 @ 06:43 PM
Pretty realistic looking! Physical objects will always make better hoaxes than computer generated etc.

The debris on the water would be huge for any normal lake. Still, that image plays with the imagination alot.

posted on Dec, 24 2007 @ 09:30 AM
Well, I would have dismissed it as a hoax because of the debris, but something about this pic seems spooky. I cant seem to find it anywhere else..,.

posted on Dec, 24 2007 @ 10:46 PM
Thank you for posting that, DSC.

I don't believe this is a toy. It seems too big and too detailed. There's just too little information and all we have is one still frame. I can't draw any conclusions.

posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 08:28 PM
This was a toy to trick people, they put it on the lock to see if the number if sighting will be higher and it was, if you want more explanation go to and ask there but i doubt they will answer you nicely, same hoax come again again oftenly and they don't like this but you have nothing to loose!

posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 09:46 PM
Well the person who posted the video said this about it in the video description. "The Loch Ness Monster?? This i Fake" . Sounds like they admitted it being fake from the get-go.


posted on Dec, 26 2007 @ 10:41 PM
Good job BuzzingOn. Sometimes the easiest answers are the right ones.

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 01:14 AM
reply to post by BuzzingOn

Damn, beat me to it. Seeing things like this always make me feel better about whether I waste my time or not. Whoever made that video needs a hobby, but then again, here we are talking about it.

posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 01:36 AM
My father is a dinosaur sculptor. He has created sculptures for museums and universities around the world.

He is REALLY good. (completely unbiased opinion) It would be easy to create something and make it look real and stick it under water. He gets paid to make them look real!

His friend who works with him does the mechanics for these man made creatures that you often see at parks, museums, etc.

Here is one (of many) he made (this one does not move) of the "Dallasaurus" It is 3 feet long.

With that said. It would be awesome if that was real!!!!

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posted on Dec, 27 2007 @ 01:46 AM
reply to post by greeneyedleo

That is an amazing sculpture!

I wish I had that much talent

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posted on Dec, 28 2007 @ 10:26 AM
reply to post by BuzzingOn

It was a kind of fake as i said on mi fyrst post, it was to trick people and see their reactions, they said it was a toy a week or more later.

Thread close i think.

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