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posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 04:09 AM
hello to all of you, due to the revealing nature of the internet my introduction will be brief...

i've had an interest in the paranormal and UFOs for as long as I can remember. I found this site searching for paranormal videos on the internet about a year ago. Been lurking and posting randomly since then. Even though some of you are easily led to believe the propaganda of others, that is just one part of the process of living past boundaries. My strongest beliefs are love and peace for all. I try not to bog down threads with long-winded explanations and judgmental wankery.

My username is the title of the song Rational Gaze by the Swedish band Meshuggah. The lyrics of the song are relevant to truth seeking...

"Squint your eyes to see clearly
Blur reality to make it real
Let focus go from your deceiving eyes to know what's been concealed
We've all been blinded
Subjects to visual misinformation
A systematic denial of the crystalline

To see the fine grain, to read the hidden words
The context of parallel truth
Devoid of fragmentation

Our light-induced image of truth
Filtered blank of its substance
As our eyes won't adhere to intuitive lines
Everything examined, Separated, one thing at a time
The harder we stare the more complete the

Eyes re-opened, Reasoning focalized, Receptors activated

Perspectives distorted
The ladder beyond our grasp
The twin-headed serpent forever hidden
Where's the true knowledge -
Where engines of the sane and insanity merge
The clarity. The unity

Reality untouchable, transparent, invisible
to our fixed, restricted fields of vision
Existence taken for granted. -Absolute

Possessed, owned, controlled
By the common sense-infected rational gaze
Onward forever we walk among the ignorant
Never stray from the common lines"

favorite posters: anyone with their own damn opinion.

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