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No. of the Beast and Govrmnt Run Church

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posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 10:47 PM
Every once in a while my dreams can be more unusal than dreams of hanging out in my grandmothers back yard and so forth. A few nights ago I had one those dreams that slaps you in the face saying "listen up to what I'm telling you."

A small group of people, including myself were in a park like setting. We were standing under a covered picnic area with a cement floor and 5-6 picnic tables. We had someplace to go to, a city perhaps, I'm not sure.

In order to leave the picnic area we had to pass by some sort of machinery which was no longer working. Inside what must of been a hub to a wheel, such as on a tractor were 4-5 wasp nest. I had to destroy these nest in order for us to pass by. Using a three feet long steel rod I found in the grass next to a nearby tree, I disturbed the nests. The disturbed wasp came towards us in a threatening manner. Everyone was a bit frighten except me. I was the only one who had seen this type of wasp before.

According to the dream, I had travelled into the future. Sorry no dates given. The wasp appeared to be nothing but a special effect from a low budget movie. I knew they weren't really there, just CGI inhanced.

Once we were clear of the so called wasp, the setting of the dream changed to an industrial setting, warehouses, factories, and so forth. An older man with a short grey bread who appeared to be part of our group was backing up an 18 wheeler. The truck's trailer was labeled something like "Explosives". We rode this truck into what looked to be some sort of scrap yard, thinking this was the way out to get to the city we were going to. We ended up at a dead end. I think there was a locked gate or something.

Evening comes upon our group in the next setting. We are all riding atop an assortment of vehicles going to the distant city on the horizon. In this future world cars and trucks are no longer mass produced. Anyone interested in such transportion builds their own. This makes for quite an assortment of different looking vehicles. All of which seem to be make out of Lego looking material without roofs to them.

We follow the road towards the city. To the right of the road is the coastline to whatever body of water the road parallels. The area surrounding us appears lighter than one would expect while traveling at night. The answer is in the sky. Above the city are what looks like two huge gas giant planets and then our Moon one on top the other. The seem to be refectling the light of the sinking Sun behind us. Somehow I know this is all an optical illusion caused by the angle of Sun and Moon with the light shining through low level clouds.

After daybrake we are all walking through a security check point in order to enter the city. Each of us has a dark orange ball about the size of a ping pong ball. All the balls have their own two digit number. This gets placed on top of some sort of security device that resembles a high tect x-ray machine seen at todays airports. The ball rolls down some sort of grooved scanner. All of us except the last person are cleared to go on. I stay behind to find out why the last man with us cannot continue. A man dressed in dark military police uniform stands behind the man in question. I think about reaching into my backpack which is still sitting on on top of the x-ray machine thing. You see, the dark uniform guy is reaching back on his right side of his gun belt. I cannont see what he is reaching for. In the backpack I have my own gun belt that I wore while working security it the real world.

I decided that going for the belt would only make matters worse and watched what happened next. Dark uniform guy pulls a small book form his pocket. In this book it shows that man of concern had not been assigned a government church to attend. Dark uniform tells him he must go to church number 87 every week.

That's the long and short of the dream. Later I've been thinking about this. State churches are numbered. The number of the beast. The church is the beast?

Am I far off? Is this just nothing? Is it time to call attention to the possiblities?

posted on Dec, 21 2007 @ 07:21 PM

So, has anyone had dreams like this before? The part about the govnt. run churches bugged me the most.

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