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American Women

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posted on Jan, 10 2008 @ 04:09 AM
reply to post by Conundrum04

Unfortunately, I have read the entire thread. Of all the people I know, none of them have ever been able to pigeonhole me into ANY stereotype.

I guess you need to put other people down to make yourself feel superior. How sad and pathetic.

Carry on with your women bashing. I'm outa here.

posted on Jan, 10 2008 @ 05:46 AM

You have some serious problems..even in dating.

I like feminine women too. I dont have much use for that of which so many women today are so proud..."being bitchs." A "Bitch" is not difficult to come by ..a Woman is difficult commodity by which to come.

Getting a woman into the sack is not a thing for which a proper man boasts. It does not say much about a mans potential. Nor a womans for that matter. I know women for whom getting into the sack is thier main talent or skill in life. Outside of that they are empty shells. I know men like this too.

A concept I find severely lacking from your post is the concept of Peace. You only tend to post of being some kind of is not.

Peace is what a good man brings to a woman dating and in marriage too. Piece is what a pig brings Male and Female. Now some of us may settle for piece..but as you have clearly the abscence of the concept ..piece does not last long. You have problems going the distance with a woman..outside of Piece.

Peace is also what a good woman brings to a man...a very rare commodity today. A woman who knows how to accomplish this goal with and for a man can put him on a very powerful drug. A practice or dicipline in a woman for which a man would be very reluctant to get off this drug.

If a man does not know or understand the concept of Peace from a woman and her efforts..children or not is a man going to know when or how to lead??

I suggest that the only place you know how or where to lead a woman is to bed. Sooner or later even the dumbest woman figures this out.

While I feel for him...Photobug...It is quite clear that he forgot how to lead and settled for trying out for approval to his detriment....and does not know it. That is a awful and pitiful post he made.

What some of you are describing in your relationships is a woman trying to replace or substitute your value systems for hers. Some of this is ok and acceptable. Not all..but some ..use some common sense here. Her too.

Alpha male...some of that is ok too..but most is overated. Good for getting in the sack...but what is the mentality and capability of the type of female you are getting into the sack?? If that is all you ever expect from a woman..fine. But you are cheating yourself if your expectations of a woman are that low. Women have so much more to offer start expecting it.

Doc a good one. I salute him. Envy too. Hang on to that woman tightly Doc. Not many women tend to marry down the economic ladder. Most by social conditioning tend to marry up the economic ladder. You dont usually see women comment much on this aspect...and most men are to dumb to even recognize it. Much less speak it. Doc Strangecraft is one of the very few I know who speaks of it. Salud!!

P.S you have some kerosene cans I can borrow and make Alpha Noise sounds?? LOL! LOL! Private joke ..for those of you who have not read Doc's kerosene can thread on Dr Jane Goodall.


I must disagree with you on the concept of equality and being treated equally. I mean here in this portion of your post on page 6.

A relationship should be equal with decisions being made together. No one has the right to control another person or have the final say. Women should be equal to men. That doesn't mean she has to grease up and become a mechanic or a construction woker (although if thats really what she wants then she should) but a woman should have equal say in what goes on in her life as any man does.

I disagree in that there is often a marked difference in social roles between males and females. While I dont have a problem consulting a woman on certain things. I also dont have a problem making a choice or decision on my own.
The difference to me socially is the "risk " taken in reaching certain goals. Risk in the funcitions talked about in forums like this is for the most part avoided...the equality concepts are what is posted. Once again ..most men are to dumb to bring up this topic..."risk."

By this "Risk" I mean that women are not socially conditioned to take certain risks in reaching a goal/goals. They tend to default thesw risk/risks over to a man or male. This means that certain decisions involving this are male and not female...especially in view of the risks taken to accomplish certain goals. A man or male who does not understand this is quickly on the path to expendability and disposability. I have had numerous opportunitys to have this demonstrated to me by women taking my risk abilitys for granted. I dont make this mistake anymore.
This is part of learning to lead. So many men today are ignorant of this and try out desperately for approval from women by risk taking. Talk about stupid.

You do not see..socially ..women as a whole species...or gender.. taking on huge risks so that men can live comfortable lives of "Options" from females and their labors. This would be equality.
This is a stupid generation of men not to realize this concept...and think this is normal...and equality. It is not. Men are not being treated equally here. As I have often stated..too much sports, ESPN, and hooters blocking male thinking.

I dont have a problem with a woman greasing up or taking risk for me. Not at all. It is just not in the social fabric of women as a whole to do so. Especially here in America.
I will however state that in many countrys..especially less economically affluent countrys women take just a much risk as do the men. They work much harder than women here in America. Much harder too than a great many men here in this country.

Well..I hope you get my point.


posted on Jan, 10 2008 @ 11:53 AM

Originally posted by orangetom1999

You have some serious problems..even in dating.

Thanks for the diagnosis. Now what kind of doctor do I see for my problems? A psychiatric? Should I make an appointment asap? lol!

"even in dating"- What is that supposed to mean? I've said over and over again that I don't date, it's a complete waste of time for me.

I find these posts, that are attacking me, extremely comical. I get a chuckle reading these because it's like you people think you know me inside and out. If I didn't have the experience in women and in life like I've had, I might of been affected by all these negative posts.

This is the first negative post I got from a guy. You are a guy right? Unless you're a lesbian because you said you like women.

Usually people who react like you are afraid of being alone. Women are terrified of being alone which is why they jump into relationship after relationship. I've seen this type of behavior first hand and it is absolutely pathetic. It's almost like women think it's their right to have a man. But you are a man, I think, which makes this very perplexing. I may be wrong but you must be very feminine. Definitely nowhere close to being an alpha.

Now I don't know where you live buddy but I live in the L.A. area so my experiences might be entirely different than yours. I know from experience that women are different and more down to earth in other areas of this country. For example, I went to college in northern California and the women up there are easier to talk to then the women down here. The same in Oregon(loved Oregon) where I lived for a year. Same thing in the mid-west I've heard. It could be, being down here in L.A., that I see the worst side of American women.

A relationship should be equal with decisions being made together. No one has the right to control another person or have the final say. Women should be equal to men. That doesn't mean she has to grease up and become a mechanic or a construction woker (although if thats really what she wants then she should) but a woman should have equal say in what goes on in her life as any man does.

I completely agree with this. Unlike some of the negative posts, I do not want someone that is docile and subservient. When I finally reach my goals, the woman I will be with will want to be with me but doesn't need to be with me. A women that is fearless, kind to others, has an open mind, and is really interested in what's going on in the world.

posted on Jan, 10 2008 @ 03:34 PM

Dont bother seeing a doctor for male/ female problems....especially out in California. The bulk of thier patients are most likely women. They would not like to alienate thier meal ticket with something like good advice on this topic. These doctors tend to need the meal ticket coming back again and again.

Thank you for correcting me in that you dont "date." I can see why it would be a complete waste of your time. Better you rent your women by the hour. Keeps things simple that way.

If you in fact have it simple ..why the rant here?? You do have things your way ..correct??? You do also know that women are not ,as a whole, impressed with men who reflect powerlessness or insecurity in their makeup. Right??

If I didn't have the experience in women and in life like I've had, I might of been affected by all these negative posts.

a martyr??

This is the first negative post I got from a guy. You are a guy right? Unless you're a lesbian because you said you like women.

LOL LOL..deep Conundrum04.....deep..very deep!! Makes me wonder what kind of guys you know.

Usually people who react like you are afraid of being alone.

Deep once again. I am usually alone. I work nights because I am not that social with the exception of a small selected crowd. I am not that intrested in the rest of the world and its beliefs/standards. In particular the standards of California. What a train wreck that state is.
I find it very insulting the media who trys to imply that if we want to know what is happening in America and Americana...look to California and New York. As if these two states represent all of America by default. What a bunch of flatulence. The media too for all that matter....flatulence.

I can see why you have problems with women living in LA.

I do however agree with you on one facet of your posting. Many women do not like being alone. There is some kind of social stigma among many women that if you are not in a relationship you are not a complete woman. You are a cast off. Sometimes difficult to find women who are not on this type of social drug. This is one reason I like to date older women. Most have made enough mistakes to get over this foolishness and concentrate on being real women..not the appearence of being a woman out there in much of CA.
I tried to watch this program one evening..called women of Orange County. No thanks...turned it off very quickly. Just like I did trying to watch Sex in the City. These are what I call "lowest common denominator " in programming. There are other programs like this too.
Are all women like not at all. It is just very common and implicit in the media and advertisers selling their junk and social religion to these females. The merchandizing market out here is primarily dedicated to and directed to women. This should be a big clue as to why there are so many train wrecks out here. Male and female.

As to being a alpha male...not intrested in this conduct either. Much of what I see as being male now day is ertsatz too. Phoney ...counterfit.
A proper male who is in fact a male does not spend time defining himself by how many women he gets into bed or his oil shortage. Nor his sports heroes/gods. A male should be and know how to be so much more than sex/sexuality. Female too.
Dont care for hanging around a bunch of drunk/drinking males with a vocabulary of mostly four letter words. Nor drug users either..male or female. Talk about a waste.
If it takes this to get into the soul of a need to ask yourself what is the caliber of the woman who responds mostly to this overated drivel.
I know a couple of women who can cut a "alpha male " to shreds, to his knees, and not break out in a sweat...nor break stride to get further down the road. I admire these few women greatly. They are few and far between.

As to where I am is in Virginia ..on the sea coast.

As to women being "bitchs"...I'm not impressed with this kind of conduct. It is not difficult to be a Bitch. Horses ass either. If this is what male and female relationships are coming to ..we are doomed.

The difficulty I find with many women is finding one able to look down into your soul and seeing what is missing from your life. Not necessarily what you want or need but what is actually missing from your life. It takes a very perceptive woman to accomplish this task. Very much at odds with a consumer oriented mentality. I find so many who want to get you to commit to what they believe and want ..while offereing only sex and beauty access for this. I dont find this sufficient. They look at what they can get for themselves and sometimes thier children..not what you as a man really need from them. This is a formula for male disposability and expendability if you are not careful.
You will learn this as you get older. I surmise that you are not far out of school.

I dont blame you one bit for getting your affairs straight for now. I think it is wise to do so. Just dont get caught up in a ertsatz woman like I am describing. Out there in California the odds are very high that you will.
Learn to build yourself a good filter system. The women do why dont you?? And dont get all enamoured into all that Alpha male stuff. It is so overated. There is a time for it and a time to put it aside...and just be a man.

As to that equality stuff in decision making. problem If a woman wants to do stuff equally I believe she should take equal risk. Not make decisions and put the bulk of the risk off on a male. I dont go along with such nonsense.

One of my friends is a security guard where I am employed. The female guards dont like going down into some compartments on this ship and taking log readings on temperatures and weighing fire extinguishers as part of their assignments. Some compartments are very far from the "comfort zones." Difficult to get to also. They whine and moan and try to play the "victim" thus getting the males to make these rounds for them. Very easy to do since one of the commanders is a female. Even some of the male commanders are dumb about this too. The males often find themselves doing twice the work while the females head for the "comfort zone." This is standard practice among many women..and males today too. I dont care for this type of conduct from males or females. They want the moneys but not the risks. No respect for it. If you want equality try equal risk..not call inequality ...equality. This is the nature of my reply to Snowflake. You want to make decisions or be able to take equal risk.
I am not intrested in excessive unecessary risk taking or unzipping to show who has the biggests be a alpha male. To me it is a waste of my valuable time. I'd rather be alone.

Gotta shove off now conundrum04,


[edit on 10-1-2008 by orangetom1999]

posted on Jan, 10 2008 @ 04:55 PM

Originally posted by Conundrum04
reply to post by phatkhat

Why else would a man get married?

I don't know ask my fiance. He asked me to marry him two years ago and we are not yet married because I have been the one with the cold feet. I already have kids and he does not want to have anymore, so that isn't the reason.

You posted this rant about American women and not American men, that is correct. But you certainly can not post something like that and expect us women to counteract with what we have experienced with American men. When you put yourself out there, you have to expect people to voice their opinions at you as well.

I know men can make descisions for themselves, and so can women, but I feel that when a decision effects and involves the whole family, it should be discussed between both husband and wife. I wouldn't quit my job without discussing it with my significant other and I would hope he would do the same.

I know it's not yet normal for women to take as many risks as men. Alot of us women have still been raised by our mothers and grandmothers who believe that women should depend on a man solely for support. But I am saying that we should, we should take risks for our family.

But you also have to understand that making a decision to be a housewife is a huge risk. Instead of two household incomes you only have one to work with. You have many duties, chef, maid, referee, teacher, disciplinarian, the list goes on. I remember when I was a "housewife", I rarely had contact with other adults, everyone in my house expected a ot from me and it was very stressful. If something went wrong it was always my fault and even though I did so much, I still didn't feel like I accomplished anything important.

Now I'm a working mom and I have equal stress, just different, but I have contact with other adults and I actually feel like I am actually accomplishing something.

You know what, this debate will never end. I am a woman so of course I am going to be biased towards women and sometimes it's hard for me to understand what men go through. Also you are all men and you will always be biased towards men and sometimes it's impossible for you to understand what women go through.

Maybe we should let bygones be bygones and agree to disagree.

posted on Jan, 10 2008 @ 06:41 PM
There is no such thing as equality between the sexes in real life. Gender equality is like Harvey the Rabbit; you hear about it but never see it. Men and women are equal in life but not in function. Our life, our time spent on this spinning rock is every bit as valuable as any males' but our functions are quite different. True that women are breaking into (and in some cases overtaking) predominantly male preferenced job markets but it is not a general trend.

I am 5'10, 150# of self-sufficient female. I know karate, shooting, weaponry, fishing, hunting; I change my own oil and do basic mechanic work on my car. I earn more than most men in my educational class. I live alone. By choice.

Until men develop a uterus, women will continue to be the gatekeepers of the gene pool. This implies innate inequality. Until women develop the physical abilities to run a jackhammer for 8 hours a day, men will continue to get paid better for jobs that not everyone CAN do. This also is innate inequality. Is the job of raising children less valued than that of jackhammer operation? Of course not. Raising decent human beings with moral fortitude is the most important job on the planet but because you can't put a dollar amount on such a lifetime commitment, one doesn't get paid for it. This is innately inequitous. Inequitous does not equate to unjust.

I know plenty of males but very few "men". Males, in my definition. are guys that just want females for sex, money, scapegoating, working to death to supply their needs/wants, etc. Men are guys with manly virtues that know the value of a help meet. They don't speak about their woman in terms of sex. Such conversation is degrading to both and a MAN knows it. Not to say that they don't hump like minx in heat and enjoy every minute of it but to reduce another human being to the value of an animal made for animal desires is mutually derogatory.

In my observation and experience, there is a serious shortage of "men" and, personally, I have zero time, energy or inclination to waste my life in the company of "males". Whiners who complain that women aren't supplying them with what they want out of life. "Bitches! Won't do my bidding!" Some of the guys who've posted in this thread are the reason I learned self-defense and firearms training. I'd willingly and happily follow a MAN's leading but males; meh, keep 'em.

posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 02:59 AM

I am not talking about those decisions you describe. I think on certain matter of household such as you describe two people as adults should put their heads, souls , and ideas together and make decisions.

That to which I object is when a woman comes up with the great idea and it is obvious but implicit as to who will take the bulk of the risk in meeting the objective. I've had to many of these experiences in waking up to the value of my time and risk taken. If a woman does this to me as a career I will make it very plain/explicit as to the risk factor and that I expect her to share the risk....not direct from the background where it is safe and secure.
I have actually had a women come up with the statement " Why are men such wimps?" As if this was going to intimidate/embarass me into ignoring the risk factor. A factor she did not want to see the light of day.
She wanted me to build a deck for her ...implicit in it was who was going to purchase the materials as well as do the work. This would have been a hijacking based on the natural ignorance of a man to do and perform no matter what the risks. It didnt work.


Lord help me darling..I do so love it when you get tough and also get in the last word.

By the way..who in the heck is Harvey?? Obviously I'm not up to speed with this character. Is this like a roger rabbit thing. I havent watched that either but know of it by media bombardment.

I would also like to contribute that raising children is important ..for both male and female..not just one. Parents are important as are real parenting skills verses cheap consumerism. It is very important for the kids well as the parents. So many of us seem to be forgetting this as generations pass.

Lord help me...Whitewave..I love the way you use that word "help meet."
Are you sure you are in the right century?? You know..stuck in a time warp somewhere?? Where from did that phrase hear it so little now days.

Now......for getting in the last word...since I deserve it and the other guys dont..deserve the makeovers too.

About the position of that toilet seat...................!!!!


[edit on 11-1-2008 by orangetom1999]

posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 03:11 AM
I'll take the strong American woman over the docile, easily controllable slavish tag along that the OP apparently wants any day.

They've minds of their own. My opinion isn't necessarily theirs, and we'll talk about all kinds of stuff as a direct result. Cool in my view.

If all your looking for is a pleasant bed mate, then your missing out on the best part...the friend, the companion, the other half of the soul that you get should you be so fortunate as to meet her.

I'll take the "spoiled" "bratty" "whatever other pejorative you prefer", that merely means they are strong enough to know what they want, and they don't need a man to get it...

So bitter...

posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 03:20 AM
reply to post by Conundrum04


Alpha male? Well if Alpha male means to act like your little head is in control of your bigger one than by all means that's precisely what you are...

I'm glad you find all the posts against you amusing...hope I amused you.

Love how you blamed, if only by implication, all the problems of America on the women...your touch with reality seems somewhat tenuous. Power in America resides primarily with men, for better or for worse. To blame the problems of America on women? OK, whatever floats your boat...

posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 05:22 AM
reply to post by Conundrum04

Man, you ARE the problem. I betcha you go out and find yourself the lowest of the low (water seeks its own level) and you go for the psycho ones the fact you call yourself a psycho tells me a lot.
I admire American women. They are tough and strong! They are smart not to put up with a lot of nonsense such as you seem to dish out.

Go to a third world country and find yourself a barefoot one who cant speak your language and take care of the 15 children fathered by others, maybe you will be happy?

Or hook up with some of my family, being from Spain and Cuba, we cater to the men and the children. Food ready, clean home, do this, do that, go to the kids house and clean it also, then go to the other kids house and clean that one too so they wont be jealous. Press sheets and towels

Oh, yea! Look good for your man, no matter what a bastard he is. Clean and cook when you have 104. fever...the list is endless. You know what?
The more you do the more THEY WANT, and that describes you too.

I wish i could rip open a can of raviolis and say: There's supper!

That's what my loving husband deserves and nothing more. Oh yea and lets not forget the can of beer.:bnghd:

posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 08:18 AM
reply to post by seagull


This statement of yours is so not a longshot...

Power in America resides primarily with men, for better or for worse.

This kind of statement is such nonsense and so widespread that so many people male and female have bought into it like Adam did the fruit for Eve.
The amazing thing to me is that the men or males who should know better havent a clue. They are totally out to lunch here in this country as to what is happening around them daily.

The number one economic force in this country is women ..not men. In order to sell the women ...buisness knows that they must often sell the children. In order to sell the man they must often sell the the women and the women throught the children.
Most of the men in this country are only ignorant enought to earn the moneys ..they dont by and large determine how the moneys are spent. This is true whether the woman works or not.

Ask any car sales person which sex is the primary determiner of what kind of vehicles are purchased?? This is alot of power and control.
Go into any department store and look at the quantity of merchandize directed to women verses men. This includes the children to get to the woman to get to the males wallet. You will find a disparity of about 7 to 1 directed to anyone but the man. This does not indicate an economic powerhouse being the male but the female.
Merchandizers and advertisers know this. One look at the weekly ads in the newspapers clears this up too.

Economic power means also political power. Not difficult to put the two together. This has always been true. With the shift in the markets came the shift in who has the most influential vote...the women. The key in any political election commentary is what and for whom are the women and minoritys voting for. This has been true for many elections now. Particularly in states with high electorial vote counts.
Only a man with a sports mentalty can be so dumb they dont get what is happening around them. Talk about a conspiracy..only a man can be this naturally dumb..because the women are smarter than this by far.

Once I understood this I never again bought into this rubbish about a patriarcial society. What we have here is a matriarcial society masquerading as a patriarcial society. This is occult...hidden..right out in the open..yet so few out here see it for what it actuall is. It is not who earns the moneys..but who has discretionary control over how it is spent.

You need to think before making such a statement which does not make good nonsense.


posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 10:00 AM
I guess would could say that American men are pigs too.

American men would rather sit on their butts, drinking beer, farting, and watching football than:

Mow the lawn
Help with the dishes
Help with the laundry
Change the oil
Drive the kids to practice
Trim the disastrous willow in the back yard
Ad nauseum......

The stereotype blows, so we refrain from the assumption because, in truth, we know better. Not all men are the same.

Could the gals get some mutual consideration please?

posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 10:08 AM
reply to post by Conundrum04

I disagree with the statement that we're only interested in money. I could care less about money. A bit makes life comfortable and that's all I'm looking for. The rest is gravy that I don't need.

I'd rather have a decent man in the rack next to me every morning when I wake up than some rich p***k who's never there because he's doing a new dame every night.

You want a good man, you go blue collar.

My $.02. Thanks for the ear, dear.

posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 11:05 AM
reply to post by PrplHrt

Easy there..... I already admitted that men are pigs, and yes, I are one. I do what I can to help out around the house whenever I can though. I enjoy mowing and taking care of the lawn. I will do my own laundry, but not a womans because they are too dang delicate. I really enjoy working on cars. So relax. And I know you didn't mean EVERY guy.

And as for the question about why a man would get married.....

Simple. He wants to spend the rest of his life with ONE woman. Not shallow relationships.

posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 11:49 AM
reply to post by orangetom1999

It's not as bad as it once was, that much is true...however, it still is heavily in favor of males. Maybe one day true equality will be achieved as far as power and influence, and I think it will happen, it just hasn't yet.

Not to say there aren't powerful and influential women, because obviously there are...we can all come up with numerous examples without much effort. But to say it's at a one to one equality would be wrong.

posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 12:36 PM

Originally posted by seagull
I'll take the strong American woman over the docile, easily controllable slavish tag along that the OP apparently wants any day.

...apparently wants? Point to one place in this thread where I stated I wanted a "docile, easily controllable slavish tag along...". I hate it people make broad assumptions about a person they haven't even seen or met before.

I'll take the "spoiled" "bratty" "whatever other pejorative you prefer", that merely means they are strong enough to know what they want, and they don't need a man to get it...

So you'll take bitchy women over down to earth ones. Do you like to be dominated?

A "strong" American women is also a closed minded, suppressed and cold person. What do you think makes a person strong? I'm curious here.

posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 12:58 PM

Originally posted by dgtempe
reply to post by Conundrum04

Man, you ARE the problem. I betcha you go out and find yourself the lowest of the low (water seeks its own level) and you go for the psycho ones the fact you call yourself a psycho tells me a lot.

Yep, you have it all figured out. I am indeed guilty of all the problems that everybody is having in every single relationship across America.

And then you attack my avatar! That is Jack Nicholson from The Shining, my second favorite movie of all time, the setting was in the Overlook Hotel and, yes, his character went insane and became "very psychotic". Apparently you're not a movie buff. My avatar does not reflect who I am(at least not most of the time

I admire American women. They are tough and strong! They are smart not to put up with a lot of nonsense such as you seem to dish out.

Go to a third world country and find yourself a barefoot one who cant speak your language and take care of the 15 children fathered by others, maybe you will be happy?

This reminds me of those non-critical thinking idiots that say "if you don't like amerika why don't you pack up and move to Afghanistan, you'll love it there". Typical garbage from people who have a simple minded view of the world.

[edit on 11-1-2008 by Conundrum04]

posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 01:49 PM
reply to post by Conundrum04

Dominated? It's not an either/or proposition, my freind. One can have a partner in one's life, without one being dominant or submissive. It may take a little looking, but they're out there. I've enough friends who've been married for nearly forever without one being submissive or dominant. I certainly won't settle for less than that.

posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 04:10 PM
Bite your tongue.
Not all American women are greedy little "piggies". There are quite a few of us (myself included) who prefer to make and spend their own money and who enjoy their own power instead of seeking it in another person.

As far as personal hygeine, well, yes, I admit I prefer a man who takes care of himself over one who doesn't. Does that make me a "piggy"? Maybe to some unintelligent dunce who speaks disrespectfully of women by generalizing us all and then comments on the wetness factor of our underwear.

If you're having a streak of bad luck with women, maybe you should start by checking your own attitude.

Reply to Quote:
Unfortunately it's all about money and power. Money is okay if you have an endless flow of it to satisfy the piggies needs. Power is what you really need to have in order to "tame" these wild beasts called american women.

American women only see what's in front of them. If you dress nice, keep up a good appearance, shave, smell decent and all that an american broad might be interested in you. Now if you happen to drive a Mercedes, Hummer, etc., now the broad really has the panties soaked over you.

I've been privileged in the past(I admit that). From my experience I know, for myself, how a relationship between me and an american chick
can work.

You have to understand how these broads think. I would recommend listening to someone like Tom Leykis if I were you. Look him up.

posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 05:50 PM
reply to post by Conundrum04

uhmmmm...I was refering to your mood: VERY PSYCHOTIC.
I guess the psychosis is making ya forgetful!

Have a wonderful life.

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