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The Citizens Committee for Human Rights & The Church of Scientology

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posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 06:03 PM
Hello everyone! I have some information and questions on the partnership of the CCHR (Citizens Committee for Human Rights)CCHR Main Site and The Church of Scientology. First of all I have been living in Los Angeles for about 8 months and I was in Hollywood yesterday when I observed a small building labeled "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum" Which is a small sign underneath the CCHR sign, of the same building. So me and my twisted ways decided to stop and check out what it was all about. When I went inside they told me that the museum was free or charge and if I wanted to take the museum tour. I agreed and they gave a brief explanation of the history of the museum and CCHR. They told me that CCHR was founded in 1969 by Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the State University of New York, Syracuse.
Founder Dr. Thomas Szasz Info

Now keep in mind that they did not mention anything about "Scientology" during this explanation. So I was read a disclaimer before entering due to the graphic nature of the museum, then I entered a completed padded room where the tour guide left and I sat down to watch the orientation video. The room was rather creepy but interesting. After the short video I entered the actual museum which was a very detailed presentation of real life models, stray jackets, old torture tools, etc. There are a total of 10 different sections in the museum. The first one was an introduction to Psychiatric Torture of the 1800 and 1900's. Very disturbing stuff. Keep in mind that with each section there is a video presentation along with the display.

So I moved on to the next section which was animal testing in Psychiatry, which was really,really hard to watch. They showed things that I would prefer not to talk about but I am sure you can imagine what they do.
Then the next section was a full fledged Holocaust presentation and Hitler's mind control methods, the history of Eugenics and his inspiration for his madness. I mean you have no idea the detail that was put into this museum, with full scale models of malnourished prisoners behind fences, etc. Quite amazing presentation for such an evil act. Then it kept getting more and more off topic but understandably related to Psychiatry.
The next presentation was about the oppression of blacks and slavery. It focused on certain people like Richard Herrnstein, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University who worked on contraversal books like "The Bell Curve" which focused on "the Cognitive Elite" from which he said was separated by race and orgin.
I moved to the next section and next and next of disturbing and graphic presentations of torture, and psychiatric abuse all over the world including horrifying video of insane asylums that house children in Romania which live in inhumane surroundings, I mean this place was straight out of a movie, with torture chairs, video of torture,etc all around you.I almost had a panic attack because it was a bit overwhelming. Anyway after my 1 hour journey throught majority of the museum the next to last presentation was all about our government and special CIA experiments (MK Ultra, etc) with video, documents and a interesting theory on the terrorist in America to which they claim were under a mind control experiment (pictures of Tim McVeigh, etc.)
And too much more to elaborate on.
My last presentation was through a door into a corridor which resembled a highly sophisticated government agency, and I was sat down to watch the last video explaining CCHR, its founding members,supporters, activities and results of the organization of the last 45 years. It is only in this video where very briefly it mentions "Founded by the Church of Scientology". After the whole process I was asked to fill out a survey asking my thoughts and if I wanted to become a contributing member on the organization. I declined becuase of "Scientology"

posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 06:05 PM
Now being that I am not too informed on "Scientology" I did not want to be involved in something that I do not fully understand, although I do support the fact of the help for human rights. I just wanted to share this story in hopes that someone might have so more information and input. THanks!

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