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Oscar Awards silliness

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posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 02:27 PM
Okay so here's the deal I saw on TV how due to the writers strike the actors were not allowed to present awards and that the Oscar's might not go off this year...
Well I thought to myself "Heck I'm not scared! I'll host the show"!
so I sent them an e-mail...ROFLMAO
other than removing my contact info here's what I got back...

We have reached a new level in our relationship. I love the crazy
letters that you inter-office to me but now you are forwarding crazy
e-mails. I think we should send this over to Gil Cates and let his people
start hiring "old guy" presenters.


=======BEGIN MESSAGE==========

Question or Comment:

Look its a real shame about the writers strike and them saying you all
cant use actors as presenters... well if you all want I’m not an actor
nore in anyway related to the I’m just some old guy
fan...but I’m more than willing to read out a card and hand over an award or
two...I bet a ton of us normal folks would be just as happy to give it a
you dont even need to pay me just cover the tux rental and fed me while
I’m there and will call it even...

=======END MESSAGE============

So what do you all think? do I have a shoot at it???
Course what I'm really after is one of them $50,000.oo gift baskets [winks]

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