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Strange red orb outside

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posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 05:48 AM
Hey guys.

I quickly glanced at the sky before and noticed a bright orb, orangy/redy in colour. It was moving ever so slightly before but now its just very very slowly dulling in colour and then brightening.

I'm trying to get a photo/video of the object but we don't have too many good cameras in this house & my sister won't let me use hers because she thinks I'm just trying to scare her (Funnily enough they are watching Night Skies, a movie about the Pheonix Lights).

If anyone is in the Lake Macquarie/Newcastle, Australia area and is interested its in a north direction (very close to due north I think). I'm 99% sure it wasn't there before because I always check the skies for bright lights.

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