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possible argument for alien exsistence

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posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 03:14 AM
One day during the philosophy of biology I came up with this

1. The possible distance traveled is dependent on the level of technology.
2. The distance traveled is directly related to the level of technology (in other words the more advanced the technology the greater the distance traveled)
3. the more advanced the technology the greater distance traveled.
4. The greater the threat to life = the greater the distance traveled
5. if 4 is true then the the distance traveled + the the risk of life / the level technology = greatest variance in flife

i know this seems a little ridiculous but in lay man terms the greater the distance our technology allows us to travel causes us to encounter the greatest variance in life....

too me its very simple for decades our epic search and quest for scientific truth has done nothing but lead us into a bigger yet more important question...why are we here!!!!

and thats where it begins and ends 'why are we here'?

i dont claim to have any inside information on this topic im just saying that wherever we go we find intelligent life and the greater the risk to our life themore "varied the life"


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