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Spirit voice rescues nuns from burglar

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posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 10:48 PM
Pardon my lack of brevity on this one:
My neighbor has an aunt visiting for the holidays. She is a catholic nun who has taught 2nd and 3rd grade children for over 30 years. She's around 60yrs old, a big, jolly woman with a nice sense of humor...overall, a cool person.
We were all visiting and eating pizza. The TV was on, and my neighbor was
flipping through the channels when "Ghost Hunters" came on. My neighbor's mom asked her sister, the nun, if she would relay "the voice story" to us.

She told us that in 1972, she was living in a school convent with 11 other nuns. (Somewhere in Missouri)
The elderly nuns would go to bed early, a couple others stayed up later, and there was a younger nun who had severe insomnia. My neighbor's aunt would sometimes stay up late and play gin rummy with her. One night, they heard glass breaking in the kitchen. There was a man breaking into the back door of the convent house. They figured he was drug addict looking to steal whatever he could. He quickly broke the window, reached in and unlocked the doorknob, and was in the house. She described him as very scruffy looking...mean and scary looking.

She said at that moment, she thought of calling on Saint Joseph, so she screamed "Joseph! Joseph!" A voice yelled back: "I'LL BE RIGHT THERE!"
The convent was a big old 2-story house. She said the voice was directly
on the stairway, sounding as if it was someone coming down the stairs.
She said it was so deep, so loud and booming that the whole house shook, and the windows rattled. The guy took off like a rabbit. Police were called and two officers came out there. After hearing the story, one of the cops
wanted to put the paranormal account into the report. The other cop, his superior, refused to include it in the report.

posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 11:16 PM
What an intriguing story. I bet that robber needed a short change after that


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