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Glenn Beck gets death threat and Ron Paul explains his position on 9/11

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posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 05:13 PM

Originally posted by Aim64C
The rubble has all been scrapped -

Nope it hasn't, there is a hangar in NY, that still has tons of steel
left over in storage as well as vehicles and many other items
collected after 9/11

Originally posted by Aim64C
so it's not like you are going to find any bomb residue

Yes, there is residue. There is sulfur residue on the molten metal
which was collected and is waiting a regime change in Washington
to go forward as we're beating our heads against the wall until
GWB leaves office. GWB and cronies would not allow it to be
admitted into evidence in the 9/11 Omission Report. This residue
is proof that Thermite was used in the demolition of the towers.
There is no other explanation for it being in the rubble of ALL 3
buildings that fell on 9/11.

Originally posted by Aim64C
or some smoking gun

I don't know what you call a smoking gun, but there were at least
100 firefighters saying there was explosives planted in the building.
Several Fire chiefs ordered their teams out of the building
until the building could be secured from the devices. They will
not testify cuz their jobs are at stake due to their superiors
threatening their pensions if they talk. But their testimonies
were still on the TV during the live coverage of the event.
Seems they all had change of hearts when their livelihood was
The lobby was blasted out and there was no lobby floor elevator
which went up to the upper floors where the fire was, so it was
impossible for the lobby to show signs of a plane explosion when the
building was designed to seal off the elevators to prevent such
an event of an elevator dropping all the way to the lobby with a
ball of fire. In other words, you had to change elevators twice
in order to reach the top floor.
The explosion came from underneath where the elevators
connected from the parking garage. I would consider all of this type
evidence a smoking gun. But GWB seems to discard it as though
it is just ants behind the looking glass. It doesn't matter to him.
He got his war and his place in history as the man who ousted
Saddam Husein. Saddam was the man who attempted to kill his
father with an assassination attempt. The WMD was irrelevant
and so if the evidence as it conflicts with his foreign policy
objectives. Proof of bombs ALL over the building IS a smoking
gun of demolition. As no terrorists in the world could do all
that alone without help on the inside.

Originally posted by Aim64C
You are wanting to spend millions, possibly billions, of U.S. currency to conduct an investigation into an event that is six years in the past

YES, what is the cost of 2,749 American lives ?
How much did the Nuremberg Trials costs? What was the cost of
5 Million Jews ??? Was it worth it ???

Originally posted by Aim64C
So, let's go stir up the past, and keep staring at it so that we can run right into the brick wall in front of us at full-tilt.

Sounds like a nice plan.

Sorry to say... but I strongly disagree with your desired leadership values.

I disagree with you as there is no statue of limitations on murder or
conspiracy to commit murder.

posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 06:26 PM
Does anybody think Glenn Beck was actually threatened???

I haven't seen the youtube video (anybody have a link?) but it sounded to me like they were trying to invoke article 3, section 3 of the constitution and put him through a trial before he was executed. That is a non-violent, just solution, just as Dr. Paul described.

Not to mention, Glenn Beck threatened to kill Michael Moore several months ago with his bare hands. Pretty hypocritical.

This was just an attempt to smear the truth movement and turn the Ron Paul supporters against themselves.

Now there are all these fascist Ron Paul supporters walking around telling other Ron Paul supporters to keep 9/11 truth to themselves.

Sickening. It's everything Ron Paul is against.

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posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 12:10 AM
Any chance that Ron Paul supporters did not send those letters? I don't know many 9/11 CT's that think Glenn Beck should be executed. I don't know many CT's that think anyone should be executed. Most seem to just want a new investigation.

Everyone knows Ron Paul's supporters are tired of the government, and yes, a lot of them believe 9/11 was fishy. So it would be a perfect way to discredit Ron Paul by making his supporters seem crazy.

Thinks about it. If you didnt know much about Ron Paul and the only press coverage you saw concerned this and his receiving $500 from some white supremesist, you'd probably rather not vote for him.

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posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 09:32 AM
beck attempted to make paul look like a conspiracy nut for the whole hour...the segment about 911 and death threats was just bizarre...beck could have asked him that stuff offline. he obviously was trying to make him look bad...typical beck. paul should have told him to shut up and ask real questions...

posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 12:25 PM
Are we talking about the same Glenn Beck that threatened to kill Michael Moore?

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posted on Dec, 20 2007 @ 10:16 PM
Hi All,

I have read about RP lately and I'm a big fan of his ideals.

Most Americans unbelievably are still swayed by the press though. TPTB will not allow him to be elected nor anyone with his agenda, It's a crying shame! What should we do or can we do about it? That is the question.

We need a new entity of "WE THE PEOPLE" to be created outside the government to stop this sham once and for all. The representatives of the United States (our closest voice to the senate and congress) were put in place to protect us from what we face today. They have failed us! We need a force, a non lethal force, to get this country back in the hands of the people! How though? We must shut down the "Big Corporational" influence on our government.

Ron Paul is the man!

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I always hated English class!

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