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Global Warming is more of a religion

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posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 07:46 PM
From experience and the liberal media, I came to my personal conclusion that global warming really is becoming more of a religion than a concept involving science. The scientific aspects of global warming are seemingly exaggerated, but yet we have to do something for the future generations. However, there are always a group or very large society of individuals that treats global warming as if it is a religion. These people are always knocking on one's doors trying to make one support some of their petitions or forcing one to change every element of his/her life; think about it, it is similar to missionaries.
I've been wondering is global warming is advocated by the U.S government to save oil and resources so that it will out live other nations. The concept could be similar to that of the state using the church as a way to create conformity amongst the general or rather feeble-minded population.
The extreme activists treat global warming as something that they can be proud of, everytime they hear the two words they probably feel a sense of passion and "piety". It's relatively similar to a Jihad, people lose their minds in erratic ideas which they claim to be the absolutely infalliable truth.
I do believe in global warming, however, I do not and probably will not feel like a part of a solution unless I treat global warming as a religion. Something that can be corrupted, exploited, and eventually dangerous to society. Think about it, the company that create solar panels or energy-star products places outrageously high price tags. They do no care about global warming, they administer it to the general population for a reasonable profit and they are doing a fine dandy job, just like the indulgences in the old times.

Most of the literate world today regards "global warming'' as both real and dangerous. Indeed, the diplomatic activity concerning warming might lead one to believe that it is the major crisis confronting mankind. The June 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, focused on international agreements to deal with that threat, and the heads of state from dozens of countries attended. I must state at the outset, that, as a scientist, I can find no substantive basis for the warming scenarios being popularly described. Moreover, according to many studies I have read by economists, agronomists, and hydrologists, there would be little difficulty adapting to such warming if it were to occur. Such was also the conclusion of the recent National Research Council's report on adapting to global change. Many aspects of the catastrophic scenario have already been largely discounted by the scientific community. For example, fears of massive sea-level increases accompanied many of the early discussions of global warming, but those estimates have been steadily reduced by orders of magnitude, and now it is widely agreed that even the potential contribution of warming to sea-level rise would be swamped by other more important factors.

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posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 08:11 PM
everyone is entitled to an opinion. The questions are does the technology we have today effect the environment, yes it does. What would be the benifits of lets say green tech. Better fuel efficent cars, new types of fuels and renewable power supplies and resources. We must face it, we are running out of natural fuels, the population is exploding. There really is no down side to this. For far to long compnays have been milking us for gas money, and many other things that we need constantly. When asked a question of what to do with global warming, the answer is simple.

check this video out, this guy makes the best arguement i have heard yet in what to do in the global warming battle.

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posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 08:13 PM
Yes it's all a lie...

tell that to the polar bears that are drowning cause their icecaps are melting.

Seriously i bet when there's no icecaps in a few years, and there are floods and droughts and the world is facing the brink of extinction..people will STILL say "i think global warming is a myth!"


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