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Bizarre entity case from Ireland 1914

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posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 05:44 PM
Location. Spike Island, Cork Harbor, Ireland
Date: June 1914 Time: afternoon
The 6-year old witness walking along a path located next to the sea, absorbed in her past time with her eyes mostly on the ground she happened to look up when she was about five yards away from the wall of local doctor’s house and saw something bizarre. A strange figure was looking over the wall across the harbor to Cobh. She walked a few more steps nearer before she realized that what it was, and then she became rooted to the ground with fear. It was not ten paces away and she could see it only too clearly. It must have been a very tall creature that was looking over the wall, because she could almost see it to its waist---and the wall was at least five feet high. It was in the rough shape of a human being---that is, it had a head and shoulders and arms---though she did not see the hands, which were behind the wall. Except for two dark caverns, which represented the eyes, the whole thing was of one color, a sort of glistening yellow. As the wall was parallel to the road and on her left, the thing was looking past her---across the little road and straight across to Cobh. As the witness stood petrified, the thing began to turn its head very slowly toward her. At this point the young witness heard a voice in her ear---“If it looks straight at you, Eileen, you will die.” Her feet seemed to be anchored to the ground by heavy weights, but somehow she managed to turn and run. She ran into a nearby cottage about 15 yards away. Her next memory was of Mrs. Reilly (the owner of the cottage) sponging her face with water, as she shook all over with shock and terror. She told Mrs. Reilly that she had seen something dreadful in the Doctor’s garden. Mrs. Reilly told the young witness that she was not the first to see it and would not be the last.

HC addendum
Source: Dermot Mac Manus, “The Middle Kingdom” Type: E
Comments: It has become painfully clear that there exists in our midst terribly entities with boundless powers, we must thread lightly upon encountering them.

posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 05:49 PM
I live in ireland i promise you If it was so close to the cobh espeicly in 1914 when people were mass immagrating , More people than this girl of seen whatever it was .trust me

posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 06:29 PM
My Personal Opinion

I wonder what it could have been, the Irish always had cool stories.

Some kind of monster, spirit, Alien or genetic freak?

or maybe one of those interdimentional deals people always discuss on this


anyway I don't know much about Irish lore but if someone cares to speculate on

whatever knowledge you have I'd be interested in reading it.

posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 07:45 AM
I'll believe it when I see it on Live News. Maybe.

posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 08:43 AM
Or maybe the girl didn't see anything, and had some sort of delusional episode? That seems far more likely than a 9-foot trans-dimensional alien looking for the craic.

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