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What Happens When Ordinary Travelers Are Treated Like “Terrorists”

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posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 05:05 PM
This is what can happen to ordinary foreign travelers visting the US:

Erla Lillendahl (left), was arrested when she landed in New York Sunday because she had overstayed a US visa more than 10 years before. She was shackled, denied food, interrogated for days and not allowed to call relatives. Here she describes her ordeal:

During the last twenty-four hours I have probably experienced the greatest humiliation to which I have ever been subjected. During these last twenty-four hours I have been handcuffed and chained, denied the chance to sleep, been without food and drink and been confined to a place without anyone knowing my whereabouts, imprisoned. Now I am beginning to try to understand all this, rest and review the events which began as innocently as possible.


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