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If you were still (plus)

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posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 11:44 AM
No one has ever layed, sat, or stood still because the earth and moon moves and so does the sun along with the whole solar system in space. The matter of a galaxy moves. The only way to find out if your conscious is an awaking awarness that has to do with moving though space (as if something in/of space is the thread of consciousness) is if everything in space didnt move or you didnt move from a postion in space. If we could have just our heads be still in space, would we still stay conscious? What do you all think?

Obviously what caused matter to go in motion in space was a big explosion. Without the current motion within our universe, would there even be life?

Something, before any motion of matter, put the building blocks of life to come and be as if planned for in the form of matter. Like they say the chicken came before the egg.

Does space, in whatever it all is, even move itself without relieing on matter to move (bend) it?

Something in and/or of space must have had motion before the cosmic egg was set to exploid to put the cosmic egg into being and/or into a postion in space. Knowing there is cause and effect... was that something effected by the big bang explosion itself?

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